“I need to ask you the most important question I can ask someone.”
“Will you.. *drops to one knee, presents bottle* share a coke with me?”

I like to think he’d be strong enough to come back. I think Stiles and Scott would find a way to bring him back.
—  Tyler Hoechlin on whether he thinks Derek would /could come back to life if he were killed. @ DOTWCHI

Tyler Posey and ornyadams dancing/singing to ‘Day O’ by Harry Belafonte


Hi! Wow, it’s been a while. I promise I’m still alive. Just not on Tumblr as much…

But I still wanted to share with you all what I did last weekend. I went to DOTWCHI again this year and had a shit ton of fun. I really only ended up liking one of my photos but I’m very glad for the experiences I had while having them taken. :3

When Dylan and Tyler are on set together it takes forever to start the scene. They’ll start rolling and one of them will be like ‘oh dude I just farted!’ 'OH DUDE NO WAY’
—  Seth on filming with Tyler and Dylan