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Happy Birthday

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Andy thinks Reader was cheating on him so he decided to take it into his one hands to prove the the reader was his. And ONLY His. 

Andy Biersack X Reader

Warnings: Smut. 

“You are acting like I cheated on you or something!” I say throwing my bag on the couch.

Andy forgetting my birthday decided to show up at the part just as me and Chris was seeing a duet of Angel eyes.

Andy of course jumping to the conclusion that I was cheating on him.

“And this whole silent treatment is really childish.” I say turning around to face Andy.

I didn’t get to finish my rant because I was cut off by Andy moving forward quickly. Taking my face in between his hands his slams his lips to mine trapping my words.

I kiss back roughly putting my anger into it, it mixing with his. Pushing me back he presses me roughly up against the wall, pinning me there.

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Lincoln Loud was only five years old, but he already understood the meaning of the word ‘hell’.  True it was a dirty word mommy and daddy didn’t like him to say, even if daddy had said it after the car had broken down, but Lincoln was sure if there really was a hell, it wasn’t as bad as his house right now.

His house used to be a place he could have fun. Sure it was Loud with so many sisters, but now it was unbearable. When Lola and Lana had first been born, Lincoln was excited. Lucy had been a fun little sister, even if she was quiet and had a tendency to disappear for a bit, scaring his mom a lot. Only he recently found out that every baby was different, and sadly he found out because Lola would cry. A lot. Loudly and very high pitched. Day or Night.

Mommy said she had colic. It made her uncomfortable and as a baby she wasn’t sure what was happening, so she cried. While sad his sister wasn’t feeling well, Lincoln was starting to sleep poorly and it was making him cranky.

Today he was playing a Disney game on his gamestation, when mom came from the kitchen with Lola howling in her arms and Lucy waddling behind. Mommy was trying to sooth her. Lincoln didn’t think it was working.

“Shhh, its ok Lola. Shhh.” Rita rocked her infant carefully. “Come on honey, please… For mommy?”

Lincoln paused the game and put his hands over his ears. Lola almost never stopped. He wasn’t even sure if she slept at all. He watched Lucy tug on their mother’s jeans, reaching up with her other hand to the woman.

“Oh not now Lucy.” Their mother said wearily, trying to wave one daughter off while she bounced the other. When Lucy tugged again, mumbling softly, Rita groaned. “Lucy. No.”

Had it been any other baby, Lincoln was sure the child would have fussed or cried or even thrown a tantrum on the spot. However Lucy, apparently, wasn’t like a lot of babies Lincoln had seen in movies or on Tv. She quietly let go of Rita’s leg, frown deepening a little as she stared at the ground, standing still and quiet at her mother’s side. Rita frowned as well when she looked down again from Lola to her two year old.

“Oh honey, mommy’s just busy right now ok? Go play with-ugh-” Rita looked up, locking eyes with Lincoln. The boy shook his head, but Rita ignored it. “Go play with your brother.”

“Mommy no!” Lincoln said loudly. “I’m playin’ my game, she’ll-”

“Lincoln, just watch your sister. I need to- I need to-” Rita sighed  and threw her head back .”I need to take a walk.” Rita looked ready to cry as she hurried out the front door, shutting it behind her.

Lincoln frowned, removing his hands. Mommy looked really upset. Looking down Lincoln could see his little sister standing where she had been before, watching the front door. Lincoln shook his head and lay back down, unpausing his game.

“She’s not gonna be back for a bit.” Lincoln said as his game resumed. “She went for a walk.”

There was a few moments of quiet, Lincoln was getting through his game well enough, when a black curve obstructed the bottom of his screen. Lincoln paused again, looking down at Lucy a little annoyed. “Lucy I can’t see the health bar.”

Lucy looked back at hims quietly, holding her arms up to him and making grabby motions with her hands.

Lincoln squinted down at her. “What? What do you want?”

Lucy kept making the grabby motion towards him.

“Lucy, talk.” Lincoln said crabbily.

“-Incon.” Lucy warbled. Yet that was all she said, still grabbing for him.

Lincoln rolled his eyes before sitting up to see over her. He started to play again, and for a moment everything was fine. Then a small hand grabbed the controller wire, tugging on it. Lincoln scowled, not taking his eyes off the screen. “Lucy, stop.” He said calmly. 

More tugging.

“Cut it out.” Lincoln said more forcefully, pulling the controller up, out of her grasp.  Lucy watched him play for a moment before grabbing the wire again, this time pulling in a different direction. The controller popped out of its jack, Lincoln’s character losing control and losing a life.

“LUCY!” Lincoln yelled, throwing down his controller. “You made me die!” The baby looked up at him in surprise as the boy groaned. “It took forever to get to that level! I’m gonna have to start it all over again!” He frowned down at her. “Why did you do that?!”

Lucy reached up again with grabby hands.

“WHAT DOSE THAT MEAN?!” Lincoln shouted down at her, the girl stalling and flinching at his tone. “TALK LIKE A PERSON!”

Lucy stared up at him as Lincoln caught his breath, glaring at her. Yet at the first quiver of Lucy’s chin he faltered. “Oh no! Wait!” Lincoln threw his hands up as Lucy looked down at her feet, sniffling a little. “Stop! Stop, don’t!” Lincoln scratched his head when the girl looked back up at him. “Lucy, please! What do you want?!”

She reached again, grabby handed. This time bouncing on her feet a she simpered. Lincoln reached out uncertainly, hooking his hands under her arms and pulling her up on the couch. As soon as she was in his lap, she put her arms around him.

“Oh. You just want a hug?” Lincoln asked as the girl snuggled into him. “Ugh… ok.” 

Holding his sister for a moment Lincoln lay back down, patting her back as the baby started to drift off. Lincoln looked to his game with heavy eyes. It was now back to the loading screen…

It be the same when he woke up.

Shutting his eyes Lincoln sighed, patting Lucy one last time before drifting off himself.

Blueberry chocolate smoothie bowl

The first recipe of 30 Days of Veganism is, of course, a breakfast smoothie! Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day and you can prepare any delicious smoothie bowl in such a short period of time. This morning I added some cocoa powder to my usual fruit smoothie; it definitely satisfied my chocolate cravings!

Just a side note: I usually eat my smoothie bowls either with added oatmeal or homemade granola. Feel free to take out the rolled oats and substitute them with granola of your choice.


  • 40-50g of rolled oats
  • 100-125ml of plant milk (depending on the desired consistency; I used soy milk - it has extra protein)
  • 1 tbsp of vegan protein powder (optional; I used hemp protein)
  • 1 tbsp of cocoa powder
  • 1 tbsp of nut butter (I used almond butter)
  • 80-100g of frozen blueberries
  • 2 ripe bananas
  • 1 tsp of chia seeds
  • fruit toppings: banana chunks, kiwi (or any other fruit you have)
  • other toppings: 1 tbsp of nut butter, 2 brazil nuts (for your daily dose of selenium), a handful of cashew or other nuts


  1. Boil the oats with about 200ml of water.
  2. In the meantime, pour the plant milk into a blender, add the protein powder (if you’re using it), cocoa powder, nut butter, frozen blueberries and 1  1/2 banana, and blend it all until smooth. If the consistency is still a bit too runny, add 1 tsp of chia seeds to make it a bit thicker.
  3. Make sure to stir the cooking oats.
  4. Prepare and cut the fruit for toppings.
  5. Once the oatmeal reaches the desired consistency, pour it into a large bowl. Then pour the smoothie over the oatmeal. Add the fruit (including the remaining ½ a banana) and other toppings, and enjoy!

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Hey therin could u make your recommended oblivion mods masterpost????

hi yes i can!!! i don’t actually use that many mods for oblivion jsyk so here’s my full modlist!!

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Karasuno boys reaction to accidentally hurting their s/o?? Like maybe they were play fighting and accidentally pushed em too hard or something ??

DAICHI | “(Y/n)! Are you okay!?” 

  • Daichi would be so scared that he actually hurt you. He takes pride in being a comforting and protective force in your life, and the fact that he hurt you, even if it was just a silly little accident, would devastate him. Afterwards, he would be extra careful around you, treating you like a princess to make sure it doesn’t happen ever again.

SUGA | “(Y-y/n)! Did that hurt!? I’m so sorry!”

  • Suga mama would immediately fish out every piece of first aid he could get his hands on in the shortest amount of time. Even if wasn’t a big injury, he’d do everything in his power to take care of you. Even when your bruise/scratch/injury has completely healed, he’d still give it a kiss every day “to make it better.”

ASAHI | “Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god!”

  • Asahi would be a complete mess, apologizing profusely even if you weren’t hurt that badly.  He’d be so nervous around you for the next couple weeks. You were so precious to him, and he thought of him hurting you was devastating. And now he’d probably never give you another piggyback ride ever again.

NISHINOYA | “I’m sorry! I’m so sorry!”

  • Yuu always has your back, and he took pride in that. Knowing that you trusted him to catch you when you fell gave him a responsibility that filled him with so much pride. But now, he feels like that trust is broken. Even if you tell him that your okay and that everything was fine, he’d still go above and beyond to get that trust back. 

TANAKA | “Shit shit shit!! (Y/n)!?”

  • Ryu would never forgive himself if he accidentally hurt you. He’d try to hide it, but he’d constant beat himself up for being so careless. Weeks after you get hurt, you’d be able to tell that he’s still feels guilty about the incident. Proper treatment for a sad/guilty Tanaka is plenty of kisses, words of encouragement, and a daily dose of hand holding. 

HINATA | “Uuuwooaahhh!!!!!! (Y/n)!!!!”  

  • This poor little sunshine would be a complete mess, holding you tight in his arms as if his hug would magically heal you. He had messed up before and accidentally hit Kageyama with a fair number of volleyballs, but it was different when he accidentally hit you. He’d find a new flame of determination, forcing himself to be more careful with his serves from now on.

KAGEYAMA | “!!!”  

  • Tobio would become a statue. He couldn’t believe that he’d let something like this happen. He’d want to hold you and tell you how sorry he was, but it was as if he couldn’t control his body anymore as he was frozen in place. You’d smile and tell him that it didn’t hurt that bad, but he still felt terrible.

TSUKISHIMA | “Oh my god…”

  • Kei would go into super panic mode. His mind would come up with a million different ways he could have prevented this, but none of that mattered now. You got hurt, and it was his fault. What he should be thinking about is what comes next; how to make you better. He’d do everything in his power to make you heal as quickly as possible, even if it was just a simple bump on the head or a scraped knee.

YAMAGUCHI | “Are you okay!?  W-where does it hurt?” 

  • Tadashi would be flustered, but immediately rush to your side. He doesn’t handle stressful situations very well, and might accidentally touch your bruise a little too roughly, but you’d still feel a bit better because of how frantic he was being.  You meant the world to him, and he’d make sure to be extra careful not to hurt you next time.
Second Chances; Chapter 1

So, this is my first fanfiction here, and I’m not that proud becaus I wrote it in about an hour on mobile, but the plot should get good later on. I don’t know the word count or anything, but I hope you enjoy it! ^-^ Tagging: @nevuabby


Kai sat on flimsy beanbag, most of the stuffing long gone, fiddling with his gameboy and deafening himself with some loud, obscure rock band. The air was thick with smoke from the tennants on the floor below, blocking his nostrils and his throat. He didn’t cough or twitch. He’d lived in this same apartment for just under a decade, and the daily dose of second hand opium had completely numbed him to the effect. His roommate Rich, on the other hand, sat choking on an old wooden stool, head buried in his biology books, every so often letting out a string of cusses.

“Dude, Mr Takahashi had to stop with this. Shouldn’t he be, like, dead by now?” Rich paused to cough every couple words, his eyes squinting over at Kai, who couldn’t hear his friend.

“Kai. Kai, I’m speaking to you.” Still no response.

Rich threw a pen at him, hitting him square in the cheek, causing him to flinch and rip his headphones off.

“The fuck?” Kai yelled, dropping his game boy. “I was almost at the end of my level.”

“I was asking why Takahashi isn’t dead yet. You’ve been here longer than I have, how much opium does he smoke every day? I’ve never seen him eat anything. Like, ever.” Rich questioned. Rich had only been Kai’s roomate for about a year and a half, but it didn’t take them long to become like brothers.

“I saw him eat a whole lemon once. With the skin on and everything, the whole lemon.” Kai says, deadly serious. Rich laughs nervously, dropping his eyes for a second before thinking.

“Wait, seriously?” Rich asks.


They sit in silence for a while, listening to Takahashi laughing and talking to himself downstairs. Rich shrugs and leans back on his chair, staring up at the ceiling.

“Studying not going well?” Kai asks and Rich groans painfully, making Kai laugh. “I’ll take that as a no. Why don’t we get out and do something then? There’s gotta be something a bioengineering student and a manga shop owner can do on a Wednesday evening, right?”

And a few hours later, the two men are sitting at a bar in a booming nightclub, eyes skimming over the sweaty teenagers pumping and grinding. The music was so loud you could feel the bass in your chest, a sensation that Kai found both energizing and grounding.

“I miss high school.” He says, watching as a group of schoolgirls wander in looking lost and innocent. They were wearing clubbing clothes, but there’s a glimmer in their eyes that reminds Kai of his younger days, before he dropped out. He turned to face Rich, and saw that he had eyes on a young couple sitting in the corner, making out whilst simultaneously staring at Rich and beckoning him over. He turned to Kai for approval.

“Go get em, tiger.” Kai shrugs in their direction, grinning as Rich jumps up and almost skips eagerly in their direction. He carried on watching for a while, just to make sure his buddy was okay, but after a few minutes Kai places his drink down and headed towards the bathrooms. He needed a timeout.

Standing in front of the mirrors, he threw some water in his face, feeling the ice cold beads splash against his red hot cheeks. His chest felt uncomfortably warm, and his spine was tingling.

“Hey.” Kai almost jumped out of his skin, clinging onto the sink for dear life as he turned his head.

“Jesus, dude, you frightened me. I thought I was the only one in here.” He laughed sheepishly, embarrassed that he was so easily scared.

“You’re that shop owner right?”

“Excuse me?” Kai glanced at the guy, dressed from head to toe in black. He slouched, arms hidden in his jumper pocket and Kai could just about make out the shape of a fist under the material. Was he holding something? A knife?

He stumbled backwards slightly, edging towards the door, when the guy stuck his un-fisted hand out of his pocket and reached towards him.

“Wait! Listen, you own that comic book store, right? The one near the Ito Corp building?”

Kai nodded, gulping.

“Okay, I picked something up near there the other day. I think it came from inside.”

Kai laughed.

“Inside Ito Corp? That’s bullshit. They haven’t produced anything in years. Last I heard, they were researching some medicine shit. It’s im-”

“It’s not impossible. Trust me, okay, this came from inside. And you can have it. For free. I need to know if its safe.” The guy looked desperate, but Kai just laughed.

“Safe? I’m not your fucking guinea pig, and I don’t do drugs. Now, if you don’t mind, I’m leaving.” Kai turned to go, but the guy grabbed him arm, yanking him back. “What the fuck!?”

“I’ll pay you!”

“You’ll pay me, for taking your drugs?”

“I know I can get more of this shit. I just have to wait by this back door. It came in this weird white box, it was the only one, but they’ll be more, I know. I’ll give you 22000¥.”

“22000 yen? That’s like… 2000 dollars? It would… It would definitely pay the rent…” Just when he sounded convinced, he shook his head. “No, no, I can’t-”

“Yes, you can.” The guy replied, softly but urgently. “Think of what you can do with that money. I’ll even give you 20% of my profit every month. This can work. It will work.”

Kai stood for a moment, stunned. He didn’t have anything to lose. The only thing he truly looked are to was the next level of his shitty gameboy game. Maybe… Maybe he should.

The pair stood in silence for a while, Kai looking thoughtful and the other guy looking… scared.

“Fine. I’ll do it.” Kai said reluctantly, and he heard the guy sigh, his shoulders relaxing almost immediately.

“Thank you, thank you, you won’t regret this!” The guy exclaimed, but Kai cut him off.

“Just, hand it over. I wanna get this over with.”

The guy pulled his other hand out of his pocket, handing over a bundle of notes, and then after reaching back in, a grey, oblong pill.

Kai quickly took the money, and then hesitantly reached for the pill. He stopped.

“This could kill me?”


He thought, then grabbed the pill and shoved it in his mouth. It was big, quite hard to swallow. He ran the taps and cupped his hands, collecting water and chugging it down in one go.

And nothing happened.

“Anything?” The guy asked hopeful.

Kai shook his head, folding his arms and staring at the ground. They just stood there for a while.

“Fuck this.”

Kai went home, ignoring the shady guys shouts of desperation.

A few weeks later, Kai and Rich were back in their apartment, thrown across their beanbags and stuffing their face with some potato chips. Rich was chugging from a can of Mountain Dew and staring down at his phone.

“Still not heard from that couple?” Kai asked, smiling sympathetically.

“Kyoko and Rin? Nah. I think I was just a fling for them.” He sounded bummed. Well, no shit, but he didn’t usually let these things hurt him.

“Well, these things happen you know.” Kai reached for the Mountain Dew, taking a few sips before carrying on. “If they’re being dicks, they don’t deserve you, bro. I know yo- Uh…”

Kai grabbed his head, dropping the empty can on the floor. He groaned, trying to tune out that weird mechanical noise in the back of his head. Then, he started screaming, rolling around on the floor screeching wildly.

“Fuck- Fuck, it hu-” He couldn’t stop screaming, it felt like his skull was full of bees and nails and fire, all bouncing around and scratching at his brain. Rich was saying something, but it was getting drowned out by Kai’s screams. There was a voice in his head, kinda like a computer, but strangely human.

“Calibration in process, please excuse some mild discomfort.”

Rich ran out of the room.

“Calibration complete. Access procedure initiated.”

The pain stopped for a second, and Kai exhaled shakingly, proping himself up on one arm and wiping away the tears on his sleeve.

A jolt of electricity, and the pain was back, and worse than before.

“Discomfort level may increase.”

His screams got louder as he clawed at his ears, scratching at his head and throwing his legs around wildly, not knowing what would help.

“Accessing neural memory. Accessing muscle memory. Access procedure complete.”

He lay flat on the floor, still twitching and spasming. His throat was raw and his eyes bright red, drowning in tears.

And when the voice came back, it didn’t sound like a computer or a machine. It sounded like a teenage boy.

“Kai Sasaki… My name is Jeremy, can you help me?”

The Weight of the World   

by PinkRabbitPro

Summary: Cat Grant is mentally ill.

Disclaimer: I’ve this running around in my head for awhile, and dropped it several times for various reasons. It deals with Cat’s mental illness, missed meds, a bit of a breakdown, and Kara realizing that choices she’s made may have made some things harder for Cat. If any of those things might bother you, please avoid.

AO3 Link

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25 feat. sick Nico?

I wasn’t sure if this was for the sentence prompts or ways to say I love you, but the second one fits better so I went with that one

25: In a blissful sigh as you fall asleep

“I can’t breathe,” Nico deadpanned, his stuffy nose distorting the words and making them sound like he was speaking through water. The sound of his own voice hurt his ears, and Nico was really afraid of getting an ear infection on top of the flu. That was not something he could handle while he was throwing his guts up.

Will sighed from his lace on the opposite end of the couch, leaning over and pressing a gentle hand to the back of Nico’s forehead. “How long?” he had slipped into his doctor voice and Nico glared at him. He didn’t appreciate being treated like one of Will’s patients, even if he was complaining about not feeling well. Will gave him a sheepish smile and retracted his hand. “Sorry. You feel a little warm. Have you had any aspirin or Benadryl lately?” Nico shook his head and stood up. He hated taking pills, even though he had to take a handful every morning so he could function normally. “You can’t have any of the heavy stuff because of your new anxiety medicine, but I think we have some fever reducers somewhere…”

Will trailed off, but Nico couldn’t really say he had been listening in the first place. Nico dropped his hand over the side of the couch and Will’s big Labrador nuzzled into it, the cool wetness of his nose making Nico’s feverish skin feel slightly more relieved. He didn’t realize he had dosed off with his hand on the dog’s head until Will was nudging him, pressing a glass of water into one hand and a couple of pills into the other.

“Take those. They should get you through the night. Let me know if you start to feel any worse, okay?” Nico nodded and swallowed the pills as Will sat back down on the couch. “Do you want to go back to the room or camp out here?” Nico appreciated Will’s consideration that moving would probably make things worse for his already unsettled stomach.

“Here,” Nico croaked, letting his eyes slip shut again. He feels Will shift and there’s something lifting his legs as Will settles into the couch, letting Nico’s feet rest in his lap. Again, Nico appreciates Will’s thoughtful consideration that he was too hot for any more physical touch. The warm hand on his bare ankle was already starting to make him uncomfortable. He doesn’t say anything though, because he knows that Will would pull away without a second thought, and Nico didn’t want to be alone more then he didn’t want to be touched right now.

He realizes a moment later that Will’s actually been talking to him for a while from the expectant look on his boyfriend’s face. Nico feels his face flush further as he sheepishly asks Will to repeat himself. Will just gives him a quiet laugh and a smile, patting his ankle affectionately. “Don’t worry about it. Nothing important. Just get some rest, okay?” 

Nico wanted to try and fight it, to stay up with Will, but his eye lids keep dropping lower the warmer he got. He let out a quiet sigh. “I love you.” In a matter of minutes, Nico was fast asleep. 

If I have to be sick, so does Nico

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Oh wow, okay, so FYWH posted a link to your page and I had no idea you existed but I already love the advice you give. Anyways: one of my characters exists in a post-apocalyptic wasteland as a medic. She has some access to higher-level drugs and tools (at a "home base"), but most of it would be, essentially, field trauma care as she's traveling. Do you have any good suggestions for writing from the viewpoint of a field medic?

Hey there! I’m always a fan of medic characters, and practicing paramedicine in the austere environment is tough. That means your character will need to be resourceful, and her judgment will have to be spot-on, about a lot of things. I don’t have a lot of the answers, but I have a ton of questions to consider. (I actually turned this answer into this masterpost, because this topic is really cool!)

First of all, a lot will depend on whether she trained before the apocalypse, or after. If after, you have some real questions. What kind of educational system exists at this point? Is there a formal class structure? An apprenticeship? Does she have access to textbooks? To some kind of major supply, where she can get things like antibiotics and pain meds and steroids and anesthetics? Or is she literally just using whatever comes out of first aid kits? Is there someone out there painstakingly manufacturing small quantities of penicillin from bread mold?

Some skills she’ll need: herbalism/botany (I own and enjoy The Green Pharmacy by James Duke, in part because he’s an allopath with an interest in botany). Also basic splinting and casting (learn how to make plaster with whatever’s around). Wound care (iodine for lacerations, sutures with anything from fishing line to catgut to actual suture).

The ethical choices she’ll have to make are extremely interesting. For example, you come to a group after a battle. You have 3 people wounded: one mortally, one slightly, one with a life-threatening injury. You have a single dose of morphine on hand. Who do you help? Do you ease the passing of the mortally-wounded, or obey the rule of First Do No Harm? Maybe you can only stitch one wound with what you have on hand. Or you have one chest tube you can put in, but do you use it for someone who might die anyway, in an effort to save them? Or save the tool for the person you may meet down the road with a collapsed lung but no other life threatening injuries? When do you give your last bag of IV fluids? When do you withhold? Do you let someone’s actions dictate what care you give them? After all, it’s very tempting to say that a robber deserves no treatment, but those aren’t the ethics of 21st century medicine–not at all.

What does she charge for her care? What does she take in return? What compromises will she make to get the meds that she needs? Would she help a friend over someone else who may need the same medicine more?

What I’m sayhing here is that the ethics of austere medicine are probably going to be Part 2 of the masterpost.

In terms of her traveling… If I had to carry the world on my back, here would be my ABSOLUTE MUST HAVE pieces of gear:

  • As much ibuprofen/acetaminophen/aspirin as I can find and carry
  • Morphine. As much fucking morphine as I can get my hands on. But also bottles of pills: oxycodone, hydrocodone, hydromorphone, whatever it is.
  • Antibiotics. Broad-spectrum, literally everything I can take with me.
  • Gauze, but only in sterile individual packaging. Whatever sizes I can get. Not a huge amount.
  • IV supplies: enough to start, oh, 3 IVs. There’s a caveat to this, which is….
  • IV Fluids: theses things get heavy fast. You can only carry so many bags of fluids, and you have to be really picky about how and when you use it. Cholera patients, for example, can require 6-10 liters of IVF per day, which she can’t carry in a backpack.
  • Syringes and straight needles (for IM meds)
  • Tourniquets; as many as I can get my hands on.
  • Suture kits. Raid an ER for as much in the way of suture kits as is feasible.
  • Bottles of iodine and rubbing alcohol for sterilization
  • Scalpels. The old school metal kind if I can get them, disposable I can’t. Worst case scenario is a boxcutter and some alcohol.
  • Sugar and salt, for making oral rehydration fluid. (She may be able to get this from villages, I don’t know.) Definitely measuring cups too.

Things you might expect, but I wouldn’t bother, carrying:

  • Splints. You can make these out of pretty much anything.
  • Bandages. Again, very easy to make, especially in a village where you ask the patient to sacrifice (part of) a sheet.
  • Cardiac drugs. Cardiac patients are usually doomed over the long term, unless you can get them to start making themselves foxglove tea.
  • …….This is actually all I can think of off the top of my head. I just woke up.

Hope this was helpful! Like I said, I’ll probably turn this ask into a masterpost or two, because it’s some very, very interesting stuff.

Thanks for the ask :)

xoxo, Aunt Scripty