dostmother knowyou

dostmotherknowyou  asked:

W-Would you mind doing mine? ; u ; Please?

Yes, while I fight my printer pop ups! 

Dost, you’re a sweetiepie.

You’re so adorable and cute, your art is amazing, and though I haven’t talked to you that much, I already consider you as a friend. When you are down, I feel down, because I know someone like you, someone so happy, shouldn’t have to feel upset. Of course, I’m not saying you can’t be, it’s human nature to get upset here and there, but it just feels like if you’re not happy, the whole world shouldn’t be happy.

I’ve only heard wondrous things about you, my dear.

I hope to become closer to you throughout the year. :3

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so this came up just now ;D


I am warning you.