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Cris, this fandom owes a BIG THANK YOU to @goodmorningtoyouuniverse @lhrry and @backtoyouradio for the hard work they've been doing with Back To You. Without these people, we would not have the accurate information and the daily dose of motivation to promote the song. THANK YOU for dedicating your time, money and patience to Back To You, Louis and the Fandom! My english is bad, but the message is simple: THANK YOU!

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A Daily Dose of Motivation
  • STUDY while others are sleeping
  • DECIDE while others are delaying
  • PREPARE while others are daydreaming
  • BEGIN while others are procrastinating
  • WORK while others are wishing
  • SAVE while others are wasting
  • LISTEN while others are talking
  • SMILE while others are talking
  • PERSIST while others are quitting

I wish everyone good luck on their upcoming midterms! 

I prefer to distance myself and be quiet when Im angry. I can be the most heartless person when Im angry or in my feelings.
—  Self-Refections (PhoenixRysin)

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Hi Leah :) , i'm a big cc creator... i have a lot of followers, kinda like you hahaha. so i was wondering how you deal with all this pressure, and how do you deal with 'hate'. also how do you keep your motivation high and still be nice to people all the time? i get so much hate lately and i don't understand why... and it's kind of like bringing me down and then i don't even want to create cc anymore... i'd really appreciate if you answer this ;) you're my favorite cc creator of all times! <3 ty

Hi there! First of all I am so sorry you are getting through this hate wave. What I will say may sound a little bit cliche but this is how it works. Whenever you get hate or being pressured by someone, you need to remember that you enjoy what you do, that you do it really well and that among all the people that follow you, there are much more enthusiasts of your works than those “haters”. You create for you and you create for those who appreciate your work. That’s all. If there is no truth in the messages you get, you have no reason to even think twice about what it says, because it doesn’t matter.

Right now I get less hate than before which makes me super happy. But when I get some from time to time I usually delete it if I see it’s just someone trolling me.

And my motivation? Honesty I live for those comments under the posts. the “YAAAAAAAS BIIIIIIIITCH” makes me laugh and motivate me every time. I swear to god those comments never fail me. Also the messages I get after releasing something. It’s a huge dose of motivation and happiness.

Though if I have a bad day and just nothing goes well in making 3D I take day off and just do other things. You can’t work day by day, everyone would end up crazy 😂

So sweetheart, heads up and remember that you’re doing great stuff and the haters probably don’t have much better stuff to do than breaking their keyboards writing mean comments.



And now, for your daily dose of ✨MENDES MOTIVATION✨ | @shawnmendes

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Reader had a bad day and the only cure is Jeremy cuddles!

A/N - *Happy sigh* Whenever I’m graced with the chance to write more Jeremy fics, my heart grows an extra 3 sizes :3 Seriously, dude, thank you so much for this nice straight-to-the-point request! Considering my tendency to go overboard with how much I write, it was really nice to write something short and sweet like this! And hey, cuddles with Lil’ J? How can I resist? Hope this is good for you, dude!

Pairing - Jeremy x Reader

Warnings - None

Word Count - 1, 092

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On matters of economic policy, in particular, candidate Obama had been remarkably elusive, melding caution, calculation, and a reluctance to commit with countervailing doses of motivational rhetoric and enigmatic flair.  Against the jaded theory of trickle-down economics, Obama promised an alternative, ‘bottom-up economics,’ founded on a principle central to his campaign, that of economic justice: 'trade deals like NAFTA,’ Obama argued during the campaign, 'have been signed with plenty of protections for corporations and their profits, but none for our environment or our workers.’  In a revealing moment, in an otherwise meticulously managed election campaign, some of this talk was however shown to be duplicitous.  A commitment to renegotiate the NAFTA treaty was a guaranteed applause line at blue-state campaign stops in Ohio and Michigan, but Obama’s senior economic advisor, Austan Goolsbee, had privately assured Canadian consulate officials that this was merely primary politics, not policy.  The leak of a consular memo to this effect caused Goolsbee, on leave from the University of Chicago, some moments of discomfort, but the affair soon blew over.  It was later suggested that the story was fabricated, or that misinformation had come from the Hillary Clinton campaign, but wherever the truth lies, renegotiating NAFTA is clearly not an Obama Administration policy, let alone priority.

Jamie Peck, Constructions of Neoliberal Reason

The Obama campaign used anti-trade deal rhetoric on the campaign trail and then lied about it when they were faced with business opposition