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Twenty One Jealous Pilots

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Request: Could you do a fic where y/n is in a music video for top and she has to like dance around and put her hands on the guys and kiss their cheeks and stuff and one of them gets jealous and it leads to smut? Thanks! Also, u love your blog so much!

(A/N) I decided to do this in Tyler’s POV. Hope you like it.


We were filming one of the music videos for the new album which is always fun. For this video we needed a girl, Kassandra for the story. The one we hired is gorgeous and sexy. I talked to her during our break and she’s smart and really funny, I think I’ll asked her out after we’re done.

“Ok can I get Josh, Tyler and Kassandra over here!”

Shouts the director we all walk over and he potions us in our spots.

“Ok so in this scene Josh and Tyler will be standing here. Tyler’s going to sing and Kassandra I need you to be touching them, kissing them and all that ok? Good.”

He walks away to his chair. God I’ll I can think about is her touching me, great now I’m all nervous.

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