The New Khaleesi

Request: Hello! May I please make a request where Khal Drogo threatens to kill a man who flirts with Y/N? With extra steam and possessiveness? I’d greatly appreciate it if you’d find time to do this 💞


Word count: 632

You came from Volantis. And somehow ended up on Drogo’s Khalasar. Most of the Dothraki women don’t like you, you have no idea why. After four years living with the Khalasar, you still don’t know their language very well.

Drogo used to scare the hell out of you, but now, you notice that he always look at you. Keeps staring for too long, with kind eyes. Kindness isn’t something you’d expect from him.

Now you stand close to his tent, waiting for him to talk with the Khalasar. You don’t know exactly what’s happening, but it seems that no one knows. The only words you could understand were ‘wait’ and 'important’. So you all should wait here because whatever the Khal wants to say it is important.

Someone bumps into you violently, and you mutter apologies. But the man stands before you, looking down with hungry eyes. You can’t understand what he’s saying, but you do understand the word 'fuck’, which he says very often. There’s a lot of eyes on you now, but no one comes to help. Breathing heavily, you try to pull away from him, but he grabs your arm, dragging you with him. The smile on his face scares you, and you know exactly what we’ll do.

Then a scream makes the man lose his grip, letting you fall to the ground. You raise your head to see that the scream belongs to Drogo, who came out of his huge tent. Again, you can’t understand what they’re talking about. But it’s clear that they’re arguing.

A young woman with dark skin helps you to your feet. “Are you hurt?”

“You speak the common tongue?” You sound desperate, holding her arms to keep your balance.

“Yes. The Khal bought me to teach him the common tongue.”


“(Y/N), the Khal is about to kill that man, only you can stop him!”

“What are they saying?” You observe the fight that’s about to begin.

“She will be mine and you can’t touch her, Drogo said.” The woman stands beside you, protectively. “No one touches Khaleesi.”

“Khaleesi? What is it about?” Drogo easily kills that man, ripping his head off with bare hands. “Explain to me!”

Drogo walks to up, looking down like the other man did, but his eyes are different. Kind, as always. You try to say something, but he won’t understand.

“You are fine?” He says and you stutter something between your teeth. You feel eyes on your back and points at his tent, your hand shaking.

Once you’re inside, you find a wooden chair and sit down, your heart beating fast. Drogo kneels before you, gesturing for the woman to leave.

“You killed him. Why?”

He looks at you, a little confused. “No one touch Khaleesi.”

“I’m not a Khaleesi, Drogo, I’m not even Dothraki. I came from Volantis four years ago.” You speak slowly, hoping he’d understand you.

“I do not care. Dothraki now.”

“Why are you learning the common tongue?”

“Slave teach me to talk to you.” Drogo takes your hand and leads you to the other side of his tent, showing you a golden belt. It’s thin, perfect for you. “Gift for you.”

“Thank you. Would you teach me Dothraki?”


“Now, explain to me what’s the meaning of this.”

He stares at you, trying to bring sense to your words.

“Why you killed the man? Because he was hurting me?”

“I want you Khaleesi.”

“Wha-what are trying to say?” You stutter, raising your head a little so you can look into his eyes.

“You my Khaleesi.”


“My Khaleesi now?” He interrupts you, a shine is his beautiful eyes.

You smile, impressed by his words, his kindness. “Yes.” Whispering, you slowly takes his hands on yours, finally feeling his warm skin against yours.

A/N: Sorry for any grammar mistakes, English isn’t my first language.



  • Libra - House Arryn
  • Escorpio- Guardia de la noche (Night’s Watch)
  • Sagitario - Dothraki
  • Capricornio- House Stark
  • Acuario - House Martell
  • Piscis - House Greyjoy

So, after 10 months of planning, filming, and editing, I’m finally ready to unveil my documentary short film on Constructed Languages called “Conlangs”. I hope y'all enjoy it!

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I want you (2) ~Khal Drogo

Allright, the smutty part is going to be starting soon. Be prepared my dears.

Especially you @book-boys-are-my-guilty-pleasure :D

Warnings: Smut, Long, Cute.

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He took you with him, to his tent

His hand was big compared to your smaller ones, the grip was strong and tight but not too tight. “fin hash yer elat tat tat tat anna?” What was he going to do to you? It was straight forward what you thought and it was probably what he was going to do. Drogo turned around. His dark eyes piercing into yours. He pulled you roughly closer and tore away a part of your dress. A slight growl escaping his mouth.

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I know that she spent her childhood in exile, impoverished, living on dreams and schemes, running from one city to the next, always fearful, never safe, friendless but for a brother who was by all accounts half-mad…a brother who
sold her maidenhood to the Dothraki for the promise of an army. I know that somewhere upon the grass, her dragons hatched, and so did she. I know she is proud. How not? What else was left her but pride? I know she is strong. How not? The Dothraki despise weakness. If Daenerys had been weak, she would have perished with Viserys. I know she is fierce. Astapor, Yunkai and Meereen are proof enough of that. She has survived assassins and conspiracies and fell sorceries, grieved for a brother and a husband and a son, trod the cities of the slavers to dust beneath her dainty sandalled feet. 🔥🖤

Moon of My Life

Khal Drogo

Idyll, love, devotion

Fandom: Game of Thrones

Request: “ Hi I love you writing! Can you do a Khal Drogo where the reader is the beloved khalessi of the dothraki even though she is forgein and drogo is absolutely in love with her as much as she is in love with him and they already have three children in three and half years, one son the oldest and twins, a son and daughter who are the beloved treasures of the dothraki and she has recently found out she is pregnant again and she tells him after they make love and he’s super happy and proud, please???:) ”

Word count: 558

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