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The Dothraki and Wildings are the same. None is better than the other! stop.

Yes, but only one of these two groups is constantly referred to as savages and that’s was my problem.

But frankly, the Dothroki is more civilized than the freefolks. They don’t practice bestiality, cannibalism and are far better fighters.

They are more spiritual and have many rules. I really like the the no weapons and bloodshed in Vaes Dothroki law.

If they didn’t plunder cities, rape, practices slavery, I’d be all for them because their culture is so rich.

Dothraki and Valyrian Dialogue, Episode 604 of Game of Thrones

Well! There was quite a bit of dialogue this episode. I translated and recorded 87 lines. That was by far the most I’ve ever done for an episode of any TV show before this new one I’m working on.

So listen. My Final Draft document is 29 pages long. It’s enormous. I don’t have the time or the patience to go through and edit everything out. So this is literally just a copy/paste job. There’s lines in here that were cut; there’s lines in here that were modified. Whatever. It’s all here. So, best of luck, and, uh…enjoy!




You bring any girls home from Saath?

Yer fich jinnaan loy nayati Saathoon?

yer FICH jin-na-AN loy NA-ya-ti sa-a-tho-ON?

You bring to-here any girls from-Saath?



Mm, a little beauty with red hair.

Mm, zheanish norethqoyi.

MM, zhe-a-NISH NO-reth-qo-yi.

Mm, little-beauty of-red-hair.



What if you have a son with red hair?

Ma hash rizh yeri norethqoyik?

ma HASH RIZH ye-ri no-reth-qo-YIK?

And if son your (is) redhead?



I’ll throw him in the river.

Anha vovvethak mae ashefasaan.

AN-ha vov-ve-THAK ma-e a-she-fa-sa-AN.

I will-throw him in-the-river.



My friends… We wandered off from the Western Market and got lost. Could you show us the way back?

Zhey okeosi anni… Kisha nemo silish Jereseroon Jima majin leisosh. Hash shafka laz idrie kisha rekkaan akka?

ZHEY O-ke-o-si an-ni… KI-sha ne-mo si-LISH je-re-se-ro-ON JI-ma ma-jin le-i-SOSH. HASH shaf-ka laz I-dri-e ki-sha rek-ka-AN AK-ka?

O friends my… We ourselves followed from-Market Western and got-lost. Is-it you can guide us to-there again?



What do you sell?

Fin yer vijereri?

FIN yer VI-je-re-ri?

What you sell?



Wine. Come down to my stall tomorrow, I’ll give a cask of the Arbor’s finest.

Sewafikh. Jadi vaesaan anni asshekh, anha vazhak shafkea khogare  avezhvenanaza Halahisiroon.

se-wa-FIKH. JA-di va-e-sa-AN an-ni ash-SHEKH, an-ha va-ZHAK shaf-ke-a KHO-ga-re A-vezh-ve-na-na-za ha-la-hi-si-ro-ON.

Wine. Come to-stall my tomorrow, I will-give to-you cask finest from-the-Arbor.



You’re not merchants. (to Iggo) Get the others.

Yeri vos jeraki. (to Iggo) Hales eshnakis.

YE-ri VOS JE-ra-ki. (to Iggo) ha-LES esh-na-KIS.

You-all (are) not merchants. (to Iggo) Get (the) others.



Help! Help!

Rhelas! Rhelas!

rhe-LAS! rhe-LAS!

Help! Help!




Some of them don’t think Dothraki should breed with foreigners. They don’t think the blood should be diluted.

Loy mori vo dirgi me-Dothraki jif vigoveri ifakis. Mori vo dirgi meqoy jifim ayyoza.

LOY mo-ri VO DIR-gi me-DOTH-ra-ki jif VI-go-ve-ri i-fa-KIS. MO-ri vo DIR-gi me-QOY ji-fim AY-yo-za.

Some of-them don’t think that-Dothraki should breed-with foreigners. They don’t think that-blood should-be diluted.



They are stupid old women. They don’t realize that we have always diluted our blood. We conquer a people, we take the best women, they bear us children. That’s how we stay strong.

Mori vikeesisi toki. Mori vo tihoo mekisha ray ayyoz qoy kishoon ayyeyoon. Kisha assilaki yanqosores, kisha qoraki chiories adavranazi, mori ayyoe yal kishaan. Kijinosi kisha zin hajaki.

MO-ri VI-ke-e-si-si TO-ki. MO-ri VO TI-ho-o me-KI-sha ray ay-YOZ QOY ki-sho-ON ay-ye-yo-ON. KI-sha AS-si-la-ki yan-qo-so-RES, KI-sha QO-ra-ki chi-o-ri-ES A-dav-ra-na-zi, MO-ri AY-yo-e YAL ki-sha-AN. KI-ji-no-si KI-sha ZIN HA-ja-ki.

They (are) nags stupid. They don’t realize that-we have diluted blood our from-forever. We conquer people, we claim women best, they bear children to-us. By-this we remain strong.



This one is Lhazareen. Her Khal found her hiding in a well after he burned her village. How old were you?

Jinak Lazari. Khal mae ez mae aresaya she dirke irge memé avvirsa vaesish mae nakhaan. Fini thirisir yeri arrek?

ji-NAK LA-za-ri. KHAL ma-e EZ ma-e A-re-sa-ya she DIR-ke ir-ge me-ME AV-vir-sa va-e-SISH ma-e na-kha-AN. FI-ni thi-ri-SIR ye-ri ar-REK?

This-one Lhazareen. Khal her found her hiding in well after that-he burned village her to-the-ground. What (was) age your then?









A year later, she bore her Khal a daughter. He must have been so happy. How did he show his happiness?

Irge firesofi, me ayyo khalaan mae ohar. Me’th allayaf mae sekosshi. Kifinosi me qach athlayafar mae?

IR-ge FI-re-so-fi, me AY-yo kha-la-AN ma-e o-HAR. METH al-la-YAF ma-e se-KOSH-shi. KI-fi-no-si me qach ath-la-ya-FAR ma-e?

After (a) year, she bore khal her (a) daughter. It-must have-pleased him indeed. How he displayed happiness his?



He broke my ribs.

Me assamve serje.

me as-SAM-ve SER-je.

He broke ribs (of me).



We are not queens, here. We do not conquer cities or ride dragons. But do not despair. The khals depend on us for our wisdom. Our lives have meaning. And we have each other.

Kisha vos khaleesisi jinne. Kisha vos ch’assiloki vaes che dothroki zhavors. Vosma vo khezhos. Khali jadi kishaan haji athvillaroon. Atthirar kishi annevae shorhae. Ma kisha ma kishoon akka.

KI-sha VOS KHA-le-e-si-si jin-ne. KI-sha VOS CHAS-si-lo-ki va-ES che DO-thro-ki zha-VORS. vos-ma VO khe-ZHOS. KHA-li JA-di ki-sha-AN ha-ji ath-vil-la-ro-ON. ath-thi-RAR ki-shi AN-ne-va-e SHO-rha-e. ma KI-sha ma ki-sho-ON AK-ka.

We not queens here. We not or-conquer cities or ride dragons. But don’t despair. Khals come to-us for wisdom. Lives our leave footprints. (Expression) And we (are) with ourselves also.



That is more than most have.

Hazi ale khadosoon.

HA-zi A-le kha-do-so-ON.

That (is) more than-the-bulk (of people).



When the Khals meet for the Khalar Vezhven, I hope they let you live out your days with us. The other possibilities are not so pleasant.

Kash Khali jadoe haji Khalaroon Vezhvena, kash anha zalak memori azhi yeraan thirat asshekhis yeri nakhaan ma kishoon. Eshna osi vo laini vosso.

kash KHA-li JA-do-e ha-ji kha-la-ro-ON VEZH-ve-na, KASH an-ha za-LAK me-MO-ri A-zhi ye-ra-AN thi-RAT ash-she-KHIS ye-ri na-kha-AN ma ki-sho-ON. ESH-na O-si VO LA-i-ni VOS-so.

When Khals meet for Khalar Vezhven, then I hope that-they give to-you to-live days your to-the-end with us. Other possibilities not nice very.



And the Khalar Vezhven is tomorrow night? (off the Priestess’ nod) I need to make water.

Ma Khalar Vezhven silokh sh’ajjalan? (off the Priestess’ nod) Anha zigerek athnavaroon.

ma kha-LAR vezh-VEN si-LOKH shaj-ja-LAN? (off the Priestess’s nod) AN-ha zi-ge-REK ath-na-va-ro-ON.

And Khalar Vezhven (is) tomorrow at-night? (off the Priestess’ nod) I need to-make-water.



You can’t run from Dothraki. You know this.

Yer laz vo choqi Dothrakoa vosecchi. Yer nesi jin.

YER laz VO CHO-qe DO-thra-ko-a vo-SECH-chi. yer NE-si jin.

You can not flee from-Dothraki never. You know this.



I will never run from Dothraki.

Anha vos ochoqak Dothrakoa vosecchi.

AN-ha VOS o-cho-QAK DO-thra-ko-a vo-SECH-chi.

I not will-flee from-Dothraki never.



Go, show her.

Es, idris mae.

ES, i-DRIS ma-e.

Go, show her.




I needed fresh air.

Anha zigere yash chosha.

AN-ha ZI-ge-re YASH CHO-sha.

I needed air fresh.



The old women stink.

Yesisi vachrari.

YES-si-si VACH-ra-ri.

(The) old-women stink.



They do stink.

Mori vachrari sekosshi.

MO-ri VACH-ra-ri se-KOSH-shi.

They stink do.



You must have been very young when your Khal died.

Mori’th samvenosh kash Khal yeri drivo, jin firesof yeri.

MO-ri’th sam-ve-NOSH kash KHAL ye-ri DRI-vo, jin fi-re-SOF ye-ri.

They-must not-have-been-many when khal your died, those years your.









Too bad he didn’t die sooner.

Me ohazha memé vo drivo k’athaqisinari.

me O-ha-zha me-ME VO DRI-vo KA-tha-ke-si-na-ri.

It is-too-bad that-he not died sooner.



Yes, too bad.

Sek, me ohazha.

SEK, me O-ha-zha.

Yes, it is-too-bad.



Is it true you have three dragons?

Hash me jila, jin sen zhavorsi mra qora?

HASH ME JI-la, jin SEN zha-VOR-si mra qo-ra?

Is it true, this three dragons (you’re) having?



And they breathe fire?

Ma mori leshita ki vorsasi?

ma mo-ri LE-shi-ta ki VOR-sa-si?

And they breathe by fire?



They do. Would you like to see them one day?

Mori ti kijinosi sekosshi. Hash me vallayafa yera tihat mora hezhahhe?

MO-ri TI ki-ji-no-si se-KOSH-shi. HASH me VAL-la-ya-fa ye-ra ti-HAT mo-ra he-ZHAH-he?

They do like-that indeed. Would it please you to-see them one-day?



I am Dosh Khaleen. I can never leave Vaes Dothrak, unless I rise as smoke from the pyre on the day I die.

Anha Dosh Khaleen. Anha laz vos odinak Vaesoon Dothrak vosecchi, vosm’anha ayothak vorsqoyoon ven fih kash anha adrivok.

AN-ha DOSH kha-le-EN. AN-ha laz VOS o-di-NAK va-e-so-ON do-THRAK vo-SECH-chi, vos-MAN-ha a-yo-THAK vors-qo-yo-ON ven FIH kash AN-ha a-dri-VOK.

I (am) Dosh Khaleen. I can not leave from-Vaes Dothrak never, unless-I will-rise from-funeral-pyre as smoke when I will-die.



And you… Have faith in me, khaleesi. Do not betray me.

Ma yer… Qothas k’anni, zhey khaleesi. Vos yer nem holos anhoon.

ma YER… qo-THAS KAN-ni, zhey KHA-le-e-si. VOS yer nem ho-LOS an-ho-ON.

And you… Have-faith by-me, O khaleesi. Not you be blown from-me. (Expression)




They shouldn’t have even been allowed to walk our streets. It’s an insult.

Tha yenka onya mazmedha rual fendha yelwa khil. Sa ánghowa.

THA yen-ka ON-ya maz-ME-dha ru-AL FEN-dha yel-wa KHIL. sa AN-gho-wa.

Not they-should have been allowed to-walk our streets. It-is (an) insult.



I’d gladly have slit their throats before they made it through our gates, but let’s hear [why they’re here first].

Krenyikhé unyishishk nyetodha poj irosh nyeshka majij ya yelwa rim, i riwij [shkurja li kijil yelkhé].

kren-yi-KHE un-yi-SHISHK nye-TO-dha poj I-rosh nyesh-ka ma-JIJ ya YEL-wa RIM, i ri-WIJ [SHKUR-ja li KI-jil yel-KHE].

Glady I-would-have slit their throats before they-came through our gates, but let’s-hear [why they-are here first].



My friends! To apologize for you to wait!

Nya roqirossa! Usovegon jemo syt jumbagon!

NI-a ro-ki-ROS-sa! u-SO-ve-gon JE-mo-sit JUM-ba-gon!

My friens! To-apologize for-you to-wait!



And you, Torgo Nudho? You want to drink wine with these men? The men who tore us from our mothers’ arms and sold us at auction, like cattle?

She a, Thorgha Nudha? Ev shka moz avrelya fej wal thosh? Pa wal yel wazghesh shing pa nesh esh yelwa mish she yel lerch ej rovnya sha nofel?

she A, THOR-gha NU-dha? EV shka MOZ av-REL-ya FEJ WAL thosh? pa WAL yel waz-GHESH shing pa NESH esh YEL-wa MISH she yel LERCH ej ROV-nya sha NO-fel?

And you, Grey Worm? You-want that you-drink wine these men with? The men us tore from the arms of our mothers and us sold at-the auction like cattle?



I am a soldier, not a politician. But if there is a chance for peace – a just peace – we should take it.

Nyk skan minty, do jovenne. Y lu honesk ji kelnisto eji lysk – me dreji lysk – inki zer jéragho.

NIK skan MIN-ti, DO jo-VEN-ne. i lu HO-nesk ji kel-NIS-to e-ji LISK – me DRE-ji LISK – IN-ki zer JE-ra-gho.

I am soldier, not politician. But if there’s the chance of-the peace – a true peace – we-should it take.



Missandei, you know what these men are. How can you trust them?

Mishanje, khim shkul she fej wal. Shkokhé koth pong paza?

mi-SHAN-je, KHIM shkul she FEJ WAL. shko-KHE koth pong PA-za?

Missandei, you-know what are these men. How can-you them trust?



I do not trust them. I will never trust them. But as a wise man once said, “We make peace with our enemies, not our friends.”

Do pon pazan. Dori pon pazozlivan. Y he sylvie vala mere ivetredas, “Verdi ji lysk ilvi qrinuntys zy, do ilvi rageros zy.”

DO pon PA-zan. DO-ri pon pa-zoz-LI-van. i he SIL-vi-e VA-la me-re i-ve-TRE-das, “VER-di ji LISK il-vi kri-NUN-tis-zi, DO il-vi ra-GE-ros-zi.

Not them I-trust. Never them I-will-trust. But as wise man once said, “We-make the peace our enemies for, not our friend for.”




Your horses trampled my man Iggo. He was better at healing horses than any man in my khalasar.

Hrazef shafki nokittish mahrazhes anni zhey Iggo. Me akkoal hrazef k’athadavranazi ei mahrazhoa khalasari anni.

hra-ZEF shaf-ki no-kit-TISH mah-ra-ZHES an-ni zhey IG-go. me ak-ko-AL hra-ZEF K’A-tha-dav-ra-na-zi E-i MAH-ra-zho-a KHA-la-sa-ri an-ni.

Horses your trampled man my named Iggo. He healed horses better every than-man of-khalasar my.



They also trampled my man Akho. Even worse, I lost two mares and a stallion. What’s worth more: two mares and a stallion, or two men dumb enough to get trampled by horses? Fuck them both. You should thank my horses.

Mori nokittish akka mahrazhes anni zhey Akho. K’athodavranari, anha aran m’akat lamees ma vezhes. Fini adavrana: che m’akat lamesi ma vezh che akat mahrazhi ven toki ven mori nem nokittish ki hrazefi? Hiles mora nakhaan. Shafka jif hoeri hrazef anni.

MO-ri no-kit-TISH AK-ka mah-ra-ZHES an-ni zhey A-kho. KA-tho-dav-ra-na-ri, an-ha a-RAN ma-KAT la-me-ES ma ve-ZHES. FI-ni A-dav-ra-na: che ma-KAT LA-me-si ma VEZH che a-KAT MAH-ra-zhi ven TO-ki ven MO-ri nem no-kit-TISH ki HRA-ze-fi? hi-LES mo-ra na-kha-AN. SHAF-ka jif HO-e-ri hra-ZEF an-ni.

They trampled also man my named Akho. By-worseness, I lost and-two mares and stallion. What is-more-valuable: or and-two mares and stallion or two men as stupid as they were trampled by horses? Fuck them to-the-ground. You should praise horses my.



It is forbidden to spill blood in the sacred city.

Me izvena, jin athaqqiyazar she vaesof.

me IZ-ve-na, jin a-thaq-qe-ya-ZAR she va-e-SOF.

It is-forbidden, this spilling-blood in sacred-city.



It is forbidden to carry weapons in the sacred city.

Me izvena, jin athkessezar az she vaesof.

me IZ-ve-na jin ath-kes-se-ZAR AZ she va-e-SOF.

It is-forbidden, this carrying weapons in sacred-city.



So we don’t spill blood!

Majin kisha vos addrekoki qoy moon!

ma-JIN KI-sha VOS AD-dre-ko-ki QOY mo-ON!

So we don’t spill blood from-him!



Well… There’s always a little blood.

Hazaan… Loyi qoyi avekha ayyey.

ha-za-AN… LO-yi qo-yi A-ve-kha ay-YEY.

Well… Some blood there-will-be always.



Someone crushed his head with a rock–

Ato kaffe nharees moon ki negwini–

A-to KAF-fe nha-re-ES mo-on ki NE-gwi-ni–

Someone crushed head from-him by rock–



Aggo was not killed with a blade.

Aggo nem vos addrivo k’azi vosecchi.

AG-go nem VOS AD-dri-vo KA-zi vo-SECH-chi.

Aggo was not killed by-blade never.



But his blood was spilled.

Vosma qoy moon nem addrek.

VOS-ma QOY mo-ON nem ad-DREK.

But blood from-him was spilled.



There is always some blood.

Loyi qoyi avekha ayyey.

LO-yi qo-yi A-ve-kha ay-YEY.

Some blood there-will-be always.



Not when you strangle them.

Vos hash me avarraggera mae.

VOS hash me A-var-rag-ge-ra ma-e.

Not if one will-strangle them.



Or break their neck.

Che hash me vassamva lent.

CHE hash me vas-SAM-va LENT.

Or if one will-break neck.



Or roll them in a rug and trample them with a horse. The law states that–

Che hash me vacchorka mae ki janeti majin me anokitta mae ki hrazefi. Me nem nesa k’assokhosori me–

CHE hash me vach-CHOR-ka ma-e ki JA-ne-ti ma-JIN me a-no-KIT-ta ma-e ki HRA-ze-fi. me nem NE-sa KAS-so-kho-so-ri me–

Or if one will-roll them by rug and-then one will-trample them by horse. It is known by-law that–



Aggo belonged to my khalasar. He served me well. He got his head smashed in by a rock. Fuck Aggo.

Aggo dothra ma khalasaroon anni. Me sili anna chek. Nhare moon nem kaf ki negwini. Hiles Aggoes.

AG-go DO-thra ma kha-la-sa-ro-ON an-ni. me SI-li an-na CHEK. NHA-re mo-ON nem KAF ki NE-gwi-ni. hi-LES ag-go-ES.

Aggo rode with khalasar my. He served me well. Head from-him got smashed by rock. Fuck Aggo.



Bring in Drogo’s widow.

Fichi khaleenies Drogosi.

FI-chi kha-le-e-ni-ES DRO-go-si.

Bring widow of-drogo.



Who cares about her? She’s a midget.

Fin nem olda ki mae? Me lentashi.

FIN nem ol-da ki ma-e? me LEN-ta-shi.

Who is concerned by her? She (is) midget.



I like her.

Me allayafa anna.

me AL-la-ya-fa an-na.

She pleases me.



She’s paler than milk.

Me azasqana lamekhoon.

me A-zas-qa-na la-me-kho-ON.

She is-paler than-milk.



I bet she gets nice and pink when you pinch her.

Anha azhik memé vafazhoe rivaan kash me nem athacha.

AN-ha a-ZHIK me-ME VA-fa-zho-e ri-va-AN kash me nem A-tha-cha.

I bet that-she pinkens to-the-tips when she is pinched.



I’d like to know what a Khaleesi tastes like.

Anha zalak nesat ven fini ven athyazhar khaleesisi.

AN-ha za-LAK ne-SAT ven FI-ni ven ath-ya-ZHAR KHA-le-e-si-si.

I want to-know like what that (is) taste of-khaleesi.



Good. You can suck my dick.

Athdavrazar. Shafka laz addiwee khirrof anni.

ath-dav-ra-ZAR. SHAF-ka laz AD-di-we-e khir-ROF an-ni.

Good. You can moisten dangler my.



She belongs with the Dosh Khaleen.

Me jif dothrae Doshi Khaleen.

ME jif DO-thra-e DO-shi kha-le-EN.

She should ride with-Dosh Khaleen.



The Wise Masters of Yunkai want her. They’re offering ten thousand horses in exchange. What’s worth more: one pink little girl or ten thousand horses?

Aiske Silve Yunkayoon zali mae. Mori vazhi ha thi dalen hrazefaan ha maan. Fini adavrana: ch’at nayati hannaven che thi dalen hrazef?

AIS-ke SIL-ve yun-ka-yo-ON ZA-li ma-e. MO-ri VA-zhi ha THI da-LEN hra-ze-fa-AN ha ma-AN. FI-ni A-dav-ra-na: CHAT NA-ya-ti han-na-VEN che THI da-LEN hra-ZEF?

Masters Wise from-Yunkai want her. They will-give for ten thousand horses for her. What is-worth-more: or-one little-girl pink or ten thousand horses?



Fuck the Wise Masters in their perfumed asses. Tell me where their horses are and I’ll take them for myself. She should stay here. It’s our tradition. She belongs with the Dosh Khaleen.

Hiles Aiske Silve vi choyokh dave. Asti anhaan rekke hrazef mori majin anha aqorak mora h’anhaan zhorre. Me jif vikovarera jinne. Me oskimikh kishi. Me zigeree Doshoon Khaleen.

hi-LES AIS-ke SIL-ve vi cho-YOKH DA-ve. AS-ti an-ha-AN REK-ke hra-ZEF mo-ri main an-ha a-qo-RAK mo-ra han-ha-AN ZHOR-re. ME jif VI-ko-va-re-ra JIN-ne. me os-ki-MIKH ki-shi. me ZI-ge-re-e do-sho-ON kha-le-EN.

Fuck Masters Wise between asscheeks perfumed. Tell to-me where (are) horses their and I will-claim them to-me specifically. She should stay here. It (is) tradition our. She belongs-with Dosh Khaleen.



Don’t you want to know what I think?

Hash yeri vo zali nesat rek dirgak anha?

HASH ye-ri vo za-li ne-SAT REK dir-GAK AN-ha?

Do you not want to-know what think I?



You’d rather be sold into slavery? Or maybe you’d like to show Rhalko here what you taste like?

Yer zali meyer nem vazhi ven zafra? Che ishish me vallayafa yera attihat zhey Rhalkoes athyazharoon yeri?

YER ZA-li me-yer nem VA-zhi ven ZAF-ra? che i-SHISH me VAL-la-ya-fa ye-ra at-ti-HAT zhey rhal-ko-ES ath-ya-zha-ro-ON ye-ri?

You want that-you will-be given for slave? Or maybe it will-please you to-show this Rhalko flavor your?



No, I don’t want either of those things.

Vos, anha vo zalok vos at rek osoon.

VOS, an-ha VO za-LOK VOS AT rek o-so-ON.

No, I don’t want not one from-those options.



We don’t care what you want. This is the Temple of the Dosh Khaleen. You have no voice here, unless you are Dosh Khaleen. Which you are not, until we decide you are.

Me vos oldo kisha, jin athzalar yeri. Jini vaesof Doshi Khaleen. Vos fothakhi vekho ha yeraan jinne, vosma yer Dosh Khaleen–ma yer vos, vosma kisha vokkeraki mae.

me VOS OL-do ki-sha, jin ath-za-LAR ye-ri. JI-ni va-e-SOF DO-shi kha-le-EN. VOS FO-tha-khi vekho ha ye-ra-AN jin-ne, vosma yer DOSH kha-le-EN–ma yer VOS, vos-ma KI-sha VOK-ke-ra-ki ma-e.

It doesn’t matter to-us, these desires of-yours. This (is) temple of-Dosh Khaleen. No voice exists for you here, unless you (are) Dosh Khaleen–and you (are) not, until we decide it.



I know where I am. I have been here before. Right there, on that spot, I ate a stallion’s heart. And the Dosh Khaleen pronounced my child the Stallion Who Mounts the World.

Anha nesak rekke anha kovarak. Anha ray dothra jinne hatif ajjin. Hazze, she haz sorfo, anha adakh zhores vezhoon. Ma Dosh Khaleen hake yal anni Vezh Fin Saja Rhaesheseres.

AN-ha ne-SAK REK-ke an-ha ko-va-RAK. AN-ha ray DO-thra JIN-ne ha-TIF aj-JIN. HAZ-ze, she HAZ SOR-fo, an-ha a-DAKH zho-RES ve-zho-ON. ma DOSH kha-le-EN HA-ke YAL an-ni VEZH fin SA-ja rha-e-she-se-RES.

I know where I stand. I have ridden here before now. There, on that spot, I ate heart from-a-stallion. And Dosh Khaleen named child my Stallion Who Mounts (the) World.



And what happened? You trusted a sorceress, like a fool. Your baby is dead because of you. And so is Khal Drogo.

Ma fini meliso? Yer shille maege, ven tokik. Enta yeri driva haji yeroon. Majin Khal Drogo akka.

ma FI-ni ME-li-so? yer SHIL-le MA-e-ge, ven to-KIK. EN-ta ye-ri DRI-va ha-ji ye-ro-ON. ma-JIN KHAL DRO-go AK-ka.

And what happened? You trusted sorceress, like fool. Baby your is-dead because-of you. And-so Khal Drogo also.



This is where Drogo promised to take his khalasar west to where the world ends. To ride wooden horses across the black salt sea as no khal has done before.

Jinne zhey Drogo ast asqoy vidrie khalasares mae jim, finnaan nakhoe rhaesheser. Dothralat hrazef ido yomme Havazzhifi Kazga ven et vo khal avvos.

JIN-ne zhey DRO-go AST as-QOY VI-dri-e kha-la-sa-RES ma-e JIM, fin-na-AN NA-kho-e rha-e-she-SER. do-thra-LAT hra-ZEF I-do YOM-me HA-vazh-zhi-fi KAZ-ga ven et VO khal av-VOS.

Here blessed Drogo spoke (a) promise to guide khalasar his west, to-where ends (the) world. To-ride horse wooden across Salt-sea Black like has-done no khal never.



He promised to kill the men in their iron suits and tear down their stone houses. He swore it to me. Before the Mother of Mountains, as the stars looked down in witness.

Me ast asqoy addrivat mahrazhis fini ondee khogar shiqethi ma ohharat okrenegwin mori. Me ast asqoy anhaan. Hatif Maisi Krazaaji, kash shieraki vitihir asavvasoon.

me AST as-QOY ad-dri-VAT mah-ra-ZHIS fi-ni ON-de-e kho-GAR SHI-qe-thi ma oh-ha-RAT o-kre-ne-GWIN mo-ri. me AST as-QOY an-ha-AN. ha-TIF MA-i-si KRA-za-a-ji, kash SHI-e-ra-ki vi-ti-HIR a-sav-va-so-ON.

He spoke (a) promise to-kill men who wear suits iron and tear-down stone-tents their. He spoke (this) promise to-me. Before Mother of-Mountains, while (the) stars watched from-the-heavens.



And you were dumb enough to believe him.

Ma yer ven toki ven yer shillo mae.

ma YER ven TO-ki ven yer SHIL-lo ma-e.

And you as dumb-were that you believed him.



And here, now, what great matters do the Great Khals discuss? Which little villages you’ll raid, how many girls you’ll get to fuck, how many horses you’ll demand in tribute.

Ma jinne, ajjin, fin vaese zhokwa jerie Khali Vezhveni? Fin vaesish vemrasoe yeri, finsanney nayat vil ahilee yeri, finsanney hrazef aqaffi yeri k’azhi.

ma JIN-ne, aj-JIN, FIN VA-e-se ZHO-kwa JE-ri-e KHA-li VEZH-ve-ni? FIN va-e-SISH VEM-ra-so-e ye-ri, fin-san-NEY na-YAT vil A-hi-le-e ye-ri, fin-san-NEY hra-ZEF A-qaf-fi ye-ri KA-zhi.

And here, now, what matters great discuss (the) Khals Great? What little-villages will-raid you, how-many girls will-manage-to fuck you, how-many horses will-demand you by-tribute.



You are small men. Under you, the Dothraki will be a small people. None of you is fit to lead them.

Yeri mahrazhi zhikwi. Torga yeri, Dothraki yanqosoraan zhikwi. Vos at yeroa venoe idrilat mora vosecchi.

YE-ri MAH-ra-zhi ZHIK-wi. TOR-ga ye-ri DO-thra-ki yan-qo-so-ra-AN ZHIK-wi. VOS AT ye-ro-a VE-no-e i-dri-LAT mo-ra vo-SECH-chi.

You-all (are) men small. Under you-all, Dothraki will-be-a-people small. Not one from-you is-suitable to-lead them never.



But I am. So I will.

Vosma anha venok. Majin anha vidrik.

vos-ma AN-ha ve-NOK. ma-jin AN-ha vi-DRIK.

But I am-suitable. So I will lead.



All right. No Dosh Khaleen for you. Your choice. Instead, we’ll take turns fucking you. And then we’ll let our bloodriders fuck you.

Athgoshar. Vos Dosh Khaleen ha yeraan. Athvokkerar yeri. Ha rekaan, ha jinaan, kisha ahileki yera k’athmajizari. Majin kisha vazhaki dothrakhqoyoon kishi hilelat yera.

ath-go-SHAR. VOS DOSH kha-le-EN ha ye-ra-AN. ath-vok-ke-RAR ye-ri. ha re-ka-AN, ha ji-na-AN, KI-sha A-hi-le-ki ye-ra KATH-ma-ji-za-ri. ma-JIN KI-sha VA-zha-ki do-thrakh-qo-yo-ON ki-shi hi-le-LAT ye-ra.

All-right. No Dosh Khaleen for you. Decision your. Instead of-that, then this, we will-fuck you by-turns. And then we will-allow bloodriders our to-fuck you.



And if there’s anything left of you, we’ll give our horses a turn. Have you ever seen what a horse does to a woman? This is a thing you should see before you die. And you will. Right before you die.

Majin hash zhille athzinari yeri vekha, hash kisha vazhaki ekh hrazefaan kishi. Hash yer ray tih kifinosi hilee hrazef chiories? Jini vekhikh fin eth tihi yer hatif yer drivoe. Ma yer atihi mae. Hatif yer drivoe zhorre.

ma-JIN HASH ZHIL-e ATH-zi-na-ri ye-ri VE-kha, hash KI-sha VA-zha-ki EKH hra-ze-fa-AN ki-shi. HASH yer ray tih KI-fi-no-si HI-le-e hra-ZEF chi-o-ri-ES? JI-ni ve-KHIKH fin eth TI-hi yer ha-TIF yer DRI-vo-e. ma yer A-ti-hi ma-e. ha-TIF yer DRI-vo-e ZHOR-re.

And if any remainder of-you there-is, then we will-give turn to-horses our. Have you ever seen how fucks horse woman? This (is) thing that must see you before you die. And you will-see it. Before you die right.



You crazy cunt. Did you really think we would serve you?

Zhey gech yofi. Hash yer shillo k’athjilari mekisha asilaki yera?

zhey GECH YO-fi. HASH yer SHIL-lo KATH-ji-la-ri me-KI-sha A-si-la-ki ye-ra?

You cunt crazy. Did you believe truly that-we will-serve you?



You’re not going to serve. You’re going to die.

Yeri vos osili vosecchi. Yeri vadrivoe.

YE-ri VOS O-si-li vo-SECH-chi. YE-ri VA-dri-vo-e.

You not will-serve never. You will-die.