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Different anon. Just assumptions here, but wouldn't the others also not allow jungkook to talk to jimin like that if he was just being a disrespectful ass instead of there being a special dynamic that jikook has that makes it more understandable? I wouldn't think they'd allow that even if just to keep jimin from being walked all over.

Hello anon! This might be another long reply so I’m very sorry but Yes you are completely correct!! If they ever thought jk was actually being disrespectful to jimin you better believe they would stop him! Especially from the informal games they have played in the past their reactions to the maknaes speaking very informally (especially hobi and jin’s) was not good at all lol. I know the fandom likes to call jk a disrespectful brat just for fun but I don’t want some fans to actually take that seriously! Jk respects his hyungs greatly and he’s not disrespectful at all and he’s only labeled a brat because he’s the maknae and the hyungs dote on him so much. I understand what you’re saying but just for those who don’t I just want to point out that jungkook is in no way actually being disrespectful to jimin when using the informal talk! Jk gets away with using banmal with jimin only because jimin lets him use the extent of informality that he does. Korean culture can be very confusing but the laws of formal and informal changes when relationships are established between the 2 parties ( And for jimin and jk their relationship is very established if you know what I mean ( ͡º ͜ʖ ͡º)). There are also different variations or extremities of informality (jk’s favorite way of talking to jimin during Bon voyage is semi-formal but like banmal in every other sentence lol this kid!) like between friends or between lovers. Jungkook makes sure to speak formally to jimin when they’re on broadcasts and have schedules because there is that strict social hierarchy that must be adhered to publicly. BUT sometimes slip ups do occur from jk ( like “jimin-ah! Jimin-ah!” during the run episode where they were in the arcade) and the hyungs didn’t react to that at all which just solidified the fact that off camera jimin and jk are very informal and the other members know it and are used to it!

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summary: alright, so maybe everyone dotes on and teases you and yoongi for being so irresistibly adorable together around campus, but you’re just friends, you swear.


pairing: yoongi x reader

word count: 2k

genre: fluff, fluff, and oh, did i say fluff?

a/n: in case ur a dedicated sorted fan, this drabble takes place in an alternate timeline and does not, whatsoever, interfere with the universe that the series takes place in. also, i know, i love writing about the hogwarts universe animals. fight me. requested by anon, and a total blast to write!

There’s a reason that yellow and green are right next to each other on the color spectrum, and there’s a reason why, out of all the students in the school, you’ve somehow managed, over the years, to befriend a Slytherin boy by the name of Yoongi.

The problem is, you don’t know what that reason in specific happens to be.

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and in today’s episode of me doting over jacksepticeye; im so glad he like acknowledged that he unknowingly made a trans dad in dream daddy? like idk jack actually caring abt trans stuff makes me rly happy.

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Au Challenge: kind hearted pirates

“I’ve been trapped on this island for ages and the last person I expected to save me was a captain who dotes over their cat with such a gentleness, I’m not actually sure if you’re a real pirate” au

“Turns out the entire crew was saved by you and all you wanted to do was have an adventure” au

“There must have been a misunderstanding by someone at some point, but you must be pirates. You even have the flag” au

“No one can argue your authority and the dignity even while you ravage the town, but you never take more than you need, and you held my hand so tenderly when I was pushed down by your crewmates as you robbed my store for supplies you’re in desperate need of. This is the fourth time this has happened” au

Eins and Leonhardt from Royal Tutor ch. 53

So their grandma held a tea party and invite Eins. Leonhardt’s 3 elder brothers just left so only the eldest aka the most intimidating big brother can attend it. The count, Adele and Heine also joined the tea party. As for Viktor, he’s really busy so he can’t even if he want to. In this chapter, we had a glimpse of Eins soft side. He refused to smoke when he’s with his grandma and little sister. It also seems he’s worried over his grandma’s health condition and showed a gentle expression. So his grandma is his soft spot? I just find it interesting that he keeps giving his father a cold shoulder and yet he finished his job quickly so he can attend his grandma’s tea party. XD Its either he probably hates Viktor or he just find Viktor’s doting very troublesome lol. He also seems to love teasing Leonhardt’s stupidity? Yes, I call it “teasing”. Its normal with siblings but I think his younger brothers just mistook it as criticism because of his stern look? XD

theres enough connor doting on and comforting evan content,,, we’re done with that,,,, im exclusively posting either evan doting on and comforting connor or them being mutually concerned and doting towards each other and i wanna see y’all do the same 

Interesting Details about Kitaoka & Gorou

From the Zolda photobook:

-Gorou is the fifth out seven siblings. He took care of his siblings growing up. He ended up getting in a fight with his parents and ran off to Tokyo where he met Kitaoka. His star sign is Cancer.

-Kitaoka is an only child. His mother doted on him too much which caused him to get bullied all throughout his childhood. His star sign is Libra. He makes 60,000,000 yen (530,000 USD) annually.

-Gorou does in fact live with Kitaoka. (There’s only one private room showed in the map of the house [coughs]) Rather than Gorou having a salary, the two of them share their funds.

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For the s/o and nation having kids; axis and allies, please? Sorry I forgot to put that bit in.

America: Would love kid! Having a bunch of mini heroes around sound fantastic. He will bring up the topic after watching a superhero movie with s/o

England: He is terrified, everyone he has raised and taken care of left him, he couldn’t bear if it happened with his own child. 

France: Would love a baby to dote on! Would bring it up at dinner

Russia: Would love someone else to love, someone who wouldn’t be scared of him. He would be scared that he may accidentally hurt the child, so will talk to s/o carefully before bed

China: LOVES Children! Wants them, will bring it up to s/o at dinner

Canada: Wants children to teach and raise with nature. Will bring it up when walking in the woods with s/o

Italy: Loves children! Super excited to have some of his own! Will bring it up to s/o at brekfast

Germany: He is terrified. One day the child will learn about WWII, what would they think of him after that. He couldn’t bear the pain if they hated him.

Japan: He is hesitant, would hear what s/o wants before deciding what he wants

Romano: He is scared, he is a tsundere through and through, terrified that he won’t be good enough to raise a baby

Prussia: Totally wants them! He raised West and he turned out great. Super confident and will bring up topic during dinner

Austria: Surprisingly he likes the idea, someone he can teach the joys of music too. Will bring it up to s/o when he is playing the piano

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Asgore, whats your reaction to your son being back?

(Probably about as well as one would expect, considering he’s seeing his child who had been supposedly dead for centuries.) 

Of course, Asgore was not indifferent to the death of his first child. He had doted on Asriel with all the love he could give (it was hard for Toriel to get pregnant the first time) and had even set his mind to preparing the little prince to be a king someday. When Mint had fallen, Asgore was a bit shy towards them at first (he had held a sour grudge towards humans for eliminating most of his kind), but he soon grew to love Mint as his own, even if the child was…strangely different and aloof. 
So when both Mint and Asriel died on the same day, Asgore was utterly heartbroken. Even more so than Toriel, because while Toriel went off to bury the child’s body in a patch of flowers, Asgore collected Asriel’s remains and, in a fit of grief-stricken madness, charged Alphys with the task of bringing his son back to life. (Gaster was still alive at this point, but was busy with a different project.)
Asgore forever came to regret that decision. Alphys “failed” to bring the prince back to life and suffered a nervous breakdown because of it. (She would later use the same technique with a few new essentials to create the amalgamates.) And the vessel that Alphys had used to put Asriel’s essence in had disappeared, so Asgore assumed it had died. 

So, not only was Asgore feeling complete shock and overwhelmed with the buried feelings of grief, he also was hit with a heavy wave of guilt for having Alphys perform that experiment. He knew that the reason that Asriel never “died” fully was because of that. He was the reason that his…

That his son had come back.
Asriel, though he had long suffered since that fateful day, had been granted his wish by the goddesses and returned to life.
And…he was here at last.

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Ask box is open! Sweet! Would it be possible to get a headcanon of how Midnight, Uraraka and Tsuyu would handle comforting a female friend who got rejected by their crush? (I just got shot down by the cutest girl at my workplace and could hella use a pick-me-up TTwTT)

I’LL PICK YOU UP, WHERE DO YOU LIVE?! LMAO. In all seriousness, I hope this can offer you some comfort! (っ´▽`)っ -  with lots of love Mod Honey

Kayama Nemuri

  • Definitely says something like “Fuck them!” and pulls friend into a side hug, and lays their head on her bosom to comfort them 
  • She acts like a doting mother and listen to what friend has to say
  • Girls night! Takes them around down to do anything they want, but includes going to the Onsen, Bar hopping, and Shopping (She goes into treat yo’ self’ mode, or rather treat yo’ friend)
  • If they’re not into that idea, she’ll have a party just the two of them at her place. Favorite drinks, foods, warm blankets, and if they want “entertainment” (STRIPPERS)

Uraraka Ochako 

  • Very apologetic when she hears her precious friend has been rejected, she cutely fumes about and rambles on about how their friend is “Amazing” and how “It’s their loss!”
  • Goes the a cafe with friend and lets them “eat their heart out” and they talk about their future, taking their mind off of the present
  • After that, walk around the park (and eat at vendors) and end up riding in a paddle boat together
  • Listens to friend as they paddle through the water, lending them a kind ear and showers them with more compliments (they both get stuck and Uraraka has to use her quirk to get back to shore)

Asui Tsuyu

  • Immediately hugs friend and comforts them, saying positive features about her friend and kinda rocks them back in forth in the the hug
  • Sleepover! She’ll gather new and old movies/ anything she knows her friend likes and set up a movie night
  • Lots of pillows and forts, along with friends favorite comfort foods; she wraps friend into a blanket burrito and showers them with affection 
  • She listens intently and quick to offer advice and tells her friend that she’s there for them

“I have so many things to tell you–”

((the airport reunion is still making me tear up, so I went and re-drew some screenshots to deal with the feelings))


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yesung1106: What? Lets make her get along with our Melo and Kkoming  
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