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please link those ttutorials lmao. I would love to learn

Some programs and tutorials that I’m going to recommend are paid, but ALL OF THEM can be found on torrent websites like  thepiratesbay (always click on a download link with a magnet and read comments) and rutracker (requires registration). 


  • The Sims 4 Studio (free);
  • Blender 2.78 (free);
  • Marvelous Designer (paid) - check system requirements, older versions are less demanding;
  • Zbrush (paid) - you’ll need it only for one feature;
  • optional Maya (trial and student versions are free) - check system requirements, older versions are less demanding. When it comes to making clothes, everything you might need it for can be done in Blender. For the future, if you’ll ever consider creating hair PLEASE DO IT IN  MAYA OR 3DS MAX IT’D BE MUCH EASIER AND LEARNING THEM WOULD BE TOTALLY WORTH YOUR TIME;
  • Graphic editor of your choice, preferably Photoshop.

Here is the order you need to follow for everything to work:

tip 1: First thing first, keep everything organized and give distinctive names - it is very important. Create a folder with your project name and subfolders “meshes”, “textures”, “preview”. If you’re using Maya, make sure there are no spaces, symbols or non-Latin letters in the ENTIRE path. This bitch will give you hell if there are.

tip 2: Create a “base models” folder with exported .blend (nude top, bottom, full body, feet) and .obj files (anything is fine) of all genders and age categories that you plan on making clothes for in the future. Put uv_0 and uv_1 templates there as well.

  1. Import nude .obj mesh in Marvelous Designer (in meters), make clothes, export as .obj (without avatar, thin, no internal lines or textures);
  2. To decrease the poly count without negatively affecting the topology and to have good edge flow I suggest you to do retopology. This is why you need Zbrush;
  3. Blender: open nude/reference .blend mesh, import .obj file, do uv_0, close holes, transfer uv_1 map, transfer weight, vertex-paint, remove doubles, split sharp edges, bake maps, remove covered parts of nude body, combine, set S4Studio  CAS Tools;
  4. The Sims 4 Studio: import lod0, change textures, change everything you need under Categories tab;
  5. Graphic editor: edit textures; 
  6. The Sims 4 Studio: re-import the textures, save the package, put it in the mods folder;
  7. Run the game and PRAY;
  8. Fix everything that is wrong, DON’T FORGET TO DO LODS (make them only after your lod0 is perfect), add swatches, make thumbnails if you want and you’ll be good.


Tutorial sources:

Problems you may run into and how to fix them:

  • Item shines too bright in game - problem with alpha layer of your specular map;
  • Entire mesh is flying - weight issue, you need to re-transfer weight;
  • Part of the mesh is flying -  weight issue. Go to Edit mode, select a vertex in problematic area, find a group that should not be there under Vertex Weight;
  • When you manually paint weight make sure the modifier Armature is applied and your rig is selected in Object drop down menu;    
  • Baggy mesh does not retain it’s original form and deforms weirdly - you need to fix your uv_1 map;
  • Weird shadow - clean you shadow map;
  • Weird shadow at the bottom, around sleeves or sharp corners - you need to split the edge loop;
  • Dark spots on ambient occlusion map - subdivide surface and re-bake;
  • Previous mesh is visible after uploading new lod-s - you need to start from a different item. One thing to note (it may be an issue with my program/game, but I’ll tell just in case it’s not). When you create your package from a nude bottom, accessories like pantyhose will overlay your item’s texture (I’m pretty sure this can be changed in Warehouse tab, but I’m too scared to even go there). When you start from nude top, every time any CAS part is removed, your item of clothes will be taken off as well. If you’ll run into the same problem start from underwear instead.
  • When vertex-painting, make sure the hex codes of colors are identical (if the same) or have a very smooth transition (if different). Use blur tool. Otherwise there may be a “split in mesh“;
  • When loading lods, nothing shows up - you forgot to set S4Studio CAS Tools;
  • Before merging packages into one, make sure you didn’t overwrite them in the past. There will be 2 or more pairs of them in game.

Endlessly grateful to all people who shared their knowledge on this subject. Thank you <3

Feel free to drop any questions related to creating The Sims 4 custom clothes (only clothes and shoes, I don’t know anything else yet).

So like I love the Modern Royals AU and coffeeshop and bookstore aus and all, but just picture normal modern life…

  • Like everyone lives really close together
  • I imagine Eustace and Edmund share an apartment at some point
  • And it’s like some 90s sitcom where everyone comes and goes from each other’s homes as they please
  • Susan being like the little mother of the group
  • She’s the one lecturing everyone about healthy choices and preaching salad while Lucy bakes a double chocolate cake that disappears within ten minutes
  • and Susan low-key surreptitiously cleaning the boys’ apartment: like putting a timed air freshener in the bathroom and an automatic shower cleaner and keeping Frebreze in her purse and empties it around the apartment before she leaves (Edmund and Eustace are pretty tidy people though, compared to Peter…no one lets Susan to go his apartment)
  • Susan and Caspian have late late night talks
  • Peter insisting everyone take self-defense classes (originally he just insisted the girls take it, but then realized if they all went together he could watch Lucy drop Caspian on his back in three seconds flat)
  • Eustace is always trying to smuggle in his bug collection, despite Edmund’s rule against it. (”No bugs, Eustace.” “But my ant colony wouldn’t be-” “No Bugs. NO. Bugs.”)
  • (So Eustace gets really excited every time there’s like a spider in the shower or something)
  • Also, Lucy calling having to call her brothers or Eustace to kill a bug when there’s one in her place
  • Really big group hugs
  • When men whistle or cat call at the girls, the guys don’t get aggressive. They just cat call the men back.
  • I bet Caspian takes Eustace clubbing just to see what happens
  • Sunday brunches
  • Edmund always runs errands for everyone, so he has a key to everyone’s places, and has thus walked in on his brother at very awkward moments.
  • Surprise parties for everyone’s birthday. (they all see it coming, they just don’t know when or where it will happen.)
  • (Like Edmund bringing Lucy groceries she asked for (which included a lot of party supplies) but when he walked into her apartment they were all there, screaming “SURPRISE,” and it scared him so badly he flung all the grocery bags at them.)
  • (But that’s nothing compared to the time they all tried to surprise Lucy by hiding so she wouldn’t see anyone until she turned on the lights, but Eustace hid behind the door and Lucy thought he was a mugger so she took him down and poor Eustace was incapacitated for the whole party.)
  • When Lucy wants to get a tattoo, she wants to get everyone’s opinion about her ideas….but first it takes her and everyone else a year and half to convince Peter to drop the patriarchy and let her get one. 
  • All night movie night where they all plan to be up until dawn but like almost everyone falls asleep after the second movie
  • Everyone always has someone to lean on and go to for any reason

After writing all of these, I feel there’s a lot of story/drabble potential. Message me if you wanna read any in particular. :)

Hard Candy, Sweet Center; Connor Murphy x Reader

Word Count: 2,431

A/N: I was recently struck with the inspiration to write something about Connor Murphy so this was the result. It’s not the best but i’m happy that I was able to write something for him. 

Warnings: mostly just fluff, some swearing, connor being hard on himself

If you were to ask your classmates what comes to mind when they hear the name Connor Murphy, the results would overwhelmingly be “freak.”

They may even go on to spur out some story about how he went crazy and threw a printer at a teacher in the second grade.

Connor swears this never happened. You hesitantly brought it up when the two of you had first started dating because you were curious. It is true that Connor has a bit of a tough exterior but you have come to realize that he is also incredibly kind and although you’ve seen him get angry before, you couldn’t possibly imagine that he would ever go that far.

“Jesus Christ! No, I did not throw a printer at a teacher. I was a skinny second grader. I don’t even think I had the strength to lift a printer, let alone hurl it at a woman’s face. I mean I may have yelled at her a bit because she actually made Nick Wheeler the line leader. That was the worst fucking decision she could have made! That kid was such a piece of shit. He used to stick chewed gum and earwax under the desks. There was no way he could have handled that job. I was clearly a better choice but she wouldn’t even consider it. That is the truth. I yelled and got upset but I never physically hurt anyone but somehow over the years it developed into a story that I threw a printer at a teacher. It’s like a game of telephone, the story starts out as one thing but then eventually it gets passed around to so many people and changes every time that it ends up being the furthest thing from the truth.”

You believed him. Connor always intimidated you a little when you would see him but you liked him. You couldn’t help it. He was intriguing and attractive. Even before the two of you got together you couldn’t shake this feeling that there was more to him than the freak label that everyone gave him. Sometimes you still couldn’t seem to wrap your mind around the fact that the two of you were actually together. You actually got to call yourself Connor Murphy’s girlfriend. It was a pretty great title and it definitely had its perks.

There was the perk that the two of you would always paint each other’s nails. He actually had quite the collection of nail polish in his room, maybe even more than you. Connor would let his paint chip a lot and he didn’t seem to mind it too much but the minute he would notice the paint on your nails chipping he would offer to paint them. He took it very seriously. He would hunch over your hand and stick his tongue out trying to make it perfect. He would sometimes even do some of those intricate nail art designs that you see all the time on the internet but didn’t have the patience for. The boy had a gift.

Another perk of dating Connor was kissing him. The thing about it is that every single kiss is a different experience. There is the kiss where he breaks apart to tell you something but still keeps you close so that he is whispering against your mouth. There is passionate kissing where you would be sitting in his lap. There were the soft sweet kisses he would place on top of your head when you weren’t feeling your best. He wasn’t always the greatest at PDA and showing affection since it is kind of foreign to him but he wanted to be there for you even in his limitations. His favorite kind of kiss was when he would distract you from something that you needed to be doing. He would start by kissing you on the lips and then move down to your neck, the boy absolutely loved kissing your neck. You had a love-hate relationship with it. It tickled but there was something about the way he did it that felt so damn nice.

But the best perk of dating Connor was baking.

Connor was great at baking. When you asked him about it he just shrugged and said he’s always liked to do it for as long as he can remember. It was just a part of him.

The two of you had spent many nights baking various sweets together.  Your personal favorite was the pumpkin cookies with caramel frosting that he baked for you one night. You both devoured them easily and you spend much of your time begging him to make them again.

Life has been particularly shitty for you lately and Connor decided that the only logical cure was to bake double chocolate chip brownies. This was how you found yourself sitting in your car outside the store with Connor by your side so that you could get all the proper ingredients.

Connor turned to you and pulled out his phone.

“I’m going to win this time!”

You couldn’t help but roll your eyes at him.

“I don’t think so, pretty boy. I feel confident that I’m going to be experiencing victory tonight.”

You and Connor invented this game that you play every time you go to the store. You found that they are almost always playing pop songs from the 2000’s over the speakers, so you will both type three songs into your phone and if the song gets played while you’re in the store the person will get 20 points.

“Okay, let me see what you’ve got.” You handed your phone over to Connor and he gave you his.

You looked at his list.

1. That song where the girl is singing about making her way downtown and falling into the sky

2. Any song by Justin Timberlake

3. Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield

“Not bad, Murphy. You might actually win this time.”

“Ha Ha. Let’s see what you’ve got.”

He read your list out loud.

1.That theme song from One Tree Hill by Gavin DeGraw

2. Waiting on the world to change by John Mayer

3. Drops of Jupiter

“I like it. I think this might actually give me some tough competition.”

 Drops of Jupiter was playing the minute you stepped into the store.

“Ha! Twenty points for me!”

“Okay, fine you got lucky but I’m telling you that I am still going to win this thing.”

“Sure, Con. Whatever makes you feel better.”

You were so focused on the various chocolate items in front of you that you almost didn’t notice Natasha Bedingfield blaring from the speakers.

“There’s my twenty points! Now we’re tied, Y/N.” Connor grinned at you while grabbing two bags of chocolate chips.

“Oh I’m going to catch up. I will not be defeated!”

You were almost done with your shopping trip and you and Connor were both tied with 40 points. Connor was intensely examining the variety of ice cream flavors when you heard it.

A Thousand Miles by Vanessa Carlton.

“No. No. No. No. No.” You groaned.

“Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. I win!” Connor said while tossing a container of ice cream into the cart.

“Damn you, Murphy.”

Connor’s laughter filled the car.

“You can’t seriously still be upset that I won.”

“The only reason you won is because you took so fucking long picking out an ice cream flavor!” you argued.

“I couldn’t decide between butter pecan and chocolate marshmallow. I didn’t know that they were going to play one of my songs. I don’t have any knowledge of their song lineup. That’s not my fault.”  He argued back at you, smiling the whole time.

“I was so sure I was going to win.”

“Maybe you’ll get it next time.”

“You bet your ass I will.”

Silence filled the car until you spoke up again.

“…What flavor did you decide on?”

“Butter Pecan.”

You thought it over for a minute.

“Good choice.”

You watched Connor mix the chocolate chips into the brownie batter. The kitchen was filled with a sweet scent from the chocolate and Connor had never looked more beautiful than he did right now. He had on an old flannel and his hair was covering his eyes but you couldn’t look away. It was moments like this where you couldn’t understand why people thought he was a freak. You couldn’t understand why people spoke about him so harshly. Of course, your classmates didn’t get to see Connor like this. They didn’t get to watch him bake sweets in the kitchen and paint his nails. They don’t really know him; they just know the idea of him that has spread around over the years.

“Why the fuck are you staring at me like that?” Connor’s voice brought you out of your thoughts and you couldn’t help but smile and roll your eyes at him.

“Because you’re beautiful.” You leaned up and kissed his cheek.

“I thought I was supposed to be the one saying that to you.”

“There is no reason that I can’t call you beautiful too.”

It wasn’t always like this. It took Connor quite a long time to actually open up to you. It took him a really long time to believe that you were genuinely being kind to him and that it wasn’t some sort of joke. He had his guard up for so long and he was quite cruel to you in the beginning. He loved you so much now that sometimes when he would think back on the way he treated you it made him wince as if he was in physical pain.

He was still skeptical. He didn’t understand how or why you wanted him and many days of your relationship have consisted of you assuring him that this is real and that you do, in fact, love him.

The brownies were baking in the oven and you were examining his bookshelf while he painted his nails.

“You can borrow something if you’d like.”

This was a common thing between the two of you. You would give each other book recommendations and share books with the other person. You picked “The Clockwork Orange” off his shelf and turned it over in your hands.

“Have you read it yet?”

“No.” you mumbled. You knew Connor wanted you to read it but you never got around to it.

“I can’t believe you’ve never read it! That’s like a fucking crime. You know, it’s one of my favorite books and the opportunity is right there. Read it, damn it!”

“I will, I swear! The minute I finish the series I’m on right now, I promise I will pick it up.”

Even though Connor’s head was down focusing on his nails you could tell he was rolling his eyes.

“You mean those dumbass books about birds and psychics or whatever the fuck it is?”

“Hey! The Raven Cycle is not dumb. You know, maybe you would really like them if you gave them a chance. You would probably like Ronan.”

Connor paused his painting to look up at you with a serious expression. “Y/N, I want you to hear me loud and clear, I have never and will never have any desire to read those books. It’s not going to happen… No matter how cute you look when you tell me about them.”

“Fine, if you want a real recommendation you should read The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test by Tom Wolfe. You’ll be thanking me later, trust me.”

Connor was silent for a minute until you heard him mumble under his breath, “Well… that is a pretty cool fucking title.”

Connor was right.  The brownies definitely helped. The taste of melted chocolate on your tongue made you suddenly forget about whatever was bothering you that made you bake the brownies in the first place. You looked over to see Connor smiling widely at you. You weren’t sure what he was so happy about but you were always pleased to see his smile.

“Hey Y/N?”

“…Yeah, Connor?”

He looked nervous. Connor usually didn’t get nervous. Ever.

“I-I know I’m not the best at like being sentimental or whatever and I’m probably a massive pain in the ass most of the time but I just want to… thank you.”

“What on earth for?”

“I’ve spent so much of my time being told that I’m a freak, you know? People think that I’m weird and that all I do is cause trouble. People rarely give me a chance because most of our classmates have known me since elementary school and they’ve all heard the rumors about me throwing printers at people and they all think I’m bat-shit crazy. People that don’t know me base their assumptions about me on what other people tell them. Everyone says to stay away from me because I’m angry and unpredictable. It’s nice being able to put my guard down with you even for a few hours. When I’m with you I don’t feel like a mixture of shitty chemical makeup and bad choices. I feel like a person, not like a thing that needs to be fixed. I spend so much of my time thinking that I’m broken and a fraud and that I’m impossible to love and don’t get me wrong I mean there are days when I wake up and there is absolutely no fucking part of me that believes that you could love me. It’s not like you’ve fucking cured me or something, I’m still weird and damaged but being with you sometimes makes me realize that I’m not really as alone as I feel.”

You couldn’t think of anything to say so you just grabbed him by the neck and kissed him. It seemed like you were kissing him so desperately that your whole body was curving into his.

If you were to ask your classmates what comes to mind when they hear the name Connor Murphy, the results would overwhelmingly be “freak.”

But if your classmates were to ask you what comes to mind when you hear the name Connor Murphy, the answer would be “sweet.”

It is true that Connor has a rough exterior. You’ve always known this, it’s the first thing people learn about the boy, but if you’re willing to get close enough you’ll realize that Connor has a sweet, surprise center. He is not perfect you could never fool yourself into believing that no matter how much you loved him, but being with him is the closest thing you’ve ever experienced to pure happiness which is pretty perfect to you.

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Malec and/or Clizzy taking a cooking class together

“Hurry up Fray, we can’t let those bisexuals beat us at this cake contest!”

“Alec, for the hundredth time, it’s not timed, let me take my time, you idiot!”

From the table next to them, Isabelle sat on the bar stool, slowly stirring the frosting in her bowl and Magnus sipped at his wine, observing his boyfriend cracking eggs in a rush and Clary panicking over that she can’t find the sprinkles. Actually, he was not the only one paying attention to that, considering that she was literally screaming “Where the actual fuck are my god damn sprinkles, who took my sprinkles, I will murder every single one of you if I have to, give me my sprinkles back!” as Alec held her back from throwing a milk carton at a white straight couple two tables away.

“Do you think there’s any use in telling them again that a baking class is not the same thing as a cake contest?” Izzy said, a fond smile on her face as she watched her girlfriend glare at the said straight white couple.

“Considering the first 3 times didn’t change anything for their stubborn competitive asses, I don’t think there’s any more need to try.” Magnus chuckled, as he put his wine glass down and reached over to open the oven and check if the cupcakes were ready or not.

Magnus and Izzy thought it might be a good idea to have a double date at a baking class, but from the second the instructor said the words “pick your partner” both Alec and Clary’s brains lost the ability to register this as anything but the biggest competition of their lives. They decided that they were going to split up into gay and bi teams and they only got to work after watching Clary and Alec spend 15 minutes saying things like “let’s see if the L in LGBT stands for ladyfingers master” and “let’s see if I’m not just gay but I also SLAY… at baking.”

Finally, their cupcakes were done. Magnus and Izzy went for simple half chocolate half vanilla ones, while Alec and Clary decided to make rainbow frosting, a rainbow cake and add rainbow sprinkles.

“I thought you said that this is a cake contest, not a who’s gayer contest?” Izzy teased, walking over to their table and looking down at their tray.

“First of all, there is no need for a who’s gayer contest, we all know that I’m the gayest one here.” Clary said, and Magnus burst out laughing at the look of shock and hurt on Alec’s face. “Second of all, there technically is no need for a cake contest either, considering that our cupcakes are like so much better than yours.”

Izzy shook her head fondly and muttered something along the lines of “This was never a cake contest to begin with, dummy” under her breath.

“How dare you say that you’re gayer than me?” Alec interrupted, “Can you believe this Magnus? She just said that she is gayer than me? What kind of disrespect… I cannot even… I thought we were friends…”

“Alexander, dear, I don’t think it is physically possible for a human being to be gayer than you.” Magnus put his hand on Alec’s shoulder and smiled at the genuine look of happiness and pride that took over the latter’s face, as he turned to Clary and stuck his tongue out to her.

After witnessing his boyfriend be the most dramatic 4-year-old he’s ever met, Magnus sat down in the stool and pulled Alec down for a kiss by the lapels of his jacket and heard him whisper “we are so going to beat you” into his mouth and then felt him smile as he kissed him softly, putting his hands on Magnus’s waist and then pulling away from the kiss, only to leave about a dozen kisses on Magnus’s cheeks, as Magnus grinned and placed a soft kiss on Alec’s forehead: “of course you are darling.”

And as Clary was making sure with the flash of her phone that all the cupcakes were 100% perfect, Isabelle walked up to the instructor and asked her to come taste the cupcakes that they made and say that the rainbow ones are so good that they don’t even compare to the half chocolate half vanilla ones and she looked over at Clary fondly and then walked up to her and hugged her from behind and felt her jump a little from the surprise and whispered into her ear “we don’t stand a chance against you do we?” And Clary turned her head and looked at her, slowly leaning down and dragging her lips over Izzy’s and pulling away with a smirk: “you really don’t.”