The Adventures of Sinbad - The Return of Sinbad

I watched the series in it’s original run when I was a teenager, and just decided to look it up again earlier this year, just for the heck of it.  I remembered the show’s nature, so no surprises there.

I enjoyed the first season more originally, but watched both. I watched all the first season this time, then watched the first five eps of the second season (wanted to see Rongar’s backstory ep) but not the rest. So basically all my comments will be without memory or insight into season 2.

The premier has several interesting bits.

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Дубарь или Дубай? Напоминаем, что с 27 декабря по 12 января мы проводим обучение полетам в Desert Campus

Дубарь или Дубай? Напоминаем, что с 27 декабря по 12 января мы проводим обучение полётам в вингсьюте на аэродроме DZ Desert Campus. Требование для участия 200 прыжков с парашютом, международная лицензия ФАИ.
Во время сборов вы научитесь управлять вингсьютом в разных режимах: летать на скорость и качество, работать в группе. Присоединяйтесь, до начала сборов осталось 15 дней.

The Adventures of Sinbad - The Ronin

Does anyone remember their impressions of the episode after the first viewing?  Particularly if you watched it when it was initially broadcast (or initially broadcast in your country).  Does anyone remember the promo?  Did it hype the bracelet?  Because, while the episode is alright, I can see it being a major letdown if you were expecting something arc-based (as much as was common the time-period) or significant or dramatic.  This is just routine villain-of-the-week with no real standout moments to me.  Alas, I cannot remember what I thought of it when it originally aired.

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