dottie smith


My mama tried to kill me when I was real little. She put a pillow over my face cause she cared more about herself than her little baby. She didn’t love me like a mama should love a little baby, and she was happy cause she thought she’d done it, and then I couldn’t grow into something better than she’d been had ever been. She hadn’t done it she didn’t send me back to him. She just made me sick made me not be for awhile but then I was. She was sad that I was and I always will be. 

Sometimes I forget

I forget how famous Ryan Ross used to be. At this point, he’s relatively unknown. A lot of the old fans have moved on, a lot of the new fans have never really seen him. What do we call him now? Is he a celebrity? Is he a retired celebrity? I know he’s working on stuff, but he’s been out of the limelight for around like six years.

This guy used to be on mtv. This guy used to have thousands of fans trying to get a picture with him. Getting their underwear signed. Interviewers hounding him. People sending him toys and presents.

And now. He posts pictures of his dog. He had a simple party for his birthday. He’s living a quiet life. And he’s never flaunted his status. He’s shy and private and.. and I forget he’s Ryan. The Ryan Ross. The man behind the band I worship. The man who played a large part in getting Panic to where it is today.


20 Days of Ryan Ross

Day 8: Ryan + Dottie