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I bring to you: 

  • Neil bonding with Jerejean
  • starring Jean finding out in the worst way possible that Neil learned French in the unholy part of France as depicted in blue on the following map 
    • (illustration of where every French person stands on the Pain au chocolat VS Chocolatine Discourse according to geography):
SNK characters as thing my step dad has said/done

Eren “Gene Wilder didn’t die he’s still alive– *Looks at Wiki* ……Oh. WAIT WHAT”
Mikasa “You dirty raaaaat you killed my brothaaaaaa”
Armin “I bought some comic books and I didn’t know they were pornos BUT I bought them so I’m gonna read them..”
Jean *Writes down Miracle whip on the grocery list but it spells out “Mirkel Wip”*
Marco *Is sore af but he plays with the kids ‘cus they wanna and then he gets sore after*
Reiner “I think that lady was hitting on me at Dunkin’ Donuts she kept calling me hun” Me: She calls everyone hun.. Him: SHE SAID IT TO ME WITH MORE MEANING I KNOW SHE DID
Bertl “What the hell is that smell– Oh shit I forgot I left something in the oven DON’T TELL YOUR MOM *Runs*”
Annie “I don’t want to leave today I just want to live in this bed today..”
Connie *Shaves head* “Did I miss anything??” *Patches all over his head* “WHAT DO YOU MEAN YES AW MAN”
Sasha “I didn’t prepare anything for dinner and your mom isn’t home… Wanna order out?”
Levi *Leaves his coffee in the microwave after heating it up* ….. Where’s my coffee.. *It’s been in there for hours now*
Hanji “How does the sun rotate around the earth if the earth spins so fast..?? Like.. The earth spins so fast but it’s like nothing is moving..”
Erwin *Conspiracy theories on how aliens built the pyramid*
Mike  “I’m gonna see A7X in concert this year” Me: You’re like 40 Him: I DON’T CARE THEY GOT GOOD SONGS
Moblit “I think I was drunk when I said that..”
Pixis “I wish I had hair again I’d totally have a mohawk”
Nile *Is left with hamburger* *Mom comes home to no dinner* “I didn’t know what to make for dinner you didn’t tell me! What do I make with this hamburger???” *There’s literally 500 recipes with hamburger but that’s okay we still love you*

yes i agree straight girls should keep their hands off gay fanfiction in general but a lot of ppl on tumblr generalize that to all girls and let me just say my dude what about my lesbians n bi/pan girls that want lgbt content but cant find anything that caters specifically to them because of the blatant sexualization and dehumanization of sapphic relationships in the media so they settle for the next best thing which is well written and developed storylines about other members of the lgbt community hm


゚・*☆Shingeki no Kyojin 2 — Episode 8 — The Hunters (追う者)☆*・゚

I’ve never seen him win a fight before, but I’ve never seen him get beat and give up either. Sometimes he’s so tenacious that even I think it’s so scary. No matter how many times he’s knocked over, he gets back up. You think he’ll get taken away without putting up a fight? Nope. He’ll keep resisting as long as he has strength. Even more so when he’s up against just two. He’ll give ‘em hell no matter who he’s up against. Until you or I show up to help. That’s how Eren’s always been.


Around two weeks ago I was, as usual, bored at some lecture, so I bought a tiny A5 sketchbook during the break. That means I’m now running 3 sketchbooks at once (the others are A4 and A3). I decided to draw something pretty for the first page, hence there’s that cute freckled puppy, and then nobody stopped me from doing this.

First five characters, Marco Bott, Ymir, Armin Arlert, Bertolt Hoover and Erwin Smith are my personal favourites, then there’s Jean Kirstein for Alath'erna, and then pretty much anyone that came to my mind at the moment. Brilliant exercise to train drawing diffrent face shapes.