For the past two days, “we all try by Frank Ocean” covered by Sid Sriram, has been on repeat in my head and on my laptop. Before hearing his rendition I thought the song was dope, but when hearing this dude sing it with such conviction made it better 10 fold. Listening to it over and over got me thinking, what do I believe in? Like the song says, you got to believe in something, right? Yes we all can believe in religion and that politics is fucked. But what he’s talking about is that he believes in man. That we all try. Which brought me to asking that question. Do I believe in my abilities? Am I selling myself short because i’m not going for every opportunity that is brought my way?? Obviously others do believe in my abilities. So to answer my question to myself, yes i do. I believe in myself. Yes i know i’ve been selling myself short, and i’m TRYING to change that.

Yeah i know this is on some emo hype, but the song just brought it out in me haha!

What do you believe in?

So I finally put up some money to get some personalized business cards. I finally built up the nerve to see where my “talent” can take me. I just want to get my name out there. Call it an experiment if you want. I ALSO did get some stickers made. So hit me up and send me a message with an address if you to show some support and I’ll send you a sticker via snail mail.