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Imagine #67- Jonathan Toews *Requested*

“Baby Toews”

Last week you and Johnny welcomed your first child into the world, a baby boy. You guys ended up naming him Noah Jonathan and he was already the center of both of your worlds. He had dark hair and big brown puppy dog eyes just like Johnny, you could already tell he was going to look just like him. But if only he slept like Johnny, Noah was up seemingly all night every night since you brought him home from the hospital, it was really tiring but you also knew it was completely worth it every time you picked him up.

Tonight was no exception, at around 3am you and Johnny were woken up to the sounds of screams coming through the baby monitor. You felt Johnny roll over to get out of bed, “I got it (Y/N) you go back to sleep” you sleepily thanked him and rolled back over to try and get comfortable. Shortly after he got up you fell asleep instantly, but when you woke up around 6 you noticed Johnny still hadn’t come back to bed. You got up and made your way into the nursery to see they weren’t there either, but you could hear the TV on downstairs. When you walked down there you saw Johnny on the couch holding Noah, they were watching NHL Live. Johnny heard you coming in and turned around smiling, “He’s finally asleep” he said softly, you went over and sat next to them on the couch. “NHL Live put him out huh?” You said making Johnny laugh, “Yeah I guess so, I was trying to teach him about hockey but you know maybe at a week old he’s a little young yet”. You laugh at his comment, “Yeah maybe, why don’t you go up to bed and I’ll stay with Noah for a while you look tired” Johnny smiles gratefully and hands Noah over, “If you need anything come get me I don’t mind” “You have practice in like 5 hours please go get some sleep” Johnny laughs, places a kiss on top of your head and heads up to bed leaving you with little Noah.

Holding Noah made time feel like it was stopped, so when it was 9am and Johnny was coming back downstairs you couldn’t believe that hours had passed since you first came downstairs. “Well good morning to my two loves” he says taking Noah from you, who was also now awake. “Good morning, I can’t believe it’s 9am” you say laughing, “You look drained, how about I make some breakfast and you could feed Noah and then I’ll watch him so you can nap or shower or whatever you wanna do before I have practice” you agreed that that sounded like a perfect idea. You went up to the nursery to feed Noah and while you were up there you could smell the pancakes and bacon Johnny was making, instantly waking you up and making you starving. He called up that breakfast was done so you carried Noah downstairs and placed him in his bassant so you could eat.

Not long after you guys sat down though Noah started crying again, “Kids great eh?”  Johnny says laughing and picking up Noah, “What are you crying about little man? You miss being held? Me and your mom already spoiling you?” You laughed, as soon as Johnny picked him up the crying subsided. You loved how good Johnny was with Noah, “You look so cute holding our little baby” he laughs, “Almost as cute as you look with him”. Noah stopped crying thankfully and you guys were able to finish your breakfast. “Well I gotta head out to practice, but don’t hesitate to call me if you need anything” Johnny says giving you a kiss, “I won’t but I think we’ll be okay, hurry home” you say placing another kiss on his lips.

Johnny being at practice wasn’t that bad, Noah ended up not crying at all. But this was the first time since he was born that Johnny wasn’t with you guys, so you did miss him. At 2:00 though he got home, and had company with him. “Hello (Y/N)! And hello to my little God son” Patrick said picking up Noah. You laugh, “God son?” Patrick shrugged, “I just figured it was assumed” you and Johnny both laugh, you had decided on Patrick being the godfather so you figured now was as good a time as any. “Well we actually did want to ask you if you wanted to be the godfather so” Johnny says, Patrick’s face lights up, “I would love that, I even brought him presents today I’m already off to a great start!”. You and Johnny both laugh, and Patrick pulls out some bags. He got Noah some blackhawks clothes as well as a tiny Kane jersey, “Geez you’re making me look bad he doesn’t even have a Toews jersey yet” the three of you laugh and spend the rest of the night dotting over Noah. Johnny was a great dad, and Patrick was already a great god father so you knew Noah would always have someone there to pick him up when he cries, which was often.

New AHS Headcanon Theory

Dandy is somehow related to Tate. We never knew whether or not Langdon was Constance’s maiden name or Hugo’s last name. Additionally, Gloria’s comment tonight about inbreeding bringing problems upon their family seems to foreshadow the birth defects that Beau, in particular, and all of her children accrued. Beau’s physical DEFORMITY. Addie’s Down Syndrome. Tate’s psychological imbalance. The albinism of the fourth Langdon child. That seems like an awful lot of varying genetic mutations for the set of offspring or one wife and her husband, which leads me to believe that her family is somehow related the Mott’s.

Likewise, I think that the previous seasons set it up (or at least was originally intended) to have Johnny be Ben Harmon. Therefore, it would be a nice parallel of Thredson and Lana producing “Ben”, who then marries Vivien, resulting in Violet to Dandy and Bette/Dot producing “Constance”, who married Hugo, resulting in Tate. That way Tate and Violet were almost doomed to be stuck in Murder House. The ULTIMATE set up of Romeo and Juliet after generations and generations of genetic mutations.

Likewise, the feed of negative energy that Murder House requires in the form of death, could be the same extenuation like that of Edward Mordrake’s. The apparitions of the carnies and Mordrake appear to utilize the same magic/logic as that of the ghosts in Murder House.

I just checked the surname “Mott” and a lot of the original founders actually were in VA (& MA). Still, anything is possible. :)

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