dota ships

the fact that doyoung reached out to taeyong and held his hand to ground him when he was extremely nervous was beautiful but the fact that taeyong was supposed to go on stage to collect their award yet he took the time to hug doyoung for dear life, as if doyoung made him whole and gave him energy to deliver that speech just said a lot about their friendship. no scripts, no planned actions, just raw and pure instincts. actions will always be louder than words.

(i hope it’s okay to screenshot this, want to make sure my gushing over one ship doesnt show up in another’s tags lol)

firstly, re: j///yong, I’m open to it! Idk i could realistically ship taeyong/anything so lol it just hasn’t really snagged me so far, i guess. also sobs im glad you like the fics my friend, even if you didn’t initially ship ♥♥

SO DOTAE!!!!! 

dotae for me started with the pure banter and playfulness? idk. i think at the beginning we saw so much of a taeyong that felt restricted and was constantly apologizing and maybe didn’t feel as though he could really… be himself? not to say he wasn’t himself, but i think it was hard for him to let the professionalism slip.


this whole interaction was probably the first moment where i was like oh my god… he IS a demon and i love it and doyoung knows it and he puts up with it and even expects it and smiles at it and im !!! there’s something kind of important about these types of relationships, where it doesn’t have to be polite or formal, where it comes off as bickering but in reality is just pure comfort. the banter wouldn’t be back and forth if it weren’t comfortable, you know?

also there’s a level of support that seems super obvious but a lot of people like to say it isnt there (why lol). taeyong has said a few times that dy understands him and helps him (see ivy club interview, this, nimdle, etc) idk i think it rubs me the wrong way when people act like dotae are legitimate like… enemies? or that they dont like each other, because its so obviously the opposite. i dont know how to describe it other than just being comfortable together. 

they also have this habit of gravitating towards one another during more intense/emotional situations? for example the award that nct 127 won, where this happened:

doyoung wasnt even in nct 127 at this point, and taeyong was very visibly anxious/nervous and not only did dy pick up on that/noticed during the announcement that ty was tense, but he immediately offers the hug (i could write a thesis on this moment lmao ill stop)

but then even cherry bomb’s first win and the nct u vlive vids with him constantly giving this sort of tactile reassurance/holding his hand/etc. not saying either of them get 0 comfort from the others, there’s just something a little bit… different about it. if that makes sense?

ok i’m going to end up writing a book if i continue on like this, so heres some cute shit and ill stfu:

that grabby thing they do!!

matching scars!!

and everything else here ok im done i promise