Love can't be understood; therefore it must be destroyed

I’m alone
like we all
are and will be

even if we die together
the likelihood of both going
at the same time is almost
astronomical in planetless
doubel-counted improbability

our break in reason, loss
of logic explode, deafeningly
finishing us
blanketing ash the final time

we speak only in phrases
we created to identify things
we created
we even created new words for older
things as if we own our emotions,
know the lands we populate

so many notions
of love learned from silver screens,
Netflix streams, the belief of love
being our steel beamed (building)

love isn’t a box office flick,
something you finish fucking
making eye contact
as you cum
love isn’t a (building)
up to city code

love is buried under
eight-feet of snow
in a four-foot town
with no movie theatre

finishes in your
preferred hole,
doggy style

love is a demolition
crumpling floors like paper
hell’s ashes blanket
onlookers as beams break,
snapping from pressure,
collapsing from the
explosive enlightenment
we never knew love

at all


R&B is a great bastion of the male double standard. Singers everywhere are expected to be charming and gentlemanly in order win the hearts of the women in their songs (and, not coincidentally, the hearts of their female fans). At the same time, and even for the same audience, they’re meant to assert their power and protect their masculinity by using those same women. On one track, they’re charming and wooing you. In the next, they’re rapping to Snoop Dogg about the precise shape of your ass. It’s suspicious.
Hobbit article in the german "Cinema" (October)

Hi! So many ask me about the Hobbit article in the “Cinema”. And as I said, there are not many spoilers, 
HOWEVER, one spoiler is for any Thranduil fans a little yummy  :D So, if you dont wanna know it, stop reading now.

I try it to quote it, please tell me, if my english is totally wrong. :)

Orcs and Elves fight at the foot of Erebor where the orcs are defeated by the elves. (YAY)

After the massacres looks Thranduil, King of the mirkwood elves, angry and sad at the same time on the fallen comrades and the dead orcs, (The scene in the trailer), as Gandalf pulls him out of his thoughts. The Wizard pleads Thranduil for help in the fight against the forces of darkness. But he replies just: “The elves have shed enough blood in this country already." 

(Poor Thrandy *cry*  )
(Then Peters says: Thanks! XD )

The Elf on the Thranduil & Peter picture is not Legolas, I think it’s his Doubel.

Apart from that, it is talked about the set, that Gandalf loves the third part because it makes a connection to the "Lord of the Rings”, about Martin (Bilbo) and his chain-Mithril armor, ect. Nothing more about Thrandy ;)

I hope my english was good enough >.<