Back to working on DOTM, I’m really working on getting this first episode done and ready for print. I’m aiming for late March in hopes that I’m approved to have a table at Wondercon this year ^_^

We shall see, but I’m really excited because my recent breakthrough with Episode 1 and I finally made decisions with how the world will work and how the main character acts in the face of the pilot and season 1 (as compared to previous versions I was never satisfied with).

Often, when a story is sitting with you for a while, things get stale and also you get used to things, and it’s hard to see them another way. I had to get over it and finally I did for the better ^_^

Next stages are: comb back over the pilot,  add more dialogue and action flush outs where needed and decide where to put art that I haven’t already done some ^_^

Really excited to bring DOTM to the public!

Soon my friends…soon.
Made some good progress today on Destiny of the Marked (with a sore wrist/ hand btw). Here’s a panel colored from today. E and the rest of the cast are getting kinda restless and are ready to really get this story going, and so am I. Hopefully it won’t be too much longer until i’ll be officially releasing pages every week or two weeks (haven’t decided yet).

let’s hope I can get this comic rolling before the characters start bursting into song…can you do a musical issue in graphic novels? That would be epic.


Keb’s finished higher render concept and the original line art. I’m pretty happy how he turned out and so is my friend, who is a total “Team Keb” girl.
I’m more of a painter then a traditional line art clean style most comic book artists tend to be, so I had more fun doing that final stage then “attempting” to get those clean lines.

You can only get better at that though right?