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Hey everyone, I know I’ve been away for a while. My excuse for the past week is that I was too busy journaling on the roof and listening to the ocean. It was probably the last spring break my family will have together for a while, so we enjoyed every minute of it.

Pen: Pilot Vanishing Point, EF
Ink: Monteverde Olivine

RFA+V+SAERAN: Given a blank piece of paper, a pencil, and nothing to do, what would happen?

A/N: Here guys, I wrote this MONTHS ago (like right before we made the blog. It’s kinda like a part 2 to the one I wrote about who’s a doodler or a writer) And I figured i could give y’all something to read <3 ~Admin 404


               -Pretty sure I’ve already established that this guy is a DOODLER

               -He’d doodle anything and everything

               -Stars, MC and himself, animals

               -Tries his hardest to professionally draw his LOLOL character

               -He’s the type to write out his characters stats on said piece of paper

               -  Kind of like Dungeons and Dragons

               -No inch of the paper is left blank

               -It makes no difference to him if the doodles overlap, they’re all beautiful in his eyes!!

               - Yoosung, sweetie, we can’t hang this up in a museum I’m sorry


               -Are you kidding

               -Rewriting your lines is the best way to memorize them!

               -Some of the lines are written multiple times in a row

               -Others, you can’T EVEN READ THEM


               -They’re written up, down, side-ways, diagonal (how do you read this, I’d get a headache)

               -“Babe, can you help me with this? Just read it and tell me if I’ve gotten it right!”

               -Uh, yeah, okay sure um lmao

               -You’re turning the paper around in circles to read the lines



               -Poor baby is so over worked, she’d probably be so confused over a blank piece of paper

               -“This…. is blank?? Shouldn’t there be reports printed on this so I can proofread?? What is hAPPENING”

               -Honestly just stares at the paper for a while before it finally clicks

               -“Hey, I don’t have to work on this, this is GREAT why don’t I have MORE blank pages of paper????”

               - Uses it as scratch paper to test if her pens are working

               -Doodles little angry emoticons every time she thinks about Jumin and his stupid projects

               -Really has no other use for this blank piece of paper

               -Doesn’t want to use it for work but also just….doesn’t…know…what to do

               -Yet, every time she comes across one in a folder, she brightens up a little


               -“This… is blank. This should not be blank. Who compiled this folder? Did they mean to leave a blank page at the end? Why is it-” JUMIN P L E A S E

               -No more files to look through? No more reports?

               -Welp, this blank page is now filled with more information on the project he was working on at the time

               -Hand writes notes on the paper and keeps it with the file

               - Why can’t you…I dunno… do something fun with it

               - Dammit Jumin

               -If he isn’t using the paper for notes, he’s using it to keep track of his future project ideas

               - “Cat hotels, cat wine, cat cat cat cat

               -Makes sure he finds this piece of paper is as organized and pretty as he finds Elizabeth the Third MC



               -Seriously what else is he gonna do with his spare time

               -If he’s (surprisingly) not drawing memes on said piece of paper, he’ll write on it


               -“Saeyoung you keep handing me this paper but I have no idea what it says”

               -“Figure it out :^)”

               -He likes to see how frustrated you get when you spend hours trying to figure it out on your own

               -You’d just Google it but he shut off the WiFi

               -He’s decided that he’ll write cute little messages in binary every time he finds a blank piece from now on

               -“This better not be a meme in binary, Saeyoung.” “MC! I would NEVER!”

               - Okay but this dork actually writes such sweet things to you, and can’t wait until you actually figure it out


               -“??? MC? Why are you handing me a blank piece of paper?”

               -Will probably be confused as well, but will quickly think of something to do

               -If you’re sitting with him, he’ll ask you to play silly little games with him!!

               -Tic-tac-toe! Dots and boxes! Pictionary!

               -Loves to mess with you when you play

               -“MC, look out the window, do you see that bird? Isn’t it beautiful? What are you talking about? I’ve had this many boxes before you turned around”

               - Always smiles and laughs, giving himself away

               -If you aren’t around to play, he’ll probably write cute messages for you to find around the house


               -“Saeran! Here! Draw your feelings on this piece of paper!!!”

               - Saeyoung, that’s a bad idea…

               -He’ll accept the paper, but waits until his brother leaves the room

               -Doesn’t draw on it, but scribbles words onto it that he hides from you

               -He calls Saeyoung back into the room as he folds the paper into an airplane

               -Aims for his “Idiot Brother’s” face

               -Leaves the room in disgust when Saeyoung starts to pout and fake cry

               - Y'all know the paper just had a big “Fuck You” written on it

               -You can’t even deny it

less-than three


I was reminiscing with my roommate yesterday over the tumblr boyfriend I had like five years ago, fondly remembering how we’d message each other and hating how we didn’t have a chat feature back then but i digress

anyway I decided to put Derek and Stiles into an online/long distance relationship so have some fluff :D

d-hale: Hey.

star-wolves: Hey! How was your day?

d-hale: Pretty good all things considered. Been a long week.

d-hale: and you? How was class?

star-wolves: ugh, class was class. almost skewered myself on a lacrosse stick AGAIN

d-hale: ???

d-hale: I won’t ask.

star-wolves: But don’t you care about my well being??! DEREK RUDE

d-hale: of course I do

d-hale: But that’s the fifth time you’ve typed those words out to me, which is why I don’t need to ask. 

star-wolves: aw sweet

d-hale: am not

d-hale: change the subject

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Hayes Grier-Trick or Treat


I rang the door bell and not more than a minute later the door swung open.

“Trick or treat.” I smiled.

“We’re all out of candy so you’ll have to take a kiss instead.” Hayes joked.

My eyes knitted together in fake disappointment as Hayes slid his arm around me. “But I want chocolate.”

“If you chocolate all you have to do is ask;I’m here if you need me.” I heard Tez joke. I threw my head back in laughter.

“Sorry Tez, this cute little woodland fairy is all mine!” Hayes was referring to my costume he was Peter Pan and I was Tinkerbell. I fell back on my heels as Hayes dipped me kissing my like in one of those romantic movies.

“Hey you guys can’t be doing all that with a bunch of kiddos around out there.” Tez put his hand between us.

“Are they seriously going trick or treating?” Nate came out of the kitchen.

“Yea and don’t complain when you can’t have any of our candy when we get back.” My eyebrows raised as my arms came together crossed.

“Well excuse me.” Nate grumbled.

Hayes grabbed two pillow cases out of the kitchen and off we went.

Later that night

“I’ll trade you a kit kat for,” Hayes peaked over into my bag fiddling around in it. “One of these.” He pulled out a box of dots.

“No thank you and how many times do I have to tell you we’ll trade when we get home.” I snatched my box of dots out of his hands and rang the door bell to the next house. The door flung open.

“Oh well it’s Tinkerbell and Peter Pan. Wait a minute, are you guys teenagers?“ The lady raised her eye brows. Not another one. So far Hayes and I had only encountered a couple of unimaginative adults who didn’t give us candy because we were “too old”.

“Yea.“ I sighed as if I was disappointed with myself for growing up.

The lady sat the bowl down on a table behind her door and then pulled out a box. In it were long brightly colored wrappers, that’s right full sized candy bars. My eyes darted to Hayes who had his mouth open before I took one.

“Thank you!” I exclaimed.

“Best Halloween ever.” Hayes smiled.

The lady chuckled as we placed our candy in our bags.

“Have a nice night.” She smiled.

“Thank you, you too.”

“You too.” Hayes waved as we walked away.

Hayes wrapped his arm around me as we went to the next house.

“Now isn’t this way better than sitting at home.”

“Yea, but I could be locked in a empty room but still have fun if I was with you.”

“You’re so cheesy you should’ve been a cheese ball for Halloween.” I said trying not to smile.

“You love it.”Hayes kissed me.

A/N: I’m going to try to stay up until midnight making Halloween imagines so send in a request.


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Summary - .A newborn and their first day at home

Pairing - Pete Dunne X Female Reader + Daughter

WordCount - 1,503

Requested by - @littledeadrottinghood

Written by - Tacha

Key - Y/D/N - Your Daughter’s name. Y/D/M/N - Your Daughter’s middle name  Y/N - Your name

Warnings - Strong Language, angry Pete

Taglist Beauties -  @lunaticfringe216  @crowleysqueenofhell  @i-kneel-for-king-loki @littledeadrottinghood  @m-a-t-91 @straight-outta-the-asylum@lip-sync @itsstephaniemcmahon @unhinged-on-the-fringe @thebutterflygirl16 @youhoebag @irish-newzealand-idian-dutch @guatebabyxo @xsimplynaex@macfizzle @sassyenthusiasthistorylover333 @xuhwheredidkylogox@driv3mys0ul @not-that-kinda-gurl08 @harleymoxley @wwessellout @freekmode @catie-kaboom @fucking-bandsx  @cute-face-chubby-waist @reigns420 @panic-angel3314 @blood-fells @vegan-viscacha @wwe-fluff-fic@amberhere-hi @megsjessd99 @shadow-of-wonder @itsclaaree @daddmoxley @wweimaginesandoneshots @crossfitfreakvideogamegeek

Y/D/N Y/D/M/N was born in three in the afternoon weighing a healthy seven point five pounds. As soon as Pete laid his eyes on his little girl he was dumbstruck. Pete was madly in love with his little girl, he couldn’t quite believe that she was real. Right here in front of him. How could he have taken part in creating someone so innocent and pure?  But now that she was here he was going to do everything in his power to maintain his Daughter’s innocence. If anyone dared to hurt her, he’d give them the beating of their life and that would not be a threat it would be a promise. He’d tear them down limb from limb. 

While you and Y/D/N were in the hospital, Pete was perfectly composed, he watched the nurses teach you both how to do something. Pete had learnt how to hold Y/D/N, Pete was comfortable. Well, he was at the hospital. When the nurse came into your hospital room and informed you and Pete that you and Y/D/N could go home. Pete’s confidence was gone. It had turned into sheer panic, there was no longer a professional teaching him how to do things or instructing him how to do things. 

Pete was terrified, he was on his own. While he knew he had you for support, he couldn’t help but let the fear swarm his head. Normally Pete had no fearless, he didn’t care what he had to face, he just went about it. But bringing Y/D/N home terrified him. If Pete wasn’t trying to maintain calm and ready for your sake, he would have fallen apart. He knew that parenting would be difficult but he didn’t realise that bringing Y/D/N home would be so terrifying.

Throughout the entire ride home, Y/D/N had slept, Pete drove home while you were in the back with Y/D/N, this was the first time Pete had ever been happy with you away from him because he knew one look you would be able to know what was going through his head. It worried him sometimes how much you were able to read him, he was an open book to you. But as long as it remained to be only you then it was okay.

Pete took hold of Y/D/N’s baby carrier as he had made his way towards your house. The area you lived in wasn’t perfect, your neighbours were loud and at times rude but neither you and Pete had the time to look for a house with Y/D/N on the way and Pete working more frequently. Life had gotten in the way and while you and Pete had often put up with his living arrangements. Pete refused to let his little girl live in this house more than all three of you had too. There was no way Y/D/N was going to spend her childhood in this hellhole, Pete’s words not your own,

Pete walked into your small house, several boxes dotted around the hallway containing the last remaining things that you had brought for Y/D/N, on the counter was a stack of post. Hopefully, there would be something from the estate agent in the stack. He settled Y/D/N’s baby carrier on the coffee table watching her as she slept soundly in her baby grow with her gloves. Pete jolted when someone touched his shoulder.

“You can relax now, she’s here and everything is going to be okay?” You reassured as you kissed his neck gently.

“Except we live in this hellhole.” Pete turned around, cascading his arms around your waist holding you gently. The Doctor warned him you would be sore for a while and he didn’t want to hurt you.

“Why don’t you check the mail and I’ll make us some coffee and we will see if there’s anything okay?”

“Love, you heard the Doctor take it easy.” Rolling your eyes at Pete, he couldn’t help but smile. You were one of the few people who weren’t afraid to challenge him.

“Pete I gave birth, I can lift a couple of mugs of coffee.” With that, you walked slowly towards the kitchen with coffee in mind.

After the coffee’s had been made and Pete had gone through the mail it was met with relief that the Estate Agent had indeed sent you a package of possible homes, some were what you and Pete specifically asked for, others were not but there was a lot to go through. It wasn’t as if you and Pete were looking for a temporary situation, you and Pete were looking for a home where you could raise Y/D/N and any other children you and Pete may have in the future. 

“I’m glad your Mother gave us the name of that Estate Agent. I didn’t want to continuously get three or four possibilities it would have been too time-consuming.” Pete was sitting on the couch while you were sitting beside him with your legs rested over his lap. 

“According to her, these are the best Estate Agents in the world. You know my Mother doesn’t like to stay in the same place for very long. Beside’s she wants us to get out of this hell hole too.” Pete drew patterns on your leg lazily. He was going to get all three of you out of this place. 

“There’s a few we could look at like this one” Pete held up a picture of a house for you to look at and you smiled. It did look pretty for the outside and the interior was to match however you and Pete wanted to do this properly so you were not going to make any decisions from a peace of paper you were going to view it in person. 

“You can add that to the viewing pile or do you want to write something on the paper so you don’t forget.” Playfully teasing Pete he licked his lips not so quick to reply when a blast of extremely loud music startled you and Pete, Y/D/N instantly being awoken by the intrusive sound, her wailing alerted both of you as you moved to remove her from her baby carrier holding her close to your chest to reassure her. Her sensitive ears bombarded by the noise. 

“You have got to be fucking kidding me!” Pete’s relaxed nature had suddenly changed into one you had seen a few times. Pete stormed over towards the wall knocking it several times 

“Will you turn your crappy fucking music down? We have a newborn here!” Pete waited a few moments but nothing. As per usual, your neighbours were going to be an annoyance. This was not your original intention to have as Y/D/N’s first day home, you wanted to chill out and relax get accustomed to having Y/D/N with you. This was turning into a nightmare. You knew Pete’s patience would only last for so long. 

“Love stay here. I’m going to knock some sense into them” Pete stormed out, Pete was known for his hot-tempered attitude in the past you would have run out to calm him down but since Y/D/N is here, you can’t run after him with her arms or leave her in the house alone. You needed help and there were only two other people who could calm him down. Unable to call, you sent a text hoping someone would turn up and soon. 

You stood outside watching Pete hammering the crap out of the neighbours’ door. They were either secretly intelligent or because the music was so loud they couldn’t hear a thing. It was certainly the second option. Y/D/N would not settle, no matter what you tried nothing was working. It wasn’t like you could take her to a nice quiet place to relax. You were getting restless at just how useless you were being as a Mother. 

It was the parking of a car that stopped you from focusing on Y/D/N, you had never been so relieved. 

“Now I know why you never let us come over. I could hear their horrendous music all the way down the road.” Trent’s distinctive accent broke through the loud noise just. This was ridiculous. 

“Well until we move this is what we have to live with or Pete gets arrested. He’s been hammering on their door for the past half an hour.” You looked down at Y/D/N who was still crying away. Frowning you looked up at Trent who was looking at Y/D/N only a few days ago you and Pete had asked Trent to be Y/D/N guardian if anything ever happened to you and Pete it was his duty to look after Y/D/N.  

“Tyler, do me a favour get Pete here before he does something he regrets. There is no way you’re staying here with a newborn. You can live with me and Tyler until you find a new home. Come on let’s go pack some of your stuff.“ You led Trent into the house. This was not how you imagined Y/D/N homecoming to go…

Title: Second Chances

Code: JD0008

Requested by: anon

Words: 1,436

Note: Ahhh this was so much fun to write!

You were going through old boxes in your PJ’s when you found it. You’d forgotten what it was until you opened it. The polka-dotted box gave nothing away as to the contents, and when you opened it, you were surprised. There, inside, was your previous life with Jethro Gibbs.

You pulled out a few polaroids and smiled at the memories. The two of you at the beach in California, smiling under the sun’s rays… Him with his arm around you at Thanksgiving dinner at your grandmother’s place… You pressing a kiss to his cheek as he opened your present at Christmas… You sighed. All memories that were old now.

You really should get rid of the box.

You were only going through things to make room for Jason’s boxes to come in the next week or so. After your break-up with Gibbs, you had mended your broken heart for a few years before you met Jason. He was the same age as you, much unlike Jethro. He liked music, poetry, and romance. He treated you right. He told you that you were beautiful and that he believed in you. He brought you coffee to work even though it meant seeing your ex-boyfriend, and he even supported you in that. Jason was the entire package. Best of all? He wanted to marry you. He had proposed, and the wedding was only days away.

It took you such a long time to let go of Jethro. The break-up was hard on you and it caused you to take a few years off from NCIS, for obvious reasons. It was within those years that you entered a coffee shop at the end of your block and found Jason. He was funny and charming. He was adorable and sexy. He was smart and sophisticated. He was… everything you had ever wanted, and you were going to marry him.

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As of 20/9/16


Suga aesthetic

Suga wallpaper

Suga wallpaper pt.2 

August D m/v locks

August D ‘Give It To Me’ locks

Suga snapback appreciation (not a wallpaper edit)

J-Hope locks

J-Hope selcas

J-Hope red hair

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J-Hope Boy In Luv

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J-Hope on stage

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Rap Monster/Namjoon “don’t touch my phone”

RM simple + cute wallpaper 

Happy RM Day

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Jungkook + J-Hope Young Forever jacket shoot

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One of these nights

Russian Roulette




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Taeyeon aesthetic with why lyrics

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Very Nice m/v wallpaper

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Astro x Pokémon



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Park Daewon (Emptiness era)

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Ten night city aesthetic


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Wonder Girls:

Why So Lonely m/v



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Choa locks


SinB aesthetic 

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Road trip aesthetic with Somi 


Hyuna aesthetic (Wild, Sleepless Night + Hurt Locker era)


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Random wallpaper (Svt, ASTRO, Monsta X, Gudetama + Ryan)

Adidas + Nike cherry blossoms

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It’s a collection of gifs…

“Boyfriend” series:

BTS Suga, Rapmon + Jin // Jungkook, Jimin, V + J-Hope

EXO Pt. 1 // Pt. 2


Lee Jong Suk

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This cute little cubey- guy is a juvenile Yellow Boxfish, Ostracion cubicus.

Fun fact, the boxfishes are a type of puffer fish; however, due to their internal bony structure which makes them look box-like they are unable to expand!