dots on nails

Although not technically an autumn themed blog, @teacoffeebooks​ is one of my favorite blogs and almost always gives me an autumn vibe. Day 25 of the September journaling challenge by @journaling-junkie

  • Pen: Sailor Pro Gear Slim, Extra Fine (cursive) and Tombow Dual Brush Pens (lettering)
  • Ink: Diamine Ancient Copper
  • Writing Music News Show: The Young Turks

Submission: These bunnies came from two different nests and unfortunately all needed to come into rehab. The first nest was discovered next to someone’s house. She, properly, left it alone at first but sadly when she went to check on them found a dead baby and some very emaciated siblings. The second nest was found by a golden retriever puppy. As there were some injuries involved in the finding, they also came in. All four babies are now doing well and will hopefully be released in a couple weeks. (The person feeding them is a licensed wildlife rehabilitator. The colored dots are nail polish, used to differentiate the babies while they’re in care.) Enjoy that nose wiggle!

The cutest nose wiggle! It’s really cool to see how they’re taken care of when they’re in the hands of the rehabber, and near to learn about the nail polish dots for ID!