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I’m Coming Up Only To Hold You Under

A drabble because I’m frustrated.


Danny slouched as he shouldered his backpack moodily, his face set into a downtrodden scowl as he shoved his hands in his pockets. He was heading home after the fiasco at the mall, and honestly, he wasn’t any less angry after what he’d seen. Well, angry was… a strong word. Conflicted, betrayed, hurt - that better suited the situation at hand… He sighed, kicking at a rock in the middle of the asphalt road (and nearly tripping over it a moment later). What did she see in him? He was just a piece of work with white hair and an accent. What did Gregor have that he didn’t?

…Well, the accent for starters, actually. But that was besides the point! Then again… He growled, clenching his fists. They wouldn’t care. They wouldn’t care either way, they were too busy cozying up to the Hungarian transfer student.

Why did she kiss back?

…And why was she automatically all over him?

He was… shit, he was the total package from the beginning.

Y'know, he’s not a bad guy,” He mocked Tucker’s statement, arms crossed irritably across his chest. “Yeah? Well then why do the Guys in White show up every time he’s around, huh, Tuck? I’d love to see you explain that!” He threw his hands up in exasperation before sighing, returning to his crossed posture. “It was for her own good. I can tell he’s a spy! When she spied on me, it was because she was ‘looking out for me’. But when I try to keep her from running off with some sleazy guy, I’m suddenly spying!

He was really glad the streets were empty at this time of night.

okay. well this is vaguely more of a warm-up looking thing i guess, due to the fact that it’s not awful but it’s also not grea t??

 (trust me im normally way better, its a little off here due to the fact i was trying not to let my shades fling across the room)

Drabbles: “Burned”

Title: Burned

Pairings: Hanbin/Bobby/Junhoe x Reader 

Genre: Fluff

Length: ~1000 in total

Request: Where you’re trying to make pancakes for breakfast but get hurt by the hot pan and they just entered the kitchen to see that

- requested by anon

Hanbin: Hanbin was now holding your hand carefully, blowing softly on the fresh burned wound which was caused by that stupid pan you were holding just a second ago. As soon as Hanbin had heard you yelp from the pain, he came over immediately with those furrowed eyebrows, too furrowed for your taste but he looked cute anyways.

“Look what you have done! Why don’t you take better care of yourself??”, Hanbin sighed, scolding you lightly for your clumsiness. You remained silent and frowned. Why did he look so angry in the first place? He made it look like it was your fault. You knew he wasn’t seriously angry but your hand still hurt so you couldn’t deal with an upset Hanbin right now.

You pulled your hand away and looked to the side. “Whatever”, you replied in a mocking tone and went back to the half fried pancakes that you had planned to make for Hanbin. “It’s not like i just wanted to make breakfast for my oh so nice boyfriend”, you tried to sound offended to make him feel guilty. “Hey, are.. you really mad?”, Hanbin looked at you with his round eyes before you felt his arms around your waist along with his chin that rested on your shoulder.

“I just don’t like it when you hurt yourself… it hurts me too, you know”, his last words were rather mumbled under his breath but you could understand him perfectly well, “besides, those pancakes look nice.” You smiled, “I know.” There was a small silence before Hanbin spoke again. “Does your hand feel better? Let me see”, this time his voice was softer and he even sounded guilty (you actually felt a little guilty for making him feel like that). “It hurts so much”, you fake cried, “only because of that stupid breakfast i wanted to make for my boyfriend”, this time you even managed to pout.

“Go sit down, i’ll do the rest”, he took the pan instead and you laughed. That was the best part about getting a small injury, it didn’t even hurt that much.

Bobby: “Hey, are you okay?”, Bobby’s concerned gaze lied on you after he had just walked in to see you burning yourself caused by your own clumsiness. “Yes, i am fine”, you smiled ignoring the pain that came with it, it was the cute face he made when something small like this happened. Usually he would laugh and make jokes but now, he was completely serious and it just made you love him even more. “What?”, he looked confused and you couldn’t help but laugh. “Nothing, really.”

“Ok so now you’re laughing at your boyfriend too?? I really need to teach you some manners!”, Bobby made a stupidly cute mad face and roared before his hands found his way all over your body, spelling their magic and making you laugh loudly. “No– stop plEASE”, you barely breathed and still he managed to make you laugh harder and louder until you accidentally hit your burned hand on the counter.

“Ouch”, you yelped from the pain and Bobby stopped immediately. His concerned face was back on from one to another second. “Oh no, i am sorry”, He took your hand into his and inspected it with his worried eyes before carefully placing a kiss on it. “Does it feel better now?”, “You’re so lame you know that?”, you hit him softly on the shoulder. “What? You always feel better when i kiss you, especially down there”, he pointed to your private zones thighs while having that sly smile on his face and there he received another hit, this time harder.

“Well now where i think about it, that’s true. Maybe you should try that instead.”

A/N: How the hell did this turn out so dirty lmao

Junhoe: “Are you okay?? Let me see your hand!”, Junhoe rushed over, panicking when he saw the red mark on your hand. “I just burned myself, it’s no–”, “We need to go to the hospital! What if it gets worse?!”, he interrupted you, still looking extremely worried. It wasn’t like you’d die any time soon. You couldn’t help but laugh. “Are you stupid? it’s just a little wound, don’t worry so much about it Jun”, you tried to calm him down. “But–”, his face looked a little more normal now and his cheeks turned slightly red.

“Aww, is my little Junjun embarrassed”, you patted his head, cringing inside by the nickname and you could see the same perfectly written on his face. “You’re mean”, he looked to the side, slightly offended. You knew he was just pretending to be when in reality he had to laugh as well. The corner of his lips were barely lifted upwards but he bit on his lips to keep them from smiling.

You suddenly hissed in pain to get back his attention and succeeded when he looked back at you with his wide eyes. “See! Let’s go to the h–”, you started laughing again, this time harder and regretted it as soon as he left the kitchen. Dammit, now he was really offended. You called his name and apologized a few times before you could hear the front door opening and closing. “Jun?”, you called again quietly. Did..he go out? Okay, maybe you overdid it and you felt the guilt piling up in the pit if your stomach until, 10 minutes later, you heard the front door opening again.

You rushed to the door and apologized a trillion times. This time it was Junhoe who laughed. “Did you see your face just now?”, he wiped away the tears from his laughter and you looked at him confused. “Here”, Junhoe gave you a small box of medicine. “It lessens the pain”, he kissed your forehead and passed by the kitchen coughing loudly. You were kind of in a daze because you probably had the cutest boyfriend ever, even if he didn’t show it that often. “Thank you”, you smiled and immediately ran after him, crashing him with a tight hug and kisses. “Hey, stop– that’s.. gross!!”, he said while pulling you closer and kissing you more proper anyway.

A/N: WHY IS THIS SO CHEESY I DON’T EVEN LIKE CHEESE no but i hope you like it! 

- Moyo


Boerum Hill house, where he lived Heath together with Michelle Williams and daughter Matilda

The corner townhouse is 22 feet wide, offering four stories, four and a half baths, at least six bedrooms, 12-foot-ceilings and a three-car garage that currently includes a rec room.

The house features every modern amenity including central air, radiant heat floors, a huge master suite, built-in surround sound (with double turntables!), a wood-burning fireplace, a deluxe kitchen with a walk-in pantry, a temperature-controlled wine cellar and a laundry room.

A landscaped roof deck features a waterfall, irrigated planters and a trellis covering of ivy over a built-in seating area, making the space an all-weather outdoor retreat.

The corner building gets light from three exposures through large custom wood windows.