dot the dog


And on to the legendaries. In GSC (and HG/SS), supposedly these critters were made as the result of Ho-oh bringing 3 Pokemon who died when the silver shrine burned down.

A popular fan theory is/was that the three that died were the original Eeveelutions (Vaporeon to Suicune, Jolteon to Raikou, and Flareon to Entei). And there was some game info that backs this up- I mean, not only do each of them share a single element type, but they share the same hidden abilities as well! Same relative stat distro (Jolteon and Raikou have high SP Atk and Speed). And to top it all off? The kimono girls in the games who frequent the shrines, often battle using the Eevee line, thus the three dying in fire? Not implausible. 


I never owned Pokemon Crystal, but Suicune always struck me as a bit of a trouble maker. That darn blue dog. Always getting into my pool and disappearing. :P

The most common thing that goes through my mind when I see it in illustrations or anime is that, “I hope it’s neck is okay.” The blue crystal on it’s head looks so heavy…  Poor little, er… Big beasty. 

Attack on titan characters according to my phone's voice recognition
  • Eren Jaeger: Any organ
  • Levi Ackerman: We recommend
  • Bertholdt Fubar: Turtle trigger
  • Reiner Braun: Dining room
  • Mikasa Ackerman: Make a f****** man
  • Annie Leonheardt: I'm in your mind
  • Ymir: Email
  • Grisha Jaeger: Michigan
  • Historia Reiss: History eraser
  • Hanji Zoe: Home Jesus
  • Erwin Smith: Aerosmith
  • Armin Arlert: Arm in arm
  • Sasha Blouse: The ship goes
  • Kenny Ackerman: Can I come in
  • Jean Kirschtein: Junkyard
  • Petra Ral: Guitar
  • Marco Bodt: Uncle Buck
  • Keith Shadis: Keith Shameless
  • Mike Zacharius: Mysterious
  • Connie Springer: Finish for you
  • Carla Jaeger: Carly are you
  • Hannes: Punish
  • Nanaba: Minimum
  • Isabel Magnolia: Is it a mi novia
  • Farlan Church: Fallen church
  • Dot Pixis: Dog feces
  • Nile Dok: Loyal dog


So… I’ve only recently learned that you the “dour” in Houndour is pronounced so that it rhymes with “hour.” I had been pronouncing it as “dor” kinda like Hodor in Game of Thrones. Ah well. Nothing changes… Save for I guess it’s name making a bit more sense as a dark-type Pokemon. 

Also… Kinda partial to this critter as it reminds me a lot of my own real life pup. :3