Verdun is probably the only battle in history whose planner Erich von Falkenhayn had intended to bleed the enemy. We can certainly say that achievement, the Battle of Verdun, bled France, but also bled the armies of Kaiser. Ten months of battle, more than a million casualties on both sides, three hundred thousand deaths and untold suffering. The names of Fort Vaux and Fort Douamont and the Voie sacree have already passed into history as symbols of resistance and the heroic French soldiers. In The known Verdun meat grinder, Philippe Petain also exalted as French national hero.

I still thrilling pictures of Verdun ossuary where lie the remains of thousands of unidentified soldiers. One of the battles whose story can shake to anyone.


Fort Douamont before and after the Battle of Verdun, 1916. During the first phases of the operation, german forces captured the fort without resistance from the french, it’s estimated that the french took over 100,000 casualties to retake this position.