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Supernatural 4: Misha Collins - Castiel’s Emotions

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Vintage Misha, I know this has been made before, but this are my trial color test for other projects. And because we can’t have enough of Misha Porn Hair Collins.

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my asshole brain: ahh I see it’s past the time madam wanted to go to bed.  Should I take that to mean that madam would like to partake in a vintage dose of Wide Awake Self-Hatred Time?

me:  …..can we do Pleasant Sleepy Bed-Time instead?

my brain


my brain: madam’s sense of humor is the highlight of this humble servant’s night. :) 

my brain: …… evil piece of crap. :)

bend-me-shape-me  asked:

Can you please tag me in your daily dose of Misha too? I need more Misha in my life. Thank you so much ❤!

My dear first, sorry for the delayed answer.

I reviewed the list and you are included, but no worries tumblr is acting out since they made some updates to their apps, so tagging notifications are kind of broken.

Thank you very much for asking, and here is the Monday edition. Have some vintage Misha that I prepared just because your Ask.

Daily-sh Dose of Misha

Supernatural 100 - Misha Collins - Future Castiel

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