Hey guyys, quess what? My dotted journal finally arrived in mail, yaaayy!! I couldn’t resist and immediately started working on first pages of my bujo. It feels sooo good! 

I like the simple motif of the cover, it is just some dotes but different people can see different patterns in it. I used my liners, washi tape, memo pad sticker and flower sticker to make it more appealing to me. The Colour code is supposed to make it easier for me when trying to distinguish daily notes. 

Sorry for the lighting, I tried my best. Moreover, if anyone wonders about the background, it is just my favourite comfy sweatshirt, hahah. 


This week’s overview + mood tracker ft. silly handwriting. This is how it looks like when you don’t have time for practising your handwriting, so you just leave your first try as it is. Still satisified with how it looks. 

Yesterday I bought a dotted Leuchtturm notebook for my new bullet journal. My old one served me well during university so I can’t wait to get started with this new one. I’ve never actually tried dotted paper before, when I first started my bullet journal the original creator was drawing square boxes for his check lists but it seems like the system has changed to dotted paper now. :D