dose of motivation

A Daily Dose of Motivation
  • STUDY while others are sleeping
  • DECIDE while others are delaying
  • PREPARE while others are daydreaming
  • BEGIN while others are procrastinating
  • WORK while others are wishing
  • SAVE while others are wasting
  • LISTEN while others are talking
  • SMILE while others are talking
  • PERSIST while others are quitting

I wish everyone good luck on their upcoming midterms! 

I prefer to distance myself and be quiet when Im angry. I can be the most heartless person when Im angry or in my feelings.
—  Self-Refections (PhoenixRysin)
Slow and Steady

“Hey Baek!”


“Why do you always look in a hurry when we’re together?” Chanyeol trying to catch up with Baekhyun with his speed walk.

“What do you mean? You’re just saying that cuz you’re slow” Baekhyun trying to find a solution to get away from this situation as soon as possible. It’s like he’s being interrogated with his feelings. Which he, himself doesn’t even know what’s happening either.

“I have longer legs than you are.” Chanyeol retorts.

“ I suggest you walk faster.” Baekhyun stammered. Despite that he’s the one walking even faster than before.

“Are you avoiding me?” The giant was able to catch up in time with his oh-so-daddy-long-legs. He asked worriedly thinking he did something wrong to Baekhyun that made him act this way.

“Why would I do that?”

“I don’t know maybe because you’re starting to like me.” Chanyeol joked. Out of curiosity of how Baekhyun will react and this whole awkward ambiance would just end.

“Love actually.” Apparently not what Chanyeol had in mind. Baekhyun hoping that he’s too tall to even hear him mumbling.

“What?!” Well he forgot that he has elf ears for nothing. “Did you just say–”

“I didn’t! Nothing. I didn’t say anything.” Rubbing his nose which means its a sign that his lying and a shocking looking giant can’t believe what he had just heard.

“Hey Baek! Wait up!” Chanyeol smiled. Flustered Baekhyun has always been Chanyeol’s favorite.

Officially moved in~! Now….the unpacking begins. It’s such a chore and I never liked doing it, but I’ve got so many ideas for decorating and I’m excited to try them!

….now I just need a healthy dose of motivation to open the first box because I am tiiiiiiiiired *flops*

welcome to the blue rose, a project spread throughout social media to reach out to players with ;

  • depression
  • anxiety
  • eating disorders
  • schizophrenia
  • or just through a bad day  !

our ask is always open and be sure to check our links for helpful info . be sure to follow for a daily dose of motivation and acnl . 

features such as ;

  • dream address list
  • fc exchange
  • playlists
  • and more 

soon to come!

“Some runs are hard, this one wasn’t”

- a running tale by me

( I’m a rambler not a storyteller)

I ran 4 miles this morning at 8:49 pace and it felt EASY

5 years ago this WOULD HAVE BLOWN MY MIND.
I started my running journey as a 12 min per miler, there’s NOTHING wrong with that but running at the paces I’m maintaining now is such an accomplishment!

I’m on day 61 of a run streak! If I can do this YOU can too 💪🏻😎

Daily dose of motivation right here!