You know a lot of the antis or whatever say that her Dorthraki army is full of savages. Well yeah they are especially on the battle field they take pride dying in a meaningful battle even more so now that they have Khalessi who is beyond amazing. But I also think now that she is the one they kneel too. I’m pretty sure they’re changing their ways with no more raping, roving, and pillaging cities. Because their old leader would let them do whatever the fuck they wanted. Now that they have Daenerys they can all change their lives for the better. I’m not saying she’s striping them completely of their culture. It just the ones she deems savage that she’s trying to end. I guess it’s cause when it was the episode of the field of fires everyone was bitching about her and I’m like I waited seven fucking years for a scene like that. So go suck a goat! Lol!