Dot Day by Sour-Purple

Sunday is dot day! Remember, red dots on what you love; blue dots on what you don’t! Mixing those up can cause permanent consequences.

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no but imagine Cecil and Carlos on Dot Day

Like Cecil being all nervous b/c he’s had a crush on Carlos for months and he finally plucks up the courage to visit Carlos’s house and Carlos is like “Hey Cecil bro, what brings you here”

And Cecil is all shaky and blushy like “U-Um it-it’s dot d-day a-and i h-have to put red d-dots on th-things i l-like” so he just gets out a sheet off red dot stickers and starts putting them all over Carlos’s face and Carlos just stands there and lets him do it

Then Cecil steps back and gets nervous in case Carlos is going to hate him now and he’s like “I-I’m sor-” but he doesn’t get to finish the sentence because Carlos grabs him and kisses him (◡‿◡✿)