Aaj mujhe har baat pe rona aa raha hai. Mere aik door ke rishtedaar ne ER main 3 hafte kaam karne ke kuch khayalaat pesh kiye jis pe rona aaya, mere roommate ki bhaanji itni cute hai ke us pe rona aaya, meri ammi phone par meri chachi se keh rahi theen, “main kabhi kabaar apne doston ki baatein sunti hoon ke humein chai na pilao raat bhar neend nahin aaye gi, laikin tum mazdooron ki neend jaanti ho, mujhe puri ketli pila do tab bhi 8:30 pe so’oon gi aur aise maze ki neend hogi..” aur ab main Rafi aur Sahir ki ghazal sun raha hoon

Kabhi khud pe kabhi halaat pe rona aaya

Baat nikli to har aik baat pe rona aaya

Kash jate hue waqt ko rok pate, dosti Mei bitaya Har lamha jod pate, na Jane kitni yadein doston ne di Hume, Kash unke liye Zindagi peeche modh pate…

DAY 2668

Jalsa, Mumbai               Aug ½,  2015              Sat/Sun  1:21 am

Birthday - EF - Vijaya Lakshmi , Anurodh Arun Gupta : to you I wish the best of the year and the years ahead .. for happiness and love and the goodness of life and its beauty boundless and abundant .. the fragrance of the fresh flowering beside you ..

The dark shadows that loomed large on August 2, 1982 at the Breach Candy Hospital, as I battled for life .. having been under surgery for the second time within days, and not coming out of it for extended hours .. Jaya being called in to the IcU to have a last glimpse of her husband, before I passed away .. and that last ditch effort by Dr Udwadia in pumping phial after phial of cortisone injections until miraculously, my toe moved and Jaya first noticed it .. the doctors then screaming at me to wake me up, and my consciousness coming back .. 

The details of those times spent at the Hospital are difficult to describe, and have been done often enough .. it would not give me pleasure to describe them again to you .. it would not give you pleasure to read of them again .. but it would never stop me from accepting that had it not been the prayers of millions that went up from home and across the world, I would not have been writing this Blog .. it has been a debt on my shoulders .. a happy debt .. for I know that I shall never be able to repay it .. !!

It would be the easiest to seek sympathy in the stories that I could retell .. but what would I do with them ..

“क्या करूँ संवेदना लेकर तुम्हारी क्या करूँ …”  

“Kya karoon samvedana lekar tumhari kya karoon …” 

says my Father in one of his most poignant verses .. the verse that brought my Mother and Father together .. they met in the evening at a common friend’s place .. in the evening the hosts asked my Father to recite some poetry .. he did .. in walked my Mother into the room, both saw each other for the first time .. by the end of the poem, both my Father and Mother were in tears .. by late night they had decided to get married .. !!

Its Friendship day .. and the PR machine that looks after the film ‘Wazir’, my next, needs to put up some content on the social medium that signifies the meaning in the relationship between Farhan and my character in the film ..

Nice ..

The questions are asked by a young lady assigned the task, loud and testy in her demeanour .. they generally are when they need to cover the complexity of their work assigned .. sweet, young, but sincere in what had to be done ..

“What does friendship mean to you…” ?

Friendship ? … hmmmm … knowing one who understands the saying ‘keep your friends close, your enemies even closer ! jo isse samjhe usse dosti kehte hain !

“How far would you go for your friendship..” ?

 You never measure distance in friendship … doston mein doorie nahin naapi jaati ..

“Share with us one instance that you have shared with your friend and will cherish for ever…” !!

Friends are forever - a lifetime ! How can I share a lifetime with you .. my lifetime is not yet over .. meri zindagi toh abhi samapt nahi hui .. !!

My Ef .. my friend .. my bestest !!

Amitabh Bachchan

DAY 2890

Jalsa, Mumbai                Feb-Mar  29/1,  2016                Mon/Tue  3:22 am

With love and the strength to be back at work .. to start and to know that without the work work can be without ..

But the location is the recording studio of Mehboob Studio, once a recording studio now removed and used instead for ad., shoots, Tv shoots, PC’s and the like .. a pity and a sadness .. for this is the recording studio where the legenda and iconic figures of the music industry inhabited and blessed us with their creativity ..

The room where the singers like these greats stood, now being used as a dressing area .. sad ..

I sang my very first song for film ..’mere paas aao, mere doston ek kissa suno’ from that very room where now a clothes line is set up for me to change in between shots .. felt grieved ..

Work again early tomorrow ..

Amitabh Bachchan