double blue and gold

  • Jughead: I want complete freedom
  • Betty: I can give you partial freedom and my puppy eyes look
  • Jughead: Sold
jughead and betty questioning dilton:
  • dilton: hey... i don't think you're literally allowed keep me here and interrogate me or anything...
  • betty: dont worry - we have permission.
  • jughead: here. *passes him a note*
  • dilton: ....
  • dilton: this is just a scrap of paper that says 'we do what we want' ...
Catch Me (Day 7)

Summary: In which a bet leads Bucky to have to catch you every day for a week, no matter what.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 3,633

A/N: I’m sorry for taking so long to update. I had family and school things to attend to but here it is! The final part of Catch Me - I hope you guys enjoy it and thank you to everyone who reblogged/liked/commented on any part of this story. I adore each and every one of you.

@avengerstories​ - thank you for editing this you queen :)

Day 6

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“We’re all needed for this mission,” Steve states from the front of the conference room. His lips are set in a straight line and there are no hints of the smile he was wearing only half an hour earlier when the two of you were eating lunch together. It goes to show that something as seemingly insignificant as a ten-minute phone call can change everything.

“What is it this time?”

“Infiltration.” Steve hesitates before adding, “Of a HYDRA base.”

Bucky who, for the first time ever, voluntarily chose to sit next to you for this meeting, clenches his fists under the table.

“Even me?” Bruce questions, stealing your attention away from HYDRA’s former golden boy. He’s fiddling with the sleeves of his sweater and you wish you could offer him some kind of comfort. You know how opposed he is to becoming the big, green monster unless it’s absolutely necessary.

“We’re only going to need your medical expertise for this one Doc.”

“Oh thank god.” Bruce sinks back in his seat and relief floods through you. At least someone is guaranteed to come out of this mission unscathed.

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Can you imagine Bughead finding the room of requirement? Hufflepuff Betty and Ravenclaw Jughead being kicked out of the library by Pince because she doesn’t want “anymore dreadful business” among her books. Imagine them walking down the halls together, arms laden with all their research and investigation into Gryffindor Jason Blossom’s murder, before seeing Cheryl coming and quickly ducking into the nearest room - which is full of desks and cork boards, shelves and sofas and filing cabinets. Imagine them arranging their Hogwarts “Blue and Gold” newspaper which doubles as their secret detective agency. Imagine all the secret meetings and schedules that they share, which leaves all their other friends perplexed as where they both disappear too. Imagine them falling asleep there constantly and waking up cozyed up on a sofa together, Jughead’s cloak wrapped around them. Imagine Betty creating an invisible ink in potions that only she and Jughead can see to hide all their findings, but them ending up just using it to write sweet notes to each other or send letter over the holidays. Imagine Betty decorating the room of requirement with fresh flowers that she found outside in the forest, that Jughead enchants to make her feel calmer.

Imagine the room of requirement just becoming their safe haven in a way that the library never was. Imagine all the secrets and kisses and hugs and tears that the two share within it’s walls. Imagine Valentine’s day and they come into the room of requirement and it’s covered in paper hearts and love seats and a huge banner saying “Happy Valentine’s Betts and Juggie” - what I’m basically saying is imagine the room of requirement high key shipping Bughead. And imagine Jughead being really blushy and embarrassed when he sees this (“Ummmm lets-lets just do work, i guess, if you want, that is-”) And Betty just smiling softly and kissing his cheek. And then Jughead wrapping his arms around her waist and kissing her full on the mouth before going back to being the best detectives since the Golden trio.

I just think they would really find each other there, y’know?

aqua-arcs  asked:

“You’re strangely nonchalant for someone who almost died a minute ago.” Any NPC towards percy or vax

When the smoke clears and the coughing subsides, it’s Cassandra who’s standing in front of him. He doubled over from coughing so it’s her slippers (baby blue; gold lace; birthday gift from Vex) that he sees first. Percy slowly lets his gaze drift up, crossing over the nightgown she wears and the hands on her hips before settling on her stern expression.

“Hello, Cass,” he says, half-choking around her name as he sputters from the smoke still leaking out of his workshop.

“Hello, Percy,” she says, her tone remarkably even and almost chillingly so.

He straightens, tries to preserve some of his dignity. “And what brings you to this part of the castle this late at night?”

“Funny,” she says, in a voice that lets him know just how unfunny she thinks this is. “I was about to ask you the same question.”

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etsyfindoftheday | 10.21.17

wooden wine box upcycled storage furniture by madeanewshop

  • ottoman | single seat in solid grey
  • box chest | double-wide and -tall in blue and gold leaf

these rad french wine crate furniture pieces — a cute ottoman and an XL 4-box blanket chest — make great multipurpose storage items too! madeanewshop’s fabric tops are customizable too, so you can find the right size and style for your space.

I can’t believe I’m so thirsty I wrote this. Please,,, let me die,,,

Title: ??? Haven’t thought of one yet
Chaper: 1
Words: 2,458

When you lose your job in Celadon City, you decide to make use of a timeshare you bought in the Alolan region before you’re forced to sell it. What you weren’t expecting was a deserted town, a bunch of creepy looking pokemon, and the assistance of a certain cynical man.

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Before the day completely escapes, how about we have Weekly Update #72?

This was another mixed week of clay and crochet, with a cheeky little Flygon model being made as part of the customers Reddit gift exchange, and a glow-in-the-dark Mimikyu ornament as well for clay.

Over on the amigurumi side, the week started off with the return of the icy Eeveelution, Glaceon; leading into the beloved hunter pet, Loque'Nahak. A double Twilight kitten order was worked on for the Gold and Blue colorings to go along with their owners previous obtained Purple Twilight - making him the first person to have a completed set of my Twilight kitties! And the week finished off with yet another well loved Hunter pet, Humar, the pridelord!

Now, I only have 4 days left to work on orders before I hit the road for my week-long vacation. I’ll get as much done as I can, and probably have the weekly update early next week because of my trip. I also updated yesterday that I will NOT be closing my store while I’m away, and any clay orders placed after October 24th will not be worked on until I return after November 6th!

And final reminder; The amigurumi queue is still backed up for about 16 weeks to mid February, so any potential orders please, please keep this wait in mind!

As always, you can find all of these items and so much more of my work at!

this is my look and accesories of the day :

hermes clic H in bourgogne and gold

hermes belt kit with brushed gold buckle

hermes blue electric alligator kelly double tout

louis vuitton cruise damier couleur mimosa element pochette

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harry potter reread: order of the phoenix pt ii
  • can we just take a second to appreciate how weird it must’ve been for harry to be smushed against a middle-aged man in a telephone box descending into the earth for several minutes
  • some fun muggle malapropisms: kingsley thinks firearms are called ‘firelegs’, and arthur calls plumbers 'pumbles’
  • “'Well, well, well…Patronus Potter,’ said Lucius Malfoy coolly.” wow, fucking good one lucius, did you come up with that one off the top of your head? this explains so much about why draco is such a ridiculous child
  • so before harry has his hearing, he notices the fountain the lobby and thinks that if he isn’t expelled from hogwarts, he’ll put ten galleons into it. after he’s cleared, he “turned his moneybag upside down and emptied not just ten Galleons, but the whole contents into the pool.” god i love harry SO MUCH. he only made an off-hand remark to himself when he was nervous but he kept his own word and donates the ENTIRE CONTENTS of his moneybag to st mungo’s just because he’s so happy to be able to go back to hogwarts. what a lovely lad
  • fred and george, the class clowns renowned for their endless imagination, devise a song to celebrate harry’s being cleared which consists solely of the line “'HE GOT OFF!’” repeated over and over…i guess sometimes a simple double entendre is all you need for comedic effect
  • “'No one would have made me a prefect, I spent too much time in detention with James. Lupin was the good boy, he got the badge.’” you know when you’re a child and you hear your parents say something vaguely sexual, but you don’t understand the reference until it abruptly comes back to you years later? i feel like in twenty years time harry is going to remember this conversation with sirius and shoot up in bed as it prompts a wave of other subtle tidbits, before suddenly it clicks that his godfather and remus were definitely A Thing, and then he’ll inwardly despair at the fact that this huge realisation stems from the implication that comes with sirius calling remus a 'good boy’
  • two incredibly sad things happen in rapid succession over TWO PAGES. first, mad-eye shows harry a photograph of the original members of the order and rattles off what happened to each of them, but the sight of his parents sitting happily next to peter causes harry to hurry upstairs pretending he’d forgotten to pack something: “He did not know why it had been such a shock; he had seen pictures of his parents before, after all, and he had met Wormtail…but to have them sprung on him like that, when he was least expecting it…no one would like that, he thought angrily…And then, to see them surrounded by all those other happy faces … all waving happily out of the photograph forever more, not knowing they were doomed…” and then IMMEDIATELY after that, he stumbles across molly sobbing in a corner as the boggart she released from a dresser transforms into dead versions of her family and harry. can you imagine how horrifying that must’ve been?? going from seeing the parents he never got to know alive and obliviously happy, to suddenly seeing the people he cares about in the present dead on the floor…god, i just want to give harry a hug and a cup of tea. molly too of course
  • “'And as for who’s going to look after Ron and Ginny if you and Arthur died,’ said Lupin, smiling slightly, 'what do you think we’d do, let them starve?’” 'we’…considering this happens immediately after sirius speaks you can’t convince me 'we’ doesn’t specifically mean to 'sirius and i’ as opposed to the whole order collectively……do not fight me on this
  • “'Why?’ said Harry, irritably. 'I thought Voldemort was supposed to be lying low, or are you telling me he’s going to jump out from behind a dustbin to try and do me in?’” WHY didn’t they incorporate more of harry being a sarcy little git into the movies, his unflappably morbid sense of humour is one of the best things about him
  • “'Leave your trunk and your owl, Alastor’s going to deal with the luggage…oh, for heaven’s sake, Sirius, Dumbledore said no!’ A bear-like black dog had appeared at Harry’s side as he was clambering over the various trunks cluttering the hall to get to Mrs Weasley.” i love that molly essentially takes the NO! BAD DOG! tone, before relenting and letting sirius come along. no one can resist puppy eyes
  • of course cho would enter harry, ginny, luna and neville’s compartment on the train just as they all get coated in stinksap from neville’s plant. this is like a terrible rom-com
  • the two articles that harry glimpses in the quibbler are a theory about sirius secretly being the lead singer of the hobgoblins, and a slander piece saying that fudge (whose nickname is apparently 'goblin-crusher’) has goblins baked into pies. essentially what i’m getting at is the quibbler comes off as the wizarding equivalent of the onion
  • just imagine the returning students coming back after the battle of hogwarts and they’re all suddenly able to see the thestrals. you’re welcome!
  • the sorting hat’s song takes a bit of a bleak turn describing how the founders argued with each other, before it sings “’Though condemned I am to split you/Still I worry that it’s wrong … For our Hogwarts is in danger/From external, deadly foes/And we must unite inside her/Or we’ll crumble from within’”. even the bloody hat is like 'come on jkr why the hell have you made everyone hate slytherin, WHY CAN’T WE ALL BE FRIENDS??’ and you’d think after that there’d, y'know, be more inter-house friendships and perhaps a rousing rendition of 'we’re all in this together’ from high school musical but NOPE. nice one jkr, write one of your own characters as being disdainful of the way you manage house prejudice and then never do anything about it ever, good job
  • “'Well, I think it’s a pity we’re not trying for a bit of inter-house unity,’ said Hermione crossly.” you know, i’m not certain that hermione is entirely human and not simply an angel descended from the heavens themselves
  • “'Is that a Tornados badge?’ Ron demanded suddenly, pointing to the front of Cho’s robes, where a sky-blue badge emblazoned with a double gold ’T’ was pinned. 'You don’t support them, do you?’ 'Yeah, I do,’ said Cho. 'Have you always supported them, or just since they started winning the league?’ said Ron, in what Harry considered an unnecessarily accusatory voice. 'I’ve supported them since I was six,’ said Cho coolly.” *ronald bilius weasley voice* I’M SO SICK OF THESE FAKE QUIDDITCH GIRLS!!!!
  • what the hell, ron complains about how much homework they’re being set which includes “'a foot-and-a-half-long essay on giant wars’”…THAT’S LIKE TWO A4 PAGES, CHILL OUT
  • *spins a light around the doda classroom* “there is no war in ba sing se…wait, i mean, lord voldemort has not returned” - umbridge