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Hello sweetheart i'm craving for an scenario with xanxus, where his wife had a great surgery on her last days, xanxus met her and she hold his cheek "you were such a lovely husband i would never forget you, a wild beast with a great humna heart" and then she dies, and maybe he left a tear just a single tear? If thats okay? I love your blog!!

xanxus doesn’t strike me as the type to cry, even a single tear so i tweaked it a little

His head fell against the wall, waking him immediately.  Looking around, Xanxus saw Squalo across the small hallway, stretched out on his own bench.

“You dosed off again,” he said.  “You should get some actual sleep.”

“Any word?” Xanxus asked, ignoring the advice.

“I think they have her stabilized, at least there aren’t as many doctors and nurses running in and out of the room,” the swordsman answered.

Xanxus nodded and repositioned himself so he was leaning more comfortably against the wall before closing his eyes again.  

A rush of sound woke the assassin, along with Squalo shaking his shoulder.  “Something happened. The alarm went off, they’re calling you in,” he said urgently, looking at the door to your room.

Xanxus was fully awake and walking through the door in a split second, a thread of doubt tugging at him.  

“Are you the husband?” one of the nurses asked, holding out one of the plastic scrubs for him to put on.

Xanxus nodded and stepped into the outfit, his mind numbing when he saw you on the operating table, blood everywhere.  

Pushing past all the doctors and nurses, he cleared his way toward you.  “What’s going on?” he demanded.

“I’m not going to make it,” you said weakly.  “Too much internal damage,” you coughed.  

“To hell with that, the doctors at the base are much better, Lussuria would probably do a better job than these trash,” Xanxus spat.

“Babe,” you said, calmly, moving your hand over his.  “They’ve all tried.”  You saw his look of anger drop to one of disbelief.  “Come here.”

He leaned in closer, pulling your hand to his cheek.  “Don’t,” he said.

You coughed again, some blood spilling over your lip.  “Thank you.  For being such a wonderful husband.  Everyone thought I was crazy when I married you.  That you were a wild beast, a dog that would bite the hand that fed it,” you said, coughing some more.

“Stop talking,” Xanxus asked, borderline pleaded.

“But who would have thought that the ferocious beast had such a human heart,” you smiled.  “Tell everyone I said bye,” you said.

“Please don’t,” Xanxus said, leaning closer to you, his hand keeping yours pressed to his cheek.  “Don’t die,” he whispered, leaning his forehead against yours.  

Sirius and “I Love You”

Sirius has many ways he tells you he loves you. He tells you in different situations, in different tones and in different words. 

There’s the Amazed ‘I love you’

Its when you’ve kicked ass on an assignment or answered a particularly hard question in class. Or when you stand up for yourself or hex some rude student. Its when you take down three death eaters in a minute flat while you two are fighting in the war. It’s when you kiss him senseless and he doesn’t knwo what to do but say, “I love you.” 

The Sleepy ‘I love you’

This is the ‘I love you’ where you bring him tea late at night. When he comes back early in the morning after a long night as Padfoot, looking after Remus on a full moon. He’ll be dosing off only to be interrupted by the thought that he has forgotten something, and he has. He’ll roll over in bed and whisper a gruff ‘thank you’ and an ‘ I love you’. 

The Iv’e missed you

It will be after summer holiday and you will see each other on the train platform. He’ll tear himself away from his mother, who is fussing over something in her shrill voice, and run to you. After melting into his embrace he will say “I’ve missed you so much, love.” in your ear and you’ll know the action of running to you instead of James and his declaration of missing you is just one way of him showing his love. 

The ‘You’re Perfect’

When you are feeling exceptionally shitty. Or your day has been horrible. Whether you got bad marks on a test or and assignment, or your insecurities are screaming at you, Sirius is always there. He will take you into his strong arms and stroke your hair to calm you, reminding you with every breath that you’re perfect to him and you always will be. He will count off all the things that make you special and that’s how he says ‘I love you’ when all you feel is self conscious disappointed.

And finally, the public service announcement 

Every now and then, you will be sitting at a meal together in the Great Hall and something will come over him. He will be thinking about you. About how your hair shines in the sun and about how your eyes sparkle. And he will note how much he loves your smile and how you say his name. He will abruptly stand up on the table, shoving food aside and commanding the attention of the room. Magically enhancing his voice he will declare his love for you in front of the whole school, making you blush. But even tough he will get in trouble for his announcement, and you get teased by your friends, you know that deep down, Sirius Black loves you. 

Okay but consider this:

Tony’s probably spent his entire adult life blaming Howard for Maria’s death.  He was (probably drunk) behind the wheel, and it was a crash on an empty road in the middle of nowhere.  What other explanation is there?     

If there’s anything I took away from this movie, it’s that, despite all the crap Howard put him through as a child, Tony desperately wants to be able to love his father.  (Now, whether or not Howard is deserving of that love is a totally different matter altogether.)  And so now Tony finds out that the event which was probably his biggest source of hatred/resentment towards his father is a complete lie.  Even worse, Steve, who is not only Tony’s friend, but who was also friends with Howard, withheld this vital piece of information just to “spare him.”  

So Tony’s dealing not just with the fact that Bucky killed Maria, but also with the fact that Howard didn’t.  Tony’s not just mad that he was lied to or that his parents were murdered, he’s also having to come to terms with a complete paradigm shift.

Can’t wait until I get to brush my teeth with you at night before we head into bed together. We’ll have a check-in and talk about every good and not-so-good part of our days. I’ll marvel at every detail you share, laugh at your silliness, listen closely to your worries and comfort you in my arms. I will be an exclusive teddy bear that only you can cuddle until you dose off and I will kiss you on the forehead as I send you off into a dream.

After a particularly hard mission, Tony collapses into bed and buries his face into his soft pillow. He hasn’t even bothered taking off his clothes because he just doesn’t have the strength and he wants to sleep. Most of him expects Steve to pull him up before gently pushing him towards the bathroom (’those bed sheets are white and you’re all dirty, you’re gonna be the one whining in the morning about dirty sheets’) but all of the air rushes out of him when Steve decides that Tony would make a better bed than the actual one underneath him. 

“Steve, darling.”


“I can’t breathe.”

“I’m tired.” Steve yawns through the words before rolling off of Tony and bringing him into his embrace with one swift move. Tony immediately makes himself comfortable, curling himself up until he’s small enough to be hidden in Steve’s arms. There’s quietness for a bit and both of them are dosing off before Tony remembers. 

“I thought we had a meeting…” He mumbles though he couldn’t bring himself to care. 

“Shush…sleep.” Steve murmurs, gently rubbing at  the small of Tony’s back and yeah, sleep is good.

Playing with their hair (BTS)

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Namjoon ;; He wouldn’t mind at all, he would sit there for a moment, not saying anything. Because that you didn’t even know what you were doing. It would make him kinda drowsy so he would end up dosing off in the process.

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Seokjin ;; He would most likely sit there for a moment and be so confused because one moment you were cuddling and then your fingers were running through his hair, he didn’t think that he should say something as to not embarrass you but it made him smile.

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Jungkook ;; He would be the one that pushed his head into your hand and hum. It would snap you out of your reverie and pull your hand away but he would whine like a child and pull your hand back so you could continue.

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Yoongi ;; He would pull away instantly, surprised, as well as you were. He would sit there and stare at you for a few seconds. Before he shrugged and relaxed against you again and letting you continue whenever you wanted. Because if he admitted it, it felt amazing having your fingers run through his hair.

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Jimin ;; He would hum pleasantly before gently pushing his head into your hand, encouraging you to continue. You knew he liked it when you ran your fingers through his hair so you made it a point to do it whenever you could, and his hair was soft, so that was a plus.

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Taehyung ;; Sit there and let you have your fun with his hair. Since it wasn’t uncomfortable he had no reason to stop you and if he would admit it, it was soothing and helped him relax more, even though he was still thinking about other things.

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Hoseok ;; He would giggle because it tickled just a little bit and he couldn’t help himself with how cute you are. And once he started giggling then you would start giggling and then you would both end up on the floor laughing like fools, with the other members staring at you like you were both insane.

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^^ may i request a hc about the rfa members waking up to find mc not in her side of the bed and gets worried and see that they are dosing off in the couch after getting a late night snack please (:


  • He usually sleeps in a starfish like position 
  • its a surprise MC get’s any space to sleep at all 
  • but usually in the middle of the night he will role over and latch on to MC 
  • He wakes up when he rolls over and doesn’t grab onto MC 
  • ????
  • He gets out of bed tbh almost falling hes so tired 
  • He walks around the apartment looking for MC 
  • He’s starting to get worried 
  • this apartment is really small how can he not find MC? 
  • then 
  • he finally notices MC asleep on the couch 
  • holding on to a half eaten sandwich 
  • hes trying not to laugh 
  • he nudges MC to wake them up 
  • puts the rest of the sandwich in the fridge and brings MC to their room 
  • then they cuddle 


  • He wakes up because the bed doesn’t feel as warm 
  • that’s because MC is missing 
  • like yoosung he’s extremely tired while getting out of bed
  • let him have his beauty sleep 
  • he drags himself out of bed 
  • The first place he looks is the bathroom since MC fell asleep in the bathtub once 
  • It doesn’t take long for him to find MC asleep on the couch though 
  • in a sitting position 
  • He doesn’t even wake MC up he just picks them up and brings them to bed 
  • he quickly fell asleep holding on to MC 
  • he asked MC the next day why they were asleep on the couch 
  • when MC tells them they were getting a snack and fell asleep he laughs 


  • She woke up because she had to go use the bathroom 
  • of course she noticed MC wasn’t in bed 
  • She was quick to find MC and woke them up 
  • MC explains they were so hungry and were gonna get a snack but fell asleep before they could eat 
  • you’re both super tired 
  • but Baehee makes you both a quick midnight snack 
  • then you go back to bed and cuddle 


  • Boy was he quick to notice 
  • took 0.0003 seconds to get out of bed and look for MC
  • He found MC sitting on the sofa half asleep eating
  • MC told him they were hungry 
  • he got the chef to make something for MC 
  • Jumin it’s like 3 am why do you this 
  • before the food is even ready MC has fallen back to sleep 
  • “You shouldn’t eat so late. It’s unhealthy” 
  • Still Jumin makes sure to always have food prepared in the fridge for MC 


  • He woke up himself because he was hungry 
  • but then he noticed MC was gone 
  • where did they go??? 
  • he starts worrying that maybe MC hurt themselves on accident with all of the stuff laying around 
  • He went to look for them and when he got to the living room 
  • there they were 
  • looking like a deer caught in the headlights 
  • holding a bag of honey budda chips 
  • MC has to give him a few kisses to get him to forgive them 
  • then they cuddle on the couch eating HBC until they both fall asleep 
The Purple Paw Thievery Strikes Again

Atticus pet the red-violet hare in his lap, paying close attention to the space between its ears.

“Rabbits are related to demons,” the bun explained lazily, eyes drifting shut.

“Our ears are remnants of horns.”

“I don’t think that is true at all.”

“I know what I’m talking about,” the rabbit said sleepily, reaching into the villain’s pockets and stealing his pocket change. It dosed off once it had robbed him of all his lunch money.

Like guys, if your meds aren’t working for you or making things worse, then YES you shouldn’t be taking them, but you can’t just throw them out the window.

You gotta call your doctor and talk about what’s going on, figure out the problem (dosage, time of day, is this a normal side effect, ect) and then work from there, which can be anything from lowering/raising your dose, changing medications, going off yours at once, or slowly weaning yourself off the ones your taking. 

I bring this up, because I was on ADD meds awhile back that were just not working for me. I called my doctor and after discussion, he said I could quit those cold turkey and avoid side effects. 

On the other hand, I was on a different brand of anti-anxiety meds once that I had to go off, and because of the side effects of suddenly stopping, I had to slowly lower my dosage to do it safely. Because if I quit cold turkey, I could have risked higher anxiety, suicidal thoughts, being physically ill, headaches and a whole bunch of other fun stuff. 

In short, if your meds aren’t working, they aren’t working, but make sure you talk to a doctor before you make any choices so you can not only stop taking that medication safely, but find a replacement plan (either medication or something else) that will work instead for your needs. 

Edit: Addition. If your doctor wants you to stay on meds that you think aren’t helping after months, then maybe it’s time to get a second opinion. Not always an option, I know, but if you feel your doctor isn’t taking your concerns seriously over a long period, it is worth finding someone who you will if that’s an option. 

WHAT IF the crew of the Ghost journey to Jedha to investigate the kyber extractions and Kanan and Ezra decide to temporary forgo visible lightsabers usage to go undercover as...

New Jedha Church of the Force followers…

They have to sit through schoolings regarding the Force and Jedi culture and Kanan Jarrus starts snoring (because he knows all that) while Ezra is actually eagerly taking notes (”Kanan, why didn’t you teach me this?”). 

And said instructor, Chirrut, keeps twacking Kanan with his staff whenever Kanan doses off.

Chirrut: You are missing out on the crucial fundamentals of how to be like a Jedi! I don’t need eyes to see your son is more Jedi than you are! Why can’t you be Jedi like your son? You don’t need eyes to see you are far from Jedi!

Kanan: Buddy, like you, I don’t have eyes. Consider that a blessing for both of us since I ain’t that good looking.


And Ezra becomes Chirrut’s teacher pet and gets all the high marks as a star student but Kanan Jarrus gets shoved to the back corner of the classroom, not just to play his part, but because he’s too bored to really even pass rudimentary Force and Jedi history quizzes.

[Good change from my old headcanons where Chirrut is Kanan’s looniest fanboy]

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-~750 words-



You sat on the couch backstage, staring at your phone screen aimlessly. There wasn’t much left to do on the internet since you had been sitting there for a few hours now. You were waiting for B.A.P, but specifically Himchan, to be done with their concert so you sat in an empty room off to the side away from all the chaos. There was silence from the stage and you looked up to the door hoping they had finally finished and your boyfriend would be walking towards you but all you saw was a still empty room. The boom of the speakers met your ears again and the sound of the fans cheers told you that it had only been a short silence.

You don’t know when it happened but you found yourself dosing off. When you awoke you heard complete silence and you bolted from the couch you had been laying on in panic. Had they left me here and gone home? You thought. You quickly turned to walk towards the door but your body was met with a strong yet soft force. Soon firm arms were wrapped around you and you looked up to see the man you had been waiting for this whole time. Himchan smiled down at you with his under eye dimples flowering along with it. You smiled back up at him and wrapped your arms around his waist, placing your head against his secure chest.

“I missed you,” He said softly. He then pulled you toward the couch and sat you down with him. Still in his embrace, his pouty lips now rested right next to your ear as you made yourself more comfortable against him.

“I missed you too,” You said just as softly into his smooth neck, “I’m so glad you’re finally finished.” You inhaled deeply, your nose taking in a pleasant smell. It amazed you how even after two hours of sweating buckets he still smelled nice. It was a subtle manly scent with the bulk of it being the smell of his cologne that you loved so much. You assumed he sprayed himself before he came to see you because he knows how sensitive you are to scents.

He started to whisper into your ear, “I’m so tired, but now that I’m here with you I feel so good. Thank you for coming.” His breath hit your ear as he spoke and you felt a shiver go down your back from the sensation. “You look so beautiful tonight. I thought about you the whole time while I was on stage, you know. I don’t know how I’ve gone so long without seeing you. Two weeks is too long to wait to see my sunshine.”

You didn’t say anything and just allowed him to continue whispering into your ear because you know when he gets in the mood to talk there really wasn’t anything that could stop him. You sat there and enjoyed his warmth and praising after so many hours of waiting to finally see him.

A few minutes had past when you heard a voice call out for Himchan but when you moved to pull away from him, his muscled arms held you tighter to his homely body. Not protesting or struggling in the slightest, you allowed your boyfriend to squeeze you closer to himself as you nuzzled your face into his chest and your arms instinctively tightened around him. Not until the door burst open and one of the stylists stood at the doorway did Himchan pull away from you slowly and look up at the stylist with a sheepish smile on his face. You also smiled up at the lady and moved away from him.

“We’ve been looking for you, didn’t you hear us calling your name?” She asked Himchan with a tone of understanding but also annoyance in her voice.

“No, I didn’t actually…” You looked up as he said this and he still had that same sheepish grin on his face. Looking down quickly, you felt a huge smile grace your lips at Himchan’s words. He looked over at you to see you smiling to yourself and he chuckled. As the stylist walked out of the room, he scooted towards you and gave you a quick peck on the cheek and got up to start walking towards the door but not before saying, “I’ll see you back at the dorm.”

You smiled all over again at the thought of getting that beautiful man all to yourself after so many days apart.


Okay, so I know I haven’t posted in forever and now that I am posting its not a requested one, but I had the inspiration to write this while talking to a friend about how nice Himchan’s hugs must be. This is my first time writing for B.A.P so I hope you guys enjoy it. HEHE! (I have major feels for Himchan if that isn’t obvious already… lol)

Shh... It's a Secret...

Shh… It’s a Secret…

Pairings: Phillip Hamilton x Burr’s Daughter!Reader

Request: Anon asked, “Modern au philip w/ 68? :3”

Prompt: “You know we’re supposed to be together. I knew it the first time I saw you, and you know it, too. I know you do.”

TW: Sexual Themes, Secret Relationships

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I’m in a right grump today, shit sleep, bad dreams, bad head space… But just rang the hospital and Caseys nurse said he was wide awake this morning so she got him out and put him in his chair so he could have a good look round, now he’s dosing off to sleep 💜 I’m glad they do things with him as if he was at home!

So so close to home guys, you have no idea!