Fake Opera Meme:
Requested by dotseurat:  Dimitri Hvorostovsky + Eric Owens + Kate Lindsey + Lisette Oropesa

The Lion’s Bride
Martha (Lindsey) is a rising young singer, known particularly for her powerful lieder recitals. Her secret for such performances lies in the haunting images (Owens & Oropesa) she creates and throws herself into for each song she sings. The nearest she has to a friend is one of her former teachers, Loban (Hvorostovsky), a stern and frigid man for whom she nurtures a deep platonic admiration. As her visions grow stronger and stronger, she is uncapable of controlling herself, suffering from a crisis during an important recital. 

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OK well we didn’t think anyone was going to come out because there was a sponsor’s drinks thing BUT HE APPEARED MAGICALLY and this lady who was also waiting SCREAMED AAH when he came out, and then he was so lovely and asked me and Dilys if we were music students (because I think he assumes young people = can’t be into classical music any other way??!?! you could see it in his eyes and I looked RIGHT IN ‘EM) and then he was sort of moving off and asked what I was studying even though I was probably giving him the crazy adoration eyes?? and I said what I study and then he had to go and aaaahahah he is literally my height and he has great skin


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Did you rub his knees for strength?

NO dammit

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Mark Ruffalo, Rashida Jones.

Oh goood. Well, this would be in a world where Ruffalo is a divorced hot dad who only has his kids on the weekend, right? I’d probably have to go with Rashida on this – we’d go on extravagant vacations, drink great wine and wear matching chambray shirts and Ray-Ban aviators, and hang out with all of her fancy famous friends all the time. Like, that would actually be THE DREAM. Rashida Jones is probably the perfect girlfriend.