haseo digivolves into haseo ⚡✨💫 #dothackgu

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Riding the Wave is Skeith, the Shadow of Death, to drown all that stands.

How do you even make fancy rp banners someone help

So! After a few days of thinking I have decided to make an rp blog for the character Skeith from .hack(mainly G.U. with some references to IMQU) .

I have literally never done an rp blog like this since I usually IM with my friends but im willing to try out!

The reason why i chose this character aswell is because he doesnt really have a very defined personality in the games (like what , a 10 minute convo in the GU games?) So i have freedom and dont really have to worry about being too ooc. This also lets me have him be pretty unique as im focusing on a more human skeith as depicted in the image!

Sorry if responses are slow! I tend to not check other acc besides my main >>.

One thing that i have to note that I will not accept any NSFW whatsoever. Ofcourse NSFW jokes are acceptable because thats basically part of his personality.

Art + human skeith design by Atrieisan