dosing off

Lawry’s Seasoned Salt of Banishing

Here me out here, now.

I ended up doing an emergency banishment ritual last night, and didn’t have proper salt made up cause I’m a lazy af witch. Enter: THE MASTER SALT!

Seriously, look at these ingredients:


  • Salt: Classic protection workhorse.
  • Sugar: Got that peace and purification thing going on
  • Paprika: PEPPER = GTFO. Also amplifies whatever shit you’re doing.
  • Tumeric: Hex prevention.
  • Onion: Protection. Always been one of my go to banishing/warding plants.
  • Garlic: Protection and banishing.

All in one handy package. I threw some of that in my ritual bowl with a charged candle dripping on/around it and a good dose of “FUCK OFF!” intent. Made the room smell damn good.

Though it did give us the munchies…

When they're sleepy (Hamilsquad Headcannon)


-Alex becomes super whinny
-He wants any physical contact he can get
-His hair makes it way up into a sloppy bun
-His glasses ride the brim of his nose
-He craves coffee, takes a sip and then sets it aside
-He doses off standing up,
-When he’s fallen asleep, he snores, one leg thrown over the back of the couch


-John is the complete opposite
-He’s drained, and he’s also whinny
-He loves to have his hair played with
-He zones out sometimes, daydreaming about sleeping
-He’s constantly yawning,
-He claims the tears are his soul leaking out
-John often falls asleep leaning against something- a wall, the counter, arms crossed.
(Like wtf)


-He’s super hyper
-Refuses to sleep no matter how tired he is
-Then he complains about the stinging in his eyes
-He’s acts like a child, pouting when you bring up sleep,
-Snores shake the house, arms always have to be wrapped someone


-Really distant
-Angry tired
-Offended if someone breathes too heavily
-100x sassier
-But will literally laugh at nothing for ten minutes until he’s crying
-Falls asleep with no warning
-Wakes up in someone’s arms and then apologizes for being so grumpy, “I was tired chéri.”

anonymous asked:

Could you do some HCs about an Omega who was abused during their childhood, and instantly shies away from their Alphas affection instead of leaning into it? And the Alpha having to be really soft?

  • The alpha doesn’t realise at first why their omega seems so reluctant to receive physical affection, because the omega is scared that if they tell the alpha, the alpha might leave them
  • They feel a little hurt whenever they caress their omega’s head or touch their back gently that their omega will shy away
  • Even during intimate moments, they sometimes feel their omega flinch when they trail their hands over their hips
  • One day, they walk up behind the omega and put their hand on their mate’s hip, not meaning to scare them, and the omega leaps away, screeching and hunching in on themselves
  • The alpha is hurt, and they suddenly shout “why do you always do that?!”
  • The omega, of course, is suddenly pulled back to their childhood, and they burst into tears and crumple to the ground in the corner, shaking and sobbing and trying to make themselves as small as possible
  • The alpha rushes over immediately, distraught at having elicited such a reaction
  • They reach out to touch their omega, only for the omega to whisper “please, don’t touch me”
  • The alpha draws back, unsure of what to do, and just settles down, sitting next to them
  • Once they’ve both calmed down, the alpha scoots backwards a few feet and lets the omega dry their tears, not trying to touch them (even though they desperately want to draw the omega into their arms and hold them)
  • The omega explains, and the alpha suddenly realises that they’ve been inadvertently torturing their poor omega for months
  • So they begin apologising, reaching out unthinkingly and then snatching their hand back, and apologising even more
  • Silence falls, and the omega shifts uncomfortably, and the alpha slowly kneels up and asks “can I hug you?”
  • The omega is slightly, confused, but they nod. Instead of going straight in for the hug, their alpha shuffles forward with their arms open, but waits for their mate to actually initiate it
  • From then on, the alpha will announce every time they’re going to touch the omega, even if it’s just “I’m going to brush against your back because I just need to get to the cupboard” or “my arm might touch your arm while I’m cooking”
  • And every time they do touch their omega, they do it softly and slowly
  • The omega begins to love their alpha touching them, even just a gentle stroke across their cheekbone seems like heaven
  • One day, they’re cuddling on the sofa, and the alpha asks “can I stroke my hands through your hair?” to which the omega replies “god, yes, I’d love that”
  • The alpha has never gotten such a positive response, so they begin playing with their omegas hair very happily, and the omega doses off, completely at ease and relaxed
Loki Imagine - Tortured

Your P.O.V.

A task as simple as breathing felt nearly impossible. My lips were open and I tried to breathe in, but barely any air entered my lungs. My throat was sore and I could taste the irony, disgusting flavor of blood on my tongue. 

It couldn’t end like this..

Desperately, I tried to crawl away from this dark place, who knows what it was. All I knew was that it was cold, so cold I couldn’t feel my bare feet anymore. It was also really dark but a light was somewhere there, far away. The ground beneath me was hard and it felt rough, like stones. 

I grabbed onto the ground, leaving bloody fingerprints after me as I did my best at getting myself out of this nightmare. My legs weren’t much help at all as I tried to kick myself further away. Everything hurt. I couldn’t name a spot on my body that felt fine.

‘‘No..’‘ I whimpered sadly, tears running down along my face. By now, my entire body was trembling. I was afraid I would die after that awful torturing. What if I’d never see Loki again?

‘‘L-Loki..’‘ I whispered my boyfriend’s name. It caused my heart to swell and a sob to escape my lips. It hurt. Oh, it hurt so much. As I used my last energy to move, I screamed. My fingertips started tingling and a little light appeared, highlighting only a few things around me. 

Yes, Loki had taught me a few little magic tricks but I wasn’t as near as good as him. As I was held captive, my hands had been inside some metal balls so I couldn’t use my powers. It was frightening. The things they did to me were even worse.

I tried to brush it off my mind, hoping I could focus on my escape. I shut my eyes and it was so tempting to just sleep. Yes, I wanted to push my boundaries, light up my path and get away from here but I couldn’t. I was exhausted. All this pain got the best of me.

The light vanished from my hands, fading into thin air with a few sparkles. I looked at them until it was completely dark, cold and quiet. My weak body was just left here to die, all alone. I thought of Loki, hoping he could be my last thought, although it broke my heart and soul to think about. 

  Just as I gave up hope, I heard footsteps. Fear crawled back to me as I opened my eyes. Were they here again to torture me? Would they take me back to that cold hellhole? 

I grunted in pain as I lifted my head and looked towards the light. I was lightheaded and my head was pounding terribly. Then I saw some people in front of the light. At first I thought there was just two people there but then a third one got ahead of them. For me, it was just a shadow because my vision was so blurry.

‘‘Y/N!’‘ A voice yelled but at first, I didn’t hear it quite well.My head hit the ground again because I was too weak to keep myself up. ‘‘Y/N!’‘ The person repeated themselves, sounding awfully familiar. The man had a raspy, deep voice. It filled me up with hope.

All of a sudden, I felt someone dragging me on their lap. My head rested against their shoulder and strong arms held onto me tightly. I forced myself to open my eyes and look at who it was, although I had my doubts. Immediately, I saw a pair of forest green eyes looking into mine. Then I saw his dark, long hair, his parted, pink lips. It was all confirmed in my mind then. It was Loki.

‘‘No, no,no…Y/ did this..happen..’‘ Loki muttered words underneath his breath as he examined me. He looked sad, which was awful to see. His eyes were glossy and honestly, Loki was shocked. So was I. But at the moment, I could barely keep my eyes open.

Loki looked at my barely clothed body, a look of disgust and anger appearing on his face. My entire body was bruised and I had deep wounds here and there. Dry blood had stained my skin and some wounds were still bleeding. Loki probably noticed the dark blue bruises, resembling fingerprints. He shook his head no as he let this all sink in.

Seeing Loki like that made me feel sorrowful and even guilty. My eyes felt heavy and I couldn’t fight it anymore. My heavy eyelids just slid down and I dosed off, a little more eased because I was in Loki’s arms.


It had been five days since Loki and his guards had found me. They had taken me to the castle and given me the help I needed. A maid had told me that Loki had used his magic to keep me alive. Although I woke up only a few minutes ago, I barely remembered how I woke up. Everything had been warm and comfortable. It’s like I was in my own little cloud.

But then maids had rushed to me and another one ran outside, probably to inform Loki. The warm feeling vanished and it was replaced my pain. I held my breath as I sat more comfortably on the bed I was on. As I looked around, I recognized that I was in Loki’s room. How strange. Where did he sleep if I was in a coma in his bed?

The maid beside me was telling me all kinds of things but after a while, I couldn’t pay attention anymore. I felt wistful. All I wanted was Loki. ‘’Miss Y/N, what’s wrong?’’ One of the maids asked me. I turned to look at her slowly. ‘’Where’s Loki?’’ I asked her quietly, my throat incredibly dry so it was hard to speak. 

‘‘He’s..’‘ She began but didn’t continue. Instead, she looked at a guard who stood by the door. It was confusing and I grew a little nervous. The guard nodded and the maid sighed, turning back to me. ‘‘Loki left four days ago. He and a few soldiers, also Thor went searching for whoever did this to you. We’re not sure when he’ll be back’‘ She let me know with her soft voice. It filled me with a dozen emotions. 

Tears stung my eyes once again. A shiver ran down my spine as I nodded and looked at my wounded hands. It all came back to me. The world around my closed and I could feel myself being in the cold room, chained to the wall as the monsters hurt me. It was so dark that I couldn’t see if they were Asgardian or out of this realm. 

‘‘Miss Y/N’‘ Another maid spoke, snapping me out of my flashback. I flinched as I looked at the blonde in front of me. ‘‘Loki will return soon. You must relax and heal’‘ She smiled at me. I knew her intentions were good but they kind of pissed me off as well. I just nodded politely and then leaned against the green and black pillows. They smelled like Loki, which made me feel a little bit better.


‘‘Is she awake?’‘ A rushed man asked someone, causing me to wake up once again. My eyes got used to the lights in the room quickly, because it wasn’t that bright. By just glancing outside, I could tell it was evening. The door opened, which caught my attention.

Loki walked into the room, making everyone else go out. My heart skipped a beat as I saw him. Loki was dressed in his golden armor with the green suit underneath. He dropped his headpiece on the floor, not caring about it at the moment.

‘‘You’re safe now’‘ Loki was the first one to speak. He tried to smile but it was a fake one. I nodded as my hot tears fell down my eyes. Loki magically made his armor vanish as he walked over to me. He got in the huge bed so he could be as close as possible.

For a moment, I didn’t care about my pain. I had been asleep for five days so I considered that enough rest. So I wrapped my arms around Loki’s waist and held onto him tightly. Loki wasn’t the type of man to fall for anyone or be this sensual nor caring. He spent such a long time of his life being alone and misunderstood that I was surprised he let me in.

It took him a couple seconds to hug me back. It felt good to be in his arms. He pulled me on his lap once again, which he liked to do. That’s when I let myself weep, allowing the tears to escape. Loki held me as I cried my heart out in his arms. But it was good to let out all that pain. I had been terrified and the worst part of it all was that I feared I’d never see Loki again.

‘‘They can’t ever..hurt you again, little one. I took care of them’‘ Loki whispered to me as I started to calm down. Of course, I knew what he meant by that. Loki wouldn’t have been pleased to see them in jail. He had taken matters into his own hands and killed them. Who knows how Thor let him do that, but we could discuss that later.

‘‘Thank you’‘ I whimpered and then looked up to him. I got a good look of him for the first time. He had dark circles underneath his eyes, messy hair and tears gathered in the corners of his pretty eyes. I cupped his face and then took a deep breath.

‘‘I thought I lost you’‘ Loki admitted quietly, almost like he didn’t want me to hear it. Hearing such words leaving his mouth was hard. It made my heart ache. ‘‘And I thought I’d never see you again’‘ I replied as quietly, now unnoticingly playing with his black, messy hair. I still loved the way he looked. 

I just had to understand that I was safe with him again.

Better off with you watching over me (Jason Todd x Reader)

A/N: Okay so I finally finished this… at uni in the library. You’re all a bad influence on me. I had a hard time figuring out how graphic to go with this so hope this is what you were looking for? Anyway, here ya go anon ;) 

You were staring outside the window again. It was dark outside. Apart from some outlines and dim lighting you didn’t see anything, you just heard the rain ticking on the window and the warmth of a blanket around you. You gritted your teeth as you were trying very hard not to think of the million things that could be going wrong with Jason right now. After his death he had become more reckless… and you were scared you weren’t going to get him back again if something… happened. You shook your head as you tried your damn best to ban those ideas out of your head. They were no good now and they never would be. It was part of the deal to grid and bear it. You grabbed your laptop and dropped yourself in his couch. Not quite as luxurious as his room at Bruce’s place, but more… anonymous somehow. It felt good to be alone together but at moments like these the place just felt desolate.

You opened your laptop and glanced at the time. 2 am. Damnit, you were lucky you didn’t have anywhere to be the next morning. Not that you wouldn’t be there if you had. You had just had one of those days where you couldn’t get him off of your mind. You sensed something was off, usually when this happened he came back more torn up than usual. You glanced over at the bandages and the disinfectant you put ready. “Jason where the hell are you even at.” You murmured. You checked some texts online, they were interesting enough but not to the extent they banned the worry that clung to you like wet clothes. You decided laying down was an option and started to dose off when you heard someone enter the door and closing it behind him. You opened your eyes. Not sure what you expected to see.

“ Jay… please tell me you’re still alive.”
“ Well, I’m technically undead.” You opened your eyes and saw him standing there in the doorway. Suprisingly, he didn’t seem too badly hurt. Some cuts and bruises at most. Nothing he wouldn’t have been able to easily fix himself. He flung his leather jacket in the general direction of a chair where It flung over the back support.
“ An ungodly hour for a booty call. What the fuck are you doing here at this time?” He asked, sounding tired and utterly done with the world in and of itself.
“ I wanted to check up on you. What happened?”
“ You’re better off not knowing.” He grunted. He looked frustrated and something you could not define as easily.
“ Bad day at work, huh?”
“ Doesn’t begin to cover it.” He walked over to you and you noticed something was really, really wrong this time. “ Jason what happened.” He sighed and sat next to you, legs spread and taking up a lot of space in the couch.
“ I stopped some jackass from killing a woman. “
“ That seems like a good thing to me.”
“ Not the first victim. And she’s alive, but in a coma. Fuck, she looked like you. Same… hair and build.“ You arched your eyebrows.
“ Did you think she was me?”
“ Of course not, I’d recognize your ass anywhere.” He grinned but it wasn’t genuine.
“ Jay.” You were pleading with him not to joke about this for once. He always did this.
“ No. But it served as a reminder. Being with you puts you in the line of fire. I made a fair share of enemies, maybe she was supposed to remind me of you. They could have found out I’m not entirely on my own. Maybe you should… steer clear for a while.” He started to take off his clothes, revealing some cuts and bruises but once again nothing he couldn’t handle himself.

“ I know for a fact you’re not self-conscious about how you look so how exactly do you intend to persuade me if you’re gonna run around shirtless?”  That earned you a smile. You followed him into the bathroom as he ran some water of the shower already. He used with hot water, and it took some time for the thing to heat up. He got under the water but you knew he could still hear you and vice versa.

“ I’m serious, y/n.”
“ About the being without me for a while… Indefinitely you mean? You’re never gonna stop being who you are, doing what you do. I ain’t going anywhere. I know the risks and the code to the gun safe.” He looked at you proudly through strands of hair stuck to his face.
“ My little rascal. No, just until I know for sure he wasn’t working for someone or a copycat.”
“ Not a chance that I’m staying away from you Jason. If I’m not around you get even more trigger-happy out there.”
“ How’d you know?”
“ I just do.”

He didn’t even try to contend your statement. This wasn’t a first, but last time you had a massive fight over it. He seemed almost too calm now, concerned rather than pissed off because you wouldn’t listen to his suggestion of steering clear from him. Like he didn’t expect anything else from you at this point. You decided to just let him shower and looked at him. Damn, he looked good, almost unreal. The most attractive zombie you’d ever seen. When he was drying off he looked at you again, with the torn expression he had before.  
You walked over to him and noticed he kept his hands off of you, not even pulling you into a hug. Considering just how physical he usually was, you couldn’t see that as a good sign.
“ Jason, mind telling me why you’re not even touching me?” No response. “Hey, look at me. You’re not going to lose me. I’d crawl my way out of the grave to be with you too”
He looked at you with a sense of guilt in his eyes somehow. “ You might not get so lucky.”

You clung to him, head on his still on his bare chest, and felt his hands slip around you as well. He pulled you close, first carefully as if you’d break then the way you were used to. Old habits die hard.  

“ I’d lose my goddamn mind without you. “ he practically whispered against your hair.
“ I’m afraid you’re beyond that point anyway Jay. “ The fact that he didn’t come up with a quip to counter yours showed just how haunted he was by the thought of losing you. When you backed up a little you noticed the trail a tear left on his cheek. Jason didn’t do bawling, barely did crying, so that meant that it got to him. Damnit.

“ You’d save or avenge me.” He cringed at the word avenge, thinking of what that implied.
“ I love you. I’d rather not have to avenge you.” He said, in a surprisingly clear voice.
“ I know. But I’m dating you of all people. They’d only come after me if they had a death wish.”
“ Some of ‘em do. Hell, most of them do. What have I got to fucking offer you anyway? You’ve got a life, I’m spending my nights hunting monsters down. And I can’t get the damn image of that woman out of my head, but then as you. “
“ Then we have to replace it with another image. Of a very, very alive and safe me.”
You grabbed his hand and lead him to the bed while unzipping your cardigan.  At first he seemed frozen in place but he caved quickly when he saw the look in your eyes, that you weren’t just doing this in an attempt to make him feel less like shit.

Before you knew it he had helped you out of the rest of your clothes as well and you ended up underneath the sheets. His touch, his body felt warm against your skin, that hadn’t changed since the Lazarus pit. He was still hot-blooded in personality and sheer body heat. And you still reveled in both. His kisses were greedy, desperate, like this was the last chance he’d ever get to be with you. You pushed him away but he started kissing your neck.
“ Jay, not that I’m complaining but…” “ Shhh, unless you’re about to tell me what you want just stop thinking.”  He found a particularly sensitive spot on your neck.
“ Fuck you’re good at this.”
“ You’re still looking at me as if you’re saying goodbye somehow. Like you’re trying to get the image of me in your head.” By now you could read the man like a book.
He wanted to get back to your neck but you shoved him off of you and got on top of him.
“ Jay, I’m not going anywhere. And I’m gonna be in more harm’s way if I try to track you down after you decided to move. And we both know I’ll do it. I won’t deal with you being stripped from my life again.” He sighed, still staring at you. He felt his way up from your tighs to your side to your breasts where he lingered before moving to your arms and shoulders when you leaned forward a little, supporting on your arms. You couldn’t help but lean in to his touch. Didn’t help your resistance that he looked at you with a look of amazement in his eyes. As if he couldn’t believe you were even real.
“ You’re the most beautiful creature I’ve ever seen. “

“ Flattery isn’t gonna get you off the hook, Jason. Promise me you won’t leave.”
He gritted his teeth, looking you in the eyes again. He pushed your arms from under you, landing your upper body on top of him. “ You really gotta learn to shut up from time to time.” He knotted his fingers in your hair and and kissed you, deepening the kiss and making you get lost in it again. He gently put you on your back again and caressed your body and traced butterfly kisses from your collar bone down to your stomach where he lingered for a little while.
When he wasn’t kissing you somewhere the sense of panic of him leaving crept up on you again.
“ ‘C mon Jason. I’m better off with you watching over me.”
He tried to get lower but you put stopped him with your knees, he looked at you with amusement.
“ Babe, we both know you can’t stop me.”
“ We both you know you wouldn’t do anything if I didn’t want you to.” He sighed.
“ I’m just trying to keep you alive.”
“ Then stay. Promise me. “ He got off of you and rolled over to his side of the bed.
“ Can’t.”
You sighed. “You get a week, I’ll work from here for the time being. This place is surprisingly well secured and I got taught how to use a gun by you. I’ll wear a bulletproof vest whenever you’re away. And then we drop this. Deal?” He ran his hand through his still wet hair, seeming to convince himself to go. You put your hand on his abdomen and kissed him, up his body, properly, not lightly.
“ Besides…” You got to his lips and pressed your body against his as well as you could. “ How long can you really go without this? ”
“ Fucking hell, fine.” He grabbed you from the back of your head and kissed you greedily again, this time just with the familiar fire that seemed to be running through his veins. He grabbed a condom and got on top of you again. “ If you want me to I can first…”
“ No. I’ve waited long enough.” He grinned and placed the palm of his hand on your chest while he went down on you. After he had you gasping for air almost making you come, you managed to bring out “ You’re fucking evil Jason.”
“ No, but I am about to…” He got in you. “ fuck you though.”
“ Always.” He kissed you again, hard, and as you felt him moving with you. After you came together, he whispered in your ear. “ I love you. So much it hurts to know how much danger it puts you in.”
You kissed his shoulder.
“ Imagine what it’s like being me then. At least I’m not hunting down the scum of the earth.”
“ Just Gotham.”
“ Cause that’s reassuring.”
He laughed, and you could tell he wasn’t faking it. “ You’re glorious. In every way. Looks, personality,.. what the fuck did I ever do to get you?”
“ Come back from the dead? I mean, I seem to have a thing for zombies? “
“ Really, got a history do you?”
“ Nooo… just one. But hey, when you got your hands on the hot one.” He brushed some hair out of your face.
“ I adore you.”
“ Likewise. “
He seemed happy again, demons driven away. At least for a while. But regardless of whether he wanted you to or not; you would be there to do so whenever he needed you to.
Because you needed nights like these at least as much.

sleepless: a tom holland imagine

tom knew she wasn’t sleeping. he didn’t have to slide his hand over to her side of the bed to even check, it was just something he was sure of. so pulling off the covers, he gets out of bed. his legs are clad in his favorite grey sweats and even though it’s nearly autumn, he chest is bare. 

they were very similar in that respect. they slept in minimal clothes. when you slept as close as they did, anything more than a pair of knickers and a t-shirt or a pair of sweat pants would be far too warm and you wake up in a hot sweat. 

but her cute little bottom, probably covered in some cartoon patterned undies and an old set shirt tom had gotten from the crew, was no where to be seen. he knew better than to look for her in the kitchen or dinning room but he did pop his head into the living room just to double check that she wasn’t in there. 

(it wouldn’t be the first time he’d find her snuggled up in a blanket with adventure time playing lowly on the tv and a warm up of sleepy time tea in her hand.)

when he turned the corner, he saw the light under the door of their extra bedroom. it would normally function as her space, somewhere she could work or read or just hang out. she found that she needed it after moving into his apartment. because even though she brought all of her possessions and even helped him redecorate, there was something about the house that just was so him. so, when he suggested that she take the extra room as her space, tom tried to redecorate the whole house. he didn’t want their place to feel as if it was just his. what was the point of living together if she wasn’t at home? 

but then it felt like neither of theirs. so she had convinced him to change it back and give her the small space while she adjusted. “it’s been your house for so long. i’m just going to need some time to think of it as mine too.” she reasoned. and two years later, their home had now sufficiently felt like both of theirs but this space had remained hers and tom liked it that way. 

before he even entered, he heard the familiar clack-clack-clack of the typewriter he’d bought her this year for her birthday. sure, it would probably be easier to write on her laptop and mail the pages, but tom knew she was a hopeless romantic and the the typer writer’s feel of another era only made her want to write more. 

“thought i’d find you in here.” he murmured sleepily, when she turned to see who had opened the door. she gave a soft smile, taking long and fluttering blinks as she adjusted her eyes to look at tom instead of the paper. 

“couldn’t sleep.” she sighs, changing the function of the typewriter. tom makes a noise to show that he heard her but he’s too sleepy to answer. he shuffles over to her and wraps his arms around her shoulders so he can lean into her. his head gently knocks into her with a heavy, lethargic movements. 

there were some nights where she would lay awake next to him for hours because he couldn’t sleep without her there but since he was so exhausted from work, she was able to slip out of his embrace and into her space to work. she always wrote when she couldn’t sleep, trying to release some words from her busy mind to easy her into a dream. 

but from how she was fidgeting with the type writer, tom could tell her anxiety had probably stopped in for the night, its looming presence making what was regularly a scarce few hours of sleep even smaller. 

“what’s bothering you, angel?” he says, his mouth close to her ear. “what can i do to help?” 

she took a deep breath, a small smile forming on her lips. he never asked why she couldn’t sleep or even forced her to try. he would rub her back until he dosed off or let her have her space. whatever she needed, he would try and give her. 

“i’ll be alright. but thank you for asking, its nice to hear.” she turned her head to press a long kiss to his temple and he hummed in response. “i’ll be up in a bit, alright? go warm up the bed for me.” she smiles softly.

“okay,” tom yawns out. “don’t take too long then, yeah? miss holding you, freckles.” he says and with a kiss to the crown of her head, he drags himself out of the room and into their shared bed. 

she comes in a few minutes later with tired eyes and freshly brushed teeth. tom’s eyes aren’t open but he’s still conscious. peeking out between his eyelashes slightly to look at her. “welcome back, freckles.” he sighs into her hair when she cuddles into his chest. 

Love is for Idiots - Peter Parker

Summary: You have been alone all your life, and from a young age, you learned that love doesn’t exist. However, as soon as you met Peter Parker, you learned to love again.

Pairing: Peter Parker x Fem!Reader

Words: 2,477 (goddamn that’s a long one)

Warnings: kinda agsty, kinda fluffy, couple of swears, my really bad spanish skills (I SPEAK FRENCH STILL LEARNING SPANISH) also first fic so there’s that

A/N: guys i did it. first ever fic. i don’t know if y’all will hate it or love it, but it was so much fun to write. ALSO THERES AN IN THE HEIGHTS REFERENCE.

You didn’t need love.

You were an independent person who didn’t need to feel satisfied by having someone love you.

You were strong, independent, and brave.

That’s what you told yourself everyday when you looked in the mirror.

Truth be told, you lied to yourself everyday. Everybody needed somebody, but you just weren’t used to that. With your mom out of the picture, and your dad always gone for work, you had convinced yourself that love was for the weak.

You just never realised how emotionally weak you actually were.

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BTS Reaction: He Thinks You Tell Another Member to Kiss You

Anonymous said:

“Could I request a BTS reaction? Your boyfriend (one of the members) hearing you say "kiss me” over and over in another room, obviously talking to another member, but it turned out you’re just playing Kirby.“

😂😂Thank you for the great request! 💕


He’s in the kitchen preparing dinner. The first time he hears it, he thinks you’re joking and just brushes it off. The second time, he’s pretty miffed. The third time, he barges into the room, demanding to know what’s going on.

You stare at him for a second then glance at Jimin, giggling. "We’re playing Kirby, oppa. I can’t figure out how to get them to kiss.”

“Oh…sorry. Carry on.”

He tries not to show his embarrassment as he walks back into the kitchen. His red ears betray him.

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He’s dosing off in bed when he hears you and Taehyung giggling. You two are always joking, so he doesn’t pay any mind to it. When you say ‘kiss me’, however, he’s off his bed in a second, marching into the livingroom.

“What the hell did you just say to him?”

You glance from the screen to see Yoongi’s angry face. You raise an eyebrow at his tone and choice of words. “We’re playing Kirby.”

He looks to the screen just in time to see your characters kiss. He scoffs. You hear him grumbling in irritation, but his pink cheeks show his embarrassment. They become even redder when he hears you and Taehyung break out in laughter.

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He doesn’t want to jump to conclusions. Maybe he heard wrong. The second time, though, he knows he heard right. He walks into the livingroom and you look at him, noticing his quizzical expression.

“We’re just playing Kirby,” you giggle once you realize what his problem is.

“Oh,” he draws out the one syllable and chuckles at himself.

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He gasps when he hears you tell Jin to kiss you.

“Jagi!” he exclaims. “Why would you say that to him?”

You look at him in concern, wondering what he’s so upset at. Your eyes widen in understanding. “No, no. We’re playing Kirby.” You point to the tv and hold up your controller.

“Oh.” His shoulders slump in relief. “Sorry, I should have known.”

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He’s trying to not let it bother him. But as you keep saying it, and Jungkook just giggles in response, his insecurities start showing. He walks slowly to the livingroom, pausing in the doorway to watch. He doesn’t say anything, just observes you two playing. Ahh, he realizes, it’s Kirby. Of course! He feels a little stupid and guilty for not trusting you, and quietly leaves you two to your game.

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“Jagiya!” He yells from his room after he hears you tell Namjoon to kiss you for the thousandth time.

“What?” You shout.

“Stop saying that!”


He groans as he gets up from his bed. You shout in outrage when he storms into the room, snatches the controller from your hand, and carries you away. You’re dropped on his bed and he lands on top of you, snuggling in.

“What the heck?”

“I want to cuddle,” he whines into your neck, smirking when you easily give up.

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It’s a game. He knows it’s about a game. But you keep saying it over…and over. He leaves his computer and marches to the livingroom. He glares at yours and Yoongi’s backs.

You fall into Jungkook when he plops down on the couch between you two. His arm wraps around you as you rest against him, and he smiles at his own petty jealousy.

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Tom Holland - Four Simple Steps

this wasn’t requested this was my own idea and i hope you like it there will be a part two and I’m super excited to write it!!!

part 2

requests are open:)) i now take tom/peter chris/steve and seb/bucky requests

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“harry this summer is gonna be amazing” i smiled as we walked with locked arms down the busy streets of london. there was only a month of school left which meant the end of the year peprally and a school dance. i could tell he looked over at me and just smiled.

“what?” i asked. i looked over at him and he just shook his head but his body was vibrating with laughter.

“harry! tell me what” i stomped my foot like a child, this gained the attention of a few pedestrians walking near us. this just made harry’s laugh louder and made my cheeks flush with red due to the embarrassment.

“well i mean if you really wanna know” he looked over at me with a mischievous glint in his sparkling brown eyes.

“you gotta beat me in a race back home” he rushed out as he began sprinting. i let out a loud laugh and began running quick after him. harry’s house was probably five or so minutes away walking so this shouldn’t take long. yeah sure he longer legs then me but i was the star sprinter on my track team.

i moved my little legs as fast as they could possibly go, passing harry i could hear him let out a groan as i took the lead and i just let out a loud bark of laughter knowing i won.

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Request: Hey ! Im sorry this one is too smutty but… Okay, can you please make an imagine where, the reader and Shawn fall asleep and in the morning or middle of the night idk, he heard some moans and realise the reader is grinding on him while sleeping and he watch her and don’t want to wake her up yet ( cuz he is turned on ) and like after that you can do what you want 😂 OMGG I FEEL SO BAD I FEEL LIKE A PERVERT NO 😭 But yeah like.. if you could please do one 😂 I love all your imagines ! 💋 thanks !

Word count: 1,501

A/N: I tried, but this was hard. 

Moans (Kind of a smut)

“Hey baby” I whispered, as I silently walked into the bedroom.

“Are you awake?” I wasn’t quite sure if she was sleeping or not.

“Mmh” She grunted at my voice.

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Mångata part 1


AO3 account

Pairing: Thor x plus size!reader. OC!daughter Stella, OC!twins Frey and Atlas.

Warnings: Fluff. Sexual references to male member in the downstairs department but nothing NSFW.

Word count: 2k

Summary: Born from a falling star erupting on Asgardian ground, her small body was covered in little marks that would grow into birth marks representing the constellations. Once of age, Y/N agreed to married Thor and become the future queen of Asgard. Now she is the goddess of the stars and accompanies Heimdall during his watch. However, as the universe exhibits a unique yet peculiar string of events, she is forced to seek shelter on Midgard from an enemy that might just be her own flesh and blood.

A/N: written for @supersoldierslover and my prompt was “showering together (non sexual)”.

Series masterlist can be found here

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Periculum [Part 1]

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Pe`ric´u`lum noun. Danger;  risk.

Warnings: Graphic descriptions of violence and gory scenes

Word Count: 6,687

For the third time in the last ten minutes, your mouth fell open of its own accord, an unflattering–almost whale-like–yawn spilling from it. You rubbed a hand over your face, hoping to soothe the sting of tired eyes as your legs stretched beneath the small, round table. The soles of your feet thrummed with a burning ache inside of your white sneakers; the thanks you got for staying late on your twelve-hour shift. The stiff, overly starched material of your bland scrubs was beginning to irritate you, seeming too uncomfortable as it rubbed against your bare skin beneath.

You were exhausted–beyond so, frankly. You’d been exhausted before, many times, in fact. It had never felt like this. This was almost to the point of numbness–just not quite. Which is why, for the life of you, you couldn’t understand why you opted to pop into a small, corner street cafe, instead of just going home after your shift had ended. Maybe you just wanted some place to sit down.

“Um, excuse me?” A small, bashful voice came from beside you and it took all the strength in your body to force your head to loll upwards.

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Jeon 03 / Jeon Jungkook (fuckboy, smut)

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🐰 Warnings: Grinding, fingering

🐰Previous chapters:  chapter 01  •  chapter 02  •  chapter 04  •  chapter 05      chapter 06  •  chapter 07

a few days passed by after you slapped jungkook in the face and in that time you still kept on avoiding him. there were times when you heard your name been called out but you didn’t want to turn around and face him. your first encounter with him was a huge mistake. at the same time you didn’t get it why does he even wanna talk to you? for sure you knew he wants to get in your pants and maybe that’s the reason he doesn’t wanna stop. however the girls around the school were jealous. they kept asking as to what you did to make him come back for more but you just ignored the questions.

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a concept, peter quill who is already completely and utterly in love with gamora, (which is already true and you can fight me on it) trying to find the song for them and he’s wracking his brain to try and remember every love song he’s ever liked or that his mom would sing along with on the radio and he narrows it down to two that he can’t decide between, everywhere by fleetwood mac and ain’t nobody by chaka khan

Good Morning

Request: Writers block sucks! Id love a dean x reader fic where she gets wayyyy too drunk and makes a move on him and he’s a gentleman and just takes her home and to bed even though she keeps trying to get with him then in the morning all the smut.
-Requested by Anon

A/N: Sorry this one took so long! I had a super busy weekend!

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: language, smut, oral (male and female receiving), drunk reader…I think that’s it?

Word Count: 2.9k

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Thanks to the hunting dry spell that you and the boys had been in for the last two weeks, you and Dean had decided to spend some of your time out at a bar. What better way to pass the time, right? It had just so happened that you had convinced Dean to go to a slightly higher end bar this evening - and you were enjoying it. A lot. So much, in fact, that within two hours, you were very drunk.

You sat at the bar next to Dean and spun around in the stool you’d been sitting at. It was one of those ones that no matter how much you spun, it never screwed off. However, you’d been spinning almost non-stop for the last five minutes, so Dean grabbed your knees and stopped you, turning you on the stool so that you were facing him.

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Can’t wait until I get to brush my teeth with you at night before we head into bed together. We’ll have a check-in and talk about every good and not-so-good part of our days. I’ll marvel at every detail you share, laugh at your silliness, listen closely to your worries and comfort you in my arms. I will be an exclusive teddy bear that only you can cuddle until you dose off and I will kiss you on the forehead as I send you off into a dream.