beforeitwasspooky asked:

I am so excited for the misdreavus / spectre picture that will come eventually (i hope) :333

Thanks for your excitement! c: I was actually thinking of doing misdreavus/Death Prophet and haunter/Spectre but maybe I should just stick all the ghosty people in one picture…. hmmm.

nyxxis asked:

Theres also Cresselia which is the Lunar Pokemon

Yep - I’m getting to the point where there’s just no clear ‘best choice’ in my mind and I have to pick the one which will make the best/most fun image!

yakkers1717 asked:

I would love to see a crossover with Slark, lots of pokemon could go with that so I'll leave it up to youuuu, but maybe mudkip?

Oh man yes, I adore Slark’s design and character, one of my favourites in DOTA 2 for sure! I don’t have anyone picked out yet for him - I was thinking carvanha possibly but hadn’t thought about it too hard yet. Like you said, sometimes there’s just no clear winner! Mudkip would be a fun contrast. I’ll have to think about it some more but thank you!