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connect the dots [sirius black]

summary: it’s YOUR chair. regardless of the fact that you found him sleeping there, for merlin’s sake, it’s yours. neither he, nor james seems to understand that. remus is an accidental wingman, lily is there to help, and peter just wants everybody to be friends.

word count: ~2200

a/n: (thats pretty fuckin ironic peter pettigrew u stupid swine) ANYWAY KIDS WHATS UP I LOVE ALL THE MARAUDERS EQUALLY???? but i have an especially soft spot for sirius and remus and james…. hmm…. (especially ben barnes as sirius and andrew garfield as remus but shhh) anyway ik i have a shit ton of requests to do but here i am, master procrastinator, back with more procrastination works! i had an impulse okay. y’all should be thanking me for this insight on snogging sirius black bc i know i’m thanking myself tonight

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Jen’s guide to the Lapidot in the SDCC trailer

Alright, folks – I’m gonna try and answer the most common questions that you’ve been asking me regarding the fabled SDCC trailer, all in one place, and throw some of my early thoughts and analysis out there.   I might have already covered some of these points briefly, but we’ll go with it anyway for the sake of completeness.

Warning: long post incoming.

Is Lapis going to leave Peridot and Pumkin?

The trailer makes it look that way, but it’s worth bearing in mind that trailers can be very misleading indeed (not intentionally, but they’re cut in such a way that they’re designed to create maximum hype and are very easy to misinterpret).

There’s nothing to say that this:

will definitely come after this:

Sure, that’s the common assumption, but how do we know that Lapis doesn’t leave in the first image and then get reunited with Peridot in the second image?

We also don’t know for sure that Lapis is even leaving at all! Remember in Room For Ruby when Lapis got upset and her immediate reaction was to fly away from everyone?  Well, that could very well be what’s happening here.  She might just need to spend some time alone, exactly as she did in that episode, rather than actually leaving the vicinity completely for whatever reason.

- If Lapis leaves, is it because she doesn’t care about Peridot?  Is Lapidot really one-sided, like the haters claim it is?

No, and no.

Lapis suffers from PTSD, which means that her fear of the impending war could completely override all of her other emotions – including her feelings about Peridot.  

And as for Lapidot being one-sided…

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…absolutely not! Lapis has made her feelings perfectly clear on a number of occasions.  And:

Look at her face in the trailer here.  If she’s leaving, she feels horrendous about it.

Let’s not forget the Shoulder Squeeze as well!

The camera here is putting complete emphasis on the squeeze, because it’s a vitally important moment that sees Lapis (physically, and most probably metaphorically) holding onto Peridot.  There’s something incredibly tender and meaningful about this, and I can’t wait to see it in context.

- There’s a “Shorty Squad” episode coming up.  Does that mean A//me//dot might have a shot instead of Lapidot, if Lapis has left?!

That’s extremely doubtful.

There could be any number of reasons for Peridot going with Steven and Amethyst.  Perhaps Lapis has left, and they’re trying to cheer her up? Or maybe Lapis is still at the barn but has withdrawn herself and is extremely upset, so Peridot removes herself from the situation in order to give her room-mate some space (because, again, Lapis likes to be alone when she’s upset)?  We just don’t know.

There’s nothing in the trailer to suggest that we’ll have any “A//me//dot moments” – it’s more likely going to be a return to that lovely sibling dynamic that we saw in the previous Shorty Squad episode (as well as the recent Shorty Squad comic).  Lapis and Peridot’s relationship, romantic or otherwise, is most likely going to be front-and-centre of this latest arc; so I feel like it’d be incredibly out of place to suddenly start dropping A//me//dot hints instead.

Whatever way you look at it, this episode is probably going to provide a lot of character development for (a possibly heartbroken) Peridot, so it’s definitely one to watch out for!

- If Lapis has gone, will she be back?  Is Lapidot now dead? D:

Guys, seriously – it’ll all be fine!

Jennifer and Shelby have been recording with each other recently, as well as many other times in the past.  If Lapis leaves, it’s a 100% guarantee that she’ll be back again.

There’s an expression that I’ve brought up a few times in the past couple of days, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder”.  If Lapis and Peridot do spend some time apart, it’s highly likely that they’ll bounce back from this with a stronger relationship than ever.

As someone who’s previously had to spend months at a time away from my then-fiancé (due to him living in California and me living in England, before he could move over here to live with me), I can attest to that expression!  It’s horrific being away from the one you love for a prolonged period of time – but you feel on top of the world when you finally reunite.

- Do you think we’ll see the Lapidot fusion in this arc?

It’s very, very likely.

For all we know, this:

could be Peridot holding her hand out to Lapis, as an invitation to fuse with her.  Which, incidentally:

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would be a pretty incredible parallel to this!  The camera angle is the same and everything.  A loving fusion born out of hope and trust, versus a hate-fuelled fusion born out of anger and a desire for revenge.

Fusion seems like the natural “next step” for Lapis and Peridot, given how incredibly close their relationship with each other is.  There’s also the fact that Peridot is almost defenceless on her own (thanks to the tragic loss of her limb enhancers) – so if Lapis decides to fight, she’ll probably want to protect Peridot.  And what better way of doing that than to physically fight with Peridot by forming a fusion with her?!

- Do you think it’ll provide good character development for Lapis and Peridot if Lapis does leave?  When they reunite, will we see how much Lapis does care for Peridot (as that’s what some people struggle to see)?  Will Lapis learn she can’t run from all her problems forever?

Absolutely, on all counts.

Peridot will be heartbroken if Lapis does leave.  It’d be painful to watch, I think.

But I imagine that their reunion would be a big, heartfelt thing.  Peridot would  probably be the main reason why Lapis decides to return!  She might end up feeling guilty for leaving her little green bean on her own, and decide to come back for her even if it means facing up to something that she’s completely terrified of.  This could be the start of Lapis facing up to her past head-on, rather than burying her emotions and letting the past drag her down into some very dark places. Indeed, this could even lead to her and Jasper eventually settling their differences – and Lapis fully forgiving the Crystal Gems.

In any event, Peridot is going to be a huge part of her recovery – which is something that seems to have already begun.  

- Do you think Peridot could end up being in danger if Lapis leaves – but then Lapis swoops in to save her?  Could we see Peridot poof?  

Either one of those scenarios could play out (or perhaps, even both of them).

We know it’s only a matter of time until Peridot gets her star.  This was confirmed well over a year ago, if memory serves, so it’s likely to be happening very soon now.

Things are going to start getting very real and very dangerous. This could also lead to the retrieval of Peridot’s limb enhancers (perhaps by Lapis), so that she can defend herself against whatever Homeworld is about to throw at the earth.

Alternative Zone Map for Los Angeles, CA. 2019 and surrounding zones.

I wanted to create a map that feels a bit more probable with the geography and tensions between the varying groups. I know that this doesn't adhere to canon in any way and likely isn't the most realistic possibility, but its worth a shot. 

White dots indicate landmarks such as Pasadena, the Hollywood Sign, Disneyland, and downtown Battery City. 

Feel free to message me or reblog with any questions or requests for maps. 

Dot - Finn Balor One Shot/Imagine

Thanks for the Request @jmertz-123lol445

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The timer on your phone went off and you looked down at the test and tears came to Your eyes as you read the word ‘Pregnant’ over and over again in your head, it was positive, it was true.. the missed period, the nausea, the headaches and overwhelming feeling of tiredness for the past week actually had a reason, You were pregnant… but you didn’t want to get your hopes up which is what lead you to where you were now, sitting in the doctors office and waiting for the results of the blood test that they performed..

The nerves took over once more, You and Finn had been married for a year and a half and in that time You two have been trying to have a baby for about 14 of those months, You’d been trying and failing for what felt like a life time, You would get positive pregnancy tests and become excited only to have your dreams crushed at the doctor the following week when it was confirmed it was a false positive due to your hormones being out of sync.

You decided against telling Finn until you knew for sure what the results were, seeing his face fall with every negative result broke your heart enough without seeing him get all excited just to be crushed after the visit to the doctors office, You were snapped out of your thoughts when the door opened and your doctor walked in with a smile on his face which confirmed what you so desperately hoped was true..
“You’re pregnant” He said, those two simple words made the tears you had been holding back flow freely “If You want to lay back for me we will check everything and find out just how far along you are and make sure everything is growing properly” He said and you laid back, that’s when that fear began to overtake you, what if something was wrong? You’d never forgive yourself for hurting the baby you had no idea was even growing inside of you, when the doctor began to sonogram you watched intently at the screen
“The round thing is the yolk sac, which is what is providing nutrients to That little dot right there…” he said pointing to another part of the screen
“That’s the baby..” You nodded in shock
“It is.. You look to be about 5 weeks along.. everything looks to be growing right on track and healthy..” he said and You nodded, relief flooding over now, You were pregnant and there was a healthy baby growing inside of you and the only thing you could think of was now you had to tell your husband

Finn was on the road so You had to wait to tell him for at least a few more weeks and in that time you let it set in for you and become completely real, He would be home soon and You had a difficult time hiding your excitement..

As Finn walked into the house after a long two weeks on the road You smiled to yourself as you jumped on him and kissed him
“Welcome home..”You said and he smiled kissing you once more
“I’ve missed you so much” he said and you kissed him again
“I have a surprise for you..” You said taking his hand and leading him over to the couch sitting on his lap and handing him the folded up ultrasound picture
“What is it?“ he asked looking at you and you smiled
“It’s just something small..” You said and he nodded as he unfolded the picture and looked at it, Your heart began to race anticipating his reaction
“What?” He asked as he stared at it “It’s a dot..” He said
“It’s a cute dot…” You said
“I guess if a dot can be cute then yes its very cute” he said
“How cute would you think it is if I told you that the little dot you’re looking at is our baby?” You asked and his eyes widened coming to the realization “It’s.. our baby..” You said
“No..” He said shaking his head and You smiled at him
“I’m pregnant” You said for the first time since finding out yourself
“We’re gonna have a baby?” He asked and you saw tears beginning to form in his eyes and you nodded
“We are..” You said tears forming in your eyes now as well
“There’s really a baby in here?” he asked placing his hand over your stomach still not believing it himself
“You’re looking at it.. the little dot is only going to get bigger..” You said and he shook his head before kissing you
“I love you..” he said “So much..” he added and bent down to kiss your stomach “and I love you little dot” he said

Plot Ideas

They’re pretty stupid tho lmao

Happens in Ninjago movie!verse maybe not too sure lol

….huh, should i like, umm, warn that this is Fem! Kai lol?? so uh, i guess if that ain’t your jam, don’t read this i guess haha


Considering how close they were, you’d think her and Lloyd would’ve hit it off well -like two puzzle pieces, two peas in a pod- when they first met (or interacted for that matter).

…that, unfortunately, was not the case.



Sweet, sweet bliss.

She presses her rosy cheeks against the glass, mouth watering at the sight of the surely delicious and scrumptious delicacies mere inches from her face. As if on cue, her stomach growls loudly and Kai quickly wraps her hands over her tummy, face flushed tomato red. If only she had some money on her, maybe she could buy-


Kai lets out a loud yelp at the sudden voice and turns to her left, a blond kid wearing a black jacket with slight green peeking out from under it entering her sight. She stares at him intently, a voice nagging at the back of her mind telling her-

Telling her something-

He seems flustered at her intense gaze and ends up looking down, twiddling his thumbs nervously. “Well, I saw you - I mean, I wanted to help you-? Ah, that sounds wrong-! I-it’s just–!” He grabs something from his pocket -money, she sees the green notes and coins in his hand- and points at the same pastry she had been ogling at. “I could, I could help you buy that!” He all but screams, “I know I just met you and, and stuff but my Mom says I should always help whenever I can, so-”

Then, she realizes-

“You’re,” her voice is low and quiet as she takes a few steps back, away from him- “You’re Lord Garmadon’s son.”

Bright green eyes snap to stare at her, wide and disheartened. His lip quivers and slowly he lowers the hand holding the money.

And Kai quickly turns away from him and bolts, running as fast as her short legs can take her, not once looking back at the blond staring forlornly at her disappearing back.

Another attempt at befriending someone failed, he sighs. Lloyd wonders if he should just stop trying altogether…

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Roy Lichtenstein, born today in 1923, drew on commercial printing techniques & comic strips for inspiration. The dots used in many of his works are called “Benday dots,” named for their inventor, printer Benjamin Day. 

[Roy Lichtenstein. Temple. 1964]

Why do I always get that white dotted line in my shots?

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