People who play Dota think they are so much better than people who play League of Legends but honestly, both are garbage and the players are garbage. All mobas are garbage.

But at least on Dota, people can be toxic assholes in their very nice voice chat. So I guess that makes Dota better.

Magnus five man Reverse Polarity - DotA fan art by Mike Azevedo

“Hey guys! TI5 is starting VERY soon, hope to see some 5 man RP’s there!

I’ve always been very passionate about DotA, so I finally decided to do a bigger image of one of my favorite characters, Magnus, using his ultimate on 5 heroes. Had a ton of fun and a very hard time with this one, but also learned a lot, thanks to the friends who helped me and you guys for the constant support!

Good luck to all teams at TI5! Glhf”


Pro Players Talking About : “Classic Jimmy”