Here’s the thing, y’all. Kurt/Nas is weird, but think about this: it’s so easy. Too easy. Everything happened super fast between them, and things are just fine and dandy at the moment. Kurt forgave the bug thing, it’s all good. 


You guys, we all know what happens when things are too easy and people are happy on Blindspot LOL. The fact that things are so easy and good for Kurt and Nas right now is EXACTLY why things will be absolutely terrible for them VERY soon, and at the same time SUPER GOOD for Jeller fans. (Even if I think we all know by now that terrible things await Jane in the mid-season finale. But that’s separate from the ship itself.)

All is well. <3

Jared stood behind his curtain and watched as Jensen mowed the lawn, shirt tucked into the pocket of his denim shorts, freckled, flawless young body on display. He could feel himself grow wet at the sight of those broad shoulders rippling with the strain of physical labour, sweat defining each curve and line.