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DOTr: Measures in place to ensure safe, convenient travel on holiday

AIRPORT officials have prepared measures to accommodate an expected increase in the volume of passengers this Christmas season, the Transportation department said. “The system has helped improve the on-time performance (OTP) of airlines, effectively reducing incidents of flight delays. At the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA), the OTP of airlines improved from 47% to 71% since the new administration took over,” the statement read.

THE Duterte administration has laid down measures to ensure safety and convenience of passengers nationwide in anticipation of the holiday rush, the Department of Transportation (DOTr) said Friday

Well in my conceit it is such a relief for all the passengers out there, who wishes to be with their families in the meantime before Christmas evening. A slot management system is being enforced to make sure airlines depart as scheduled, the department said. DoTr added that the measure will also improve traffic flow from NAIA. And with the help of it flight delays will be lessen or be avoided as much as possible during this season, with that the passengers would be arrived early on their destination

The Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) coordinated with the Villamor Airbase to allow passengers to pass through and decongest traffic especially along Andrews Avenue, with it wouldn’t be a burden enough for the passengers. It is a brilliant idea cause based on what I’ve read the passengers will be accommodated, Night landing capabilities will enable airports to accommodate flights after sunset.

MIAA would deploy an additional 97 security personnel at the NAIA to improve security measures in the area. The Philippine National Police is also ready to augment the airport’s security force should it become necessary. – RSCC. It’s a good thing of course cause with that the passengers would be secured and any malicious intentions or crimes during this time might be avoided and with that there will be a peaceful transportation for the people. The passengers got nothing to worry about it but still they need to secure their things.

I’m glad that they come up with this type of solution and I’m looking on forward for the possible effects in this system they decided.

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