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Do It For Your Mother

request for @cas-backwards-tie who wanted a fic that had the batmom encouraging her family into  going on a benefit walk with her

The apathetic groan the rolls over the living room makes your eyes squint angrily. The teen angst you were expecting, but the disinterested gaze from your husband really irks you. Were you asking too much? You didn’t think so. If this was something that they wanted to do you’d do it, no hesitation.

“Mom, it’s purple,” Tim says with a raised eyebrow holding up the shirt that you’d thrown at each of them.

“And?” You ask with a raised eyebrow.

“None of us wear purple,” he says if it were obvious.

“I didn’t know that purple was off limits, I’m so sorry to have insulted your fashion sense,” you say with pursed lips.

“It’s not a color we particularly fond of mom,” Dick chimes in. “And besides this weekend is kind of busy. We all have things to do.”

“What things?” You ask asked arms crossing over your chest. “None of you ever have anything to do on the weekends you all just lay around the house.”

“Kori and I have plans,” Dick says rather quickly. “Big Plans. At our apartment. That’s not here. Not anywhere close to Gotham at all, so I won’t be able to even contemplate attending.”

“I also don’t live here and have plans,” Jason says nodding his head along with Dick’s excuse.

“I have a test,” Damian says simply, not meeting your eyes.

“I also have a test, and a weekend field trip planned… for extra credit.” Tim says in a rather unconvincing tone.

Your eyes drift over to your husband, who is visibly wracking his brain, looking for an excuse to deny your request. But he doesn’t have to, you’ve never been a pushy person. If they didn’t want to do this walk with you, you wouldn’t force them, even if it hurt your feelings.

“All right,” you say with a sigh, letting your arms fall limply to the sides in disappointment. A weak smile crosses your face, “There is always next time.”

A chorus of “Yeahs!” echo around the room, and before you can blink the room is vacated.

You’re left in the room alone, save for your husband who came to stand in front of you.  Warm large hands come to rest affectionately on your shoulders, and began to squeeze rather gently.

“Maybe next time, sweetheart,” He says pressing a small kiss to your forehead.

You don’t respond and instead dejectedly nod your head.

There was something wrong. More than wrong, it seemed that catastrophe had happened. They all noticed it, how quiet the house had seemed. It was a Saturday morning and everything was quiet.  There was no smell of muffins. No soft chattering in the kitchen, and no one kissed their cheeks and whispered, “good morning,” while giving them tight hugs.

They find themselves congregating in the living room, all slightly confused. They all look at each other rather confused. It’s Damian was the first to say something, “Where is mother?”

Eyes fall on Bruce first, who unfortunately could not answer the question.

“Really?” Jason says incredulously. “Batman doesn’t know where his wife is?”

“Do you want me to stalk her?” Bruce asks with a raised eyebrow.

“I think we are just a little surprised that you don’t have a tracker on her,” Dick says interjecting with a calm voice to keep the conversation from getting out of hand.

Bruce doesn’t respond at first, averting his eyes from the group, eventually he says, “I did.”


“She did have one, she was just upset when she found it. We agreed to not have one.”

“What perceptive thinking, now she could be gone. Taken by some villain for nefarious purposes,” Damian says slightly outraged.

“It’s only been a couple of hours,” Dick says with a shrug. “We don’t know that this means anything is wrong.”

There is a quiet that fell over the room all thinking solemnly, “But there could be.”

Alfred’s familiar footsteps work their way into the living room. The slight roll of his eyes and shake of his head goes unnoticed by all of the younger males, except one.

Tim pulls his phone from his pocket, thinking he may have a clue as to where their “missing” mother might be. The walk she had been talking about was for Alzheimer’s, if he remembered correctly. As he typed the information in, it wasn’t hard to find what he was looking for, there was even new coverage of the event.

The first video that appears makes his eyes go wide, he hits play and lets the sound fill the room.

“It’s a beautiful day here in Gotham, Mark, and the walk to end Alzheimer’s is already underway. It busy today and so many more people have turned out than originally anticipated. Even a local celebrity has appeared.”

The sound causes the others to stop bickering. They turned to look at him bewilderedly as the clip continues.

“Oh, really? Who’s out there Vicki?”

“If you look just over my shoulder, you should be able to make her out.”

“Is that Mrs. Wayne?” The anchor asks in surprise.

At that they all swarmed behind him, trying to get a view of the screen. Sure enough, the woman that they called mother/wife was there.  She was talking to some of the other participants with a large smile on her face.

“I’m going to see if she’ll talk to us, Mark.”

Vicki walks up to the unsuspecting woman. It’s not until the camera is nearly shoved into her face does she notice her audience. She has a slightly surprised look on her face, but she quickly regains her composure and the lovely smile that they were all familiar with spreads across her face.

“Mrs. Wayne! How are you? We weren’t expecting you to be here today.”

“I’m fine,” she starts with a smile. “I just wanted to come out and support everyone today. This walk means a lot to me.”

“Oh, really? Is it personal?” Vicki says, genuinely interested.

“Yes, I lost my mother a little while back.”

“Really?” Vicki says in surprise.

“Yes, before I came to Gotham. She had early onset Alzheimer’s. We really didn’t know how to take care of her, and there were times we felt hopeless. I don’t want other people to have feel like that, so I came out here to walk with everyone.”

“I’m sorry for your loss, Mrs. Wayne and this is a great thing that you’re doing. Will your family be joining you today?”
They saw it, for a moment, her face fall in visual disappointment. And everyone felt horrible, felt their hearts clutch in guilt.

“Unfortunately, they had prior engagements today. So, it’s just me.”

“You must be disappointed,” Vicki says with a frown.

“Of course not,” she says with a smile. “Sometimes our schedules just don’t match up.”

A woman calls out to the participants in the background, catching her attention.

“Seems like I’m needed. Nice to see you again, Vicki.”

She gives Vale and the camera a wave and begins walking away.

Tim pauses the video, leaving the frame stuck on Viki’s face as silence fills the room. The guilt in the atmosphere was palpable.

Perhaps none of them felt guiltier than Bruce. He had known about her mother and the trouble she and her family had. She had cried to him about it on the anniversary of her death not a few months ago. How could he have let her go do this alone?

“We really are just giant assholes, huh?” Jason said and everyone felt slightly surprised at his words, but no one disagreed.

Dick ran a frustrated hand through his hair, “We literally just complained about how we didn’t like the color purple.”

They sit their silently until the butler makes his presence known.

He clears his throat and they all look at him. “I took the liberty of pressing these shirts for all or you, sir. I assumed you’d be joining the mistress when you all awoke.”

A deft silence falls over the room before Bruce makes the first move. He grabs on of the shirt sitting on the top of the pile.

“Thank you, Alfred,” He says taking the shirt and slipping it on over his head. He looks back to his boys, “Hurry up, we don’t want to keep her waiting too long.”

Damien is next, silently taking the shirt from the slightly smug butler. The rest of the boys follow suit and then are out the door quickly behind their father.

A small smile plays at Alfred’s lips as he pulls out a cell phone typing in a quick message.

It felt strange to have so many eyes on you when you were alone. You probably shouldn’t have stopped to talk to Vicki, that definitely drew more attention on you than you wanted. Usually people didn’t recognize you if you weren’t all dressed up, and Bruce could deflect from the attention with just a smile.

A vibration runs up your thigh snapping you out your thoughts. Pulling your phone out of your pocket, a text flashes over the screen.

‘Incoming’- Alfred.

You’re confused at first and then as your mind turns over the phrase you can’t help the smile that comes over your face.

‘Thank you, Al’

You fall out of step with the group around you and head to the nearest rest station and lean up against the tree. There’s no need to text them, they’ll find you, and plus you don’t want to ruin the surprise.

Ten minutes passes and while you’re waiting and you start to get a little sleepy. Eyes close and you almost begin to dose off until a hand touches your arm lightly.

Your eyes snap open in surprise only to relax the concerned look of a young woman in front of you.

“Are you all right, Mrs. Wayne?”

The fact that everyone knows your name always takes a moment for you to get used to and causes you to hesitate for a moment before you respond with a gracious smile, “I’m fine I just needed a break.”

She nods, tight chocolate curls bouncing with the movement of your head, “I know what you mean. Sometimes I-”

She stops mid-sentence full lips pulling into a surprised ‘O’ shape. Her brown eyes flash over at you and then back in the direction behind you.

Small arms come to wrap around your waist and a head buries itself into your abdomen. You can’t help the loving smile that spreads across your face. You look down into the green eyes of your son. He opens his mouth to say something but he’s seemingly remembers something. He turns his head and narrows his eyes at the woman.

“Leave,” he says sharply. Quickly your hand finds it way over his mouth.
“You’ll have to forgive him,” a deep voice starts, “He’s missed his mother, so he’s being a little selfish.”

A kiss plants itself on the side of your forehead and warmth runs over you as an arm wraps itself around your shoulders.

“O-Of course, Mr. Wayne.” The girl says with wide eyes. She backs away before turning around and working her way back to her own group of friends.

“You know she’s going to tell everyone she saw you, right?” You hum turning to look at your husband.

“Nothing we can’t handle, right?” He says with a shrug and small smirk.

“I suppose.”

“Are you guys done making goo-goo eyes at each other, we’re going to fall behind the crowd,” an irritated voice calls from the other side of you.

Confusion works its way over you face as you realize that everyone has come. Your older boys give you a smile and wave, or in Jason’s case a roll of his eyes and a smirk.

“What are you guys doing here? I thought you didn’t want to come.”

“We, didn’t know how much this meant to you, mom. So, we wanted to be here to do something for you. The way you always help us when we have problems,” Dick says with a sweet smile.

Your heart melts at his words, “But how did you guys find out?”

“We saw you talking to, Vicki. We felt like jerks when we found out about your mom, mom.” Tim says with a slight shrug. “Alfred also helped a little, with the guilt trip.”

“I’ll have to thank him when we get home then.”

“You should have told us,” Damian says with a little bite in his tone. He pulls away from your waist to glare up at you, “If I had known, I certainly would have made sure that everyone was present, purple or not.”

“It’s not a mother’s job to lay her burdens on her children,” you say ruffling his hair smiling as his sharp eyes relaxing at your words and touch. “It means a lot to me that you came, though.”

“Of course,” he says with a haughty nod of his head. “I would never abandon you.”

“Hey, don’t be such a suck up, brat.” Jason interrupts. “We all showed up.”

“Yes, well it matters more that I’m here because I’m her favorite,” Damian says with a smirk.

“You don’t know that!” Tim suddenly snaps, cool demeanor breaking.

“What, you don’t actually believe her when she says we’re all her favorite, do you? How much of a child can you be?” The smirk on young boy’s face irritates his elder brothers.

“Listen, brat-” Jason starts but Dick interjects placing his hands on both Tim and Jason’s shoulders.

“I think we all know who’s her favorite.”

The others open their mouths to retort but when Dick nods his head in a direction and the rest of the boys turn to look, they all let out a sigh.

Hands entwined you and Bruce are already walking back down the trail catching up to the rest of the group. He whispers something to you and you let out a laugh that makes you sound like a school girl.

“We always lose to him,” Tim says slightly irritated.

The other boys grunt in agreement.

Damian is the first to make his way toward you, his pace in a light jog, “At least we all know I’m her second favorite.”

“Not likely, brat,” Jason calls chasing after him.

Tim and Dick and follow after the pair quickly.

You look back to see your boys catching up to you smile. You were lucky to have such sweet boys.


soulmate au | baseball player au

⇢ pairing: park jinyoung | reader

⇢ genre: fluff + soft angst

⇢ word count: 7.227

author’s note: born out of this anon request and the unbecoming amount of love i have for soulmate aus lmaoo

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Happy Birthday

Originally posted by onemorepartofyourskin

Andy thinks Reader was cheating on him so he decided to take it into his one hands to prove the the reader was his. And ONLY His. 

Andy Biersack X Reader

Warnings: Smut. 

“You are acting like I cheated on you or something!” I say throwing my bag on the couch.

Andy forgetting my birthday decided to show up at the part just as me and Chris was seeing a duet of Angel eyes.

Andy of course jumping to the conclusion that I was cheating on him.

“And this whole silent treatment is really childish.” I say turning around to face Andy.

I didn’t get to finish my rant because I was cut off by Andy moving forward quickly. Taking my face in between his hands his slams his lips to mine trapping my words.

I kiss back roughly putting my anger into it, it mixing with his. Pushing me back he presses me roughly up against the wall, pinning me there.

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saintlyguy  asked:

Prompt: The Sole Survivor is actually a pre-war military astronaut and was frozen in a space station before the war began in an effort to preserve pure human genetics. When they thawed out, they return to Earth and land in their old home, The Commonwealth. How would it be if this is how they met each companion? Like Sole's spaceship crashes right in front of them, then they come out in a spacesuit with smoke and lights and it's like a David Bowie music video. Thanks for starting this blog.

Thanks for being you, saintlyguy! I’ll have your other two reacts done soon as well! <3

Ada – <<RUNNING SYSTEM DIAGNOSTIC CHECK>><<SYSTEMS OPERATIONAL>><<MANUAL OVERRIDE INITIATED>> - - Safe to say Ada didn’t quite believe what she was seeing.

Cait – Stares. She just…stares. Open mouthed and awestruck. When Sole steps forth, asking her what year it is, what happened to the world etc., Cait just stands there and stares like they’ve grown a second head. When they finally get her to say something, she just shakes her head and blinks rapidly. “I gotta lower the fuckin’ dosage or I’ll start seein’ more o’ this shite.” Without anything further, the brawler turns and walks away, still muttering under her breath and glancing back at Sole disbelievingly.

Codsworth – “I – I’ll say, sir/mum, you sure know how to make an entrance!” He’ll be so unbelievably overjoyed to see his master/mistress, that he’ll ignore any questions they might have about this new world they’ve literally come crash landing into and the family they left behind. At least, only until they’ve had a decent meal to eat after being two hundred years late of course!

Curie – After peering around the tree she had hid behind, Curie is astounded to see a person walking out of the spacecraft. Surely they are smart, yes? Otherwise, how would they be flying a spaceship? So she walks to them, hesitantly, and greets them in every language she knows until they respond to her.

Danse – “How the-” He stares, dumbstruck for the first time in his life. “What the hell?” He blinks as Sole strides out of the shuttle, totally not expecting to see an actual living person come out of there. “Halt! Identify yourself. Are you an extra-terrestrial being?” He doesn’t know why the hell he’s bothering talking to them if they are, but damn they look human at least. Immediately he throws a flare for Vertibird backup, not quite knowing what the hell to expect from something like this.

Deacon – When Sole comes striding out of the fanciful wreck, Deacon dips his nose and peers over his shades to double check that what he just witnessed was actually real. “You know, you’re the second Martian man to come here to ol’ humble earth. But you? You got style. I think we’re gonna get along juuuust fine.”

Dogmeat – Ball? Ball! Big ball! Wait…REALLY BIG BALL! Wow, ball is loud and bright! Wait, a person?? *happy barks* Yes! Person will surely pet him and love him and hooo boy was this person cold! But no matter, he’s finally getting petted like a good boy! Now if only they had some treats…

Hancock – Like Cait, all Hancock can do is just stare in stupefied silence before uttering two little words. “Holy fuck!” He shake his head from side to side and blinks until his lids are tired, glancing down to the dose of Jet in hands with amazement. “Again? Hot damn this stuff is good.” He grins at Sole who he believes to be a chem induced hallucination and huffs up another dose of Jet before going to greet the newest space man/woman.

Gage – There are very few things in this world that can surprise the hardened raider. Off the top of his head, the list only extends to spiders, bigger spiders and giant flying space crafts that damn near takes his head off before crash landing nearby. “Holy shit! That’s the last damn time I’m ignorin’ those damn Hubologists.” Oh and if that wasn’t surprising enough, a damn person comes trotting out of the thing like nothing happened. “Hey, hold it right there. Whatcha got on you, space man?”

MacCready – His eyes are wide and his mouth hangs open as Sole comes strolling out of the…the spaceship? Is that a spaceship? MacCready starts shaking his head, mutter “Nope. Nope. Totally seeing things.” He turns around and walks away, still bewilderedly pinching himself and doing equations to see if he really is awake and sane because holy shit!

Maxson – Immediately he quarantines the area, gets Sole taken away for examination by the scribes before they could even say anything which leaves him alone and quietly giddy with their ship. He doesn’t care much for Sole per se, just whether or not the technology they brought to earth was something salvageable and useful for the Brotherhood of Steel. But he’ll be damned if he’s going to stop seeing those flashing lights for a long while.

Nick Valentine – Actually swipes his hat from his head and stares at the person walking towards him, feeling the coolant pumping rapidly throughout his metallic body. After a quick systems check, he clears his throat and steps forward, eyes wide and in shock. “You…you aren’t an alien, right? You look human enough…I guess…”

Old Longfellow – The old hunter glares at the newcomer with a narrowed gaze, sussing out whether he should pull the trigger before they see him or wait to hear an explanation. If any. After a moment, he comes to the conclusion that there is a small list of things he was willing to do that day and an even smaller list of things that alcohol makes bearable, and dealing with an extra-terrestrial being is definitely not one of either of those things.

Piper Wright – After screaming bloody murder, Piper simply stares in shock as Sole comes climbing out, her mouth hanging open with her hand pressed to her chest like she was having a heart attack. From there, the reporter wages an internal war with herself: should she hang back and see if they’re friendly or should she totally go charging in pen and notepad in hand for what’s easily the story of the century? Piper undoubtedly chooses the latter and unleashes all of her pent up excitement in the form of her insatiable questions.

Preston Garvey – He honestly believes Hancock slipped him some hard stuff that made him start to hallucinate, because these lights are nothing like he’s ever seen before, not even in Diamond City. Awe, shock, disbelief. Preston was feeling it all. When Sole finally emerges, he is on the verge of feinting because holy shit a human being was in there?? “Wh-who are you? Where’d you come from?” It takes him a good long while to fully believe that what he saw, was in fact real.

Strong – The bug guy was stunned at first, little eyes going so wide because he never fathomed the idea that a little human could simply drop from the sky out of nowhere and survive. What an oddly unsettling thought that is. After the shock has worn off and Sole comes strolling out with all these flashing lights and blinking colours, Strong goes charging with his board raised, acting out of self-preservation more than anything because whAT THE HELL, HUMAN??

X6-88 – Nothing impresses X6 very easily, but holy franken fuck did this impress him. For one, a flying spaceship, enough said. Secondly, the technology on that thing is far more advanced than even the Institute and that is incredible for him to comprehend and lastly, Sole actually survived crashing the damn thing. That meant they’re smart, tough and one hell of an addition for the Institute which is exactly where he proceeds to take them.

Lincoln Loud was only five years old, but he already understood the meaning of the word ‘hell’.  True it was a dirty word mommy and daddy didn’t like him to say, even if daddy had said it after the car had broken down, but Lincoln was sure if there really was a hell, it wasn’t as bad as his house right now.

His house used to be a place he could have fun. Sure it was Loud with so many sisters, but now it was unbearable. When Lola and Lana had first been born, Lincoln was excited. Lucy had been a fun little sister, even if she was quiet and had a tendency to disappear for a bit, scaring his mom a lot. Only he recently found out that every baby was different, and sadly he found out because Lola would cry. A lot. Loudly and very high pitched. Day or Night.

Mommy said she had colic. It made her uncomfortable and as a baby she wasn’t sure what was happening, so she cried. While sad his sister wasn’t feeling well, Lincoln was starting to sleep poorly and it was making him cranky.

Today he was playing a Disney game on his gamestation, when mom came from the kitchen with Lola howling in her arms and Lucy waddling behind. Mommy was trying to sooth her. Lincoln didn’t think it was working.

“Shhh, its ok Lola. Shhh.” Rita rocked her infant carefully. “Come on honey, please… For mommy?”

Lincoln paused the game and put his hands over his ears. Lola almost never stopped. He wasn’t even sure if she slept at all. He watched Lucy tug on their mother’s jeans, reaching up with her other hand to the woman.

“Oh not now Lucy.” Their mother said wearily, trying to wave one daughter off while she bounced the other. When Lucy tugged again, mumbling softly, Rita groaned. “Lucy. No.”

Had it been any other baby, Lincoln was sure the child would have fussed or cried or even thrown a tantrum on the spot. However Lucy, apparently, wasn’t like a lot of babies Lincoln had seen in movies or on Tv. She quietly let go of Rita’s leg, frown deepening a little as she stared at the ground, standing still and quiet at her mother’s side. Rita frowned as well when she looked down again from Lola to her two year old.

“Oh honey, mommy’s just busy right now ok? Go play with-ugh-” Rita looked up, locking eyes with Lincoln. The boy shook his head, but Rita ignored it. “Go play with your brother.”

“Mommy no!” Lincoln said loudly. “I’m playin’ my game, she’ll-”

“Lincoln, just watch your sister. I need to- I need to-” Rita sighed  and threw her head back .”I need to take a walk.” Rita looked ready to cry as she hurried out the front door, shutting it behind her.

Lincoln frowned, removing his hands. Mommy looked really upset. Looking down Lincoln could see his little sister standing where she had been before, watching the front door. Lincoln shook his head and lay back down, unpausing his game.

“She’s not gonna be back for a bit.” Lincoln said as his game resumed. “She went for a walk.”

There was a few moments of quiet, Lincoln was getting through his game well enough, when a black curve obstructed the bottom of his screen. Lincoln paused again, looking down at Lucy a little annoyed. “Lucy I can’t see the health bar.”

Lucy looked back at hims quietly, holding her arms up to him and making grabby motions with her hands.

Lincoln squinted down at her. “What? What do you want?”

Lucy kept making the grabby motion towards him.

“Lucy, talk.” Lincoln said crabbily.

“-Incon.” Lucy warbled. Yet that was all she said, still grabbing for him.

Lincoln rolled his eyes before sitting up to see over her. He started to play again, and for a moment everything was fine. Then a small hand grabbed the controller wire, tugging on it. Lincoln scowled, not taking his eyes off the screen. “Lucy, stop.” He said calmly. 

More tugging.

“Cut it out.” Lincoln said more forcefully, pulling the controller up, out of her grasp.  Lucy watched him play for a moment before grabbing the wire again, this time pulling in a different direction. The controller popped out of its jack, Lincoln’s character losing control and losing a life.

“LUCY!” Lincoln yelled, throwing down his controller. “You made me die!” The baby looked up at him in surprise as the boy groaned. “It took forever to get to that level! I’m gonna have to start it all over again!” He frowned down at her. “Why did you do that?!”

Lucy reached up again with grabby hands.

“WHAT DOSE THAT MEAN?!” Lincoln shouted down at her, the girl stalling and flinching at his tone. “TALK LIKE A PERSON!”

Lucy stared up at him as Lincoln caught his breath, glaring at her. Yet at the first quiver of Lucy’s chin he faltered. “Oh no! Wait!” Lincoln threw his hands up as Lucy looked down at her feet, sniffling a little. “Stop! Stop, don’t!” Lincoln scratched his head when the girl looked back up at him. “Lucy, please! What do you want?!”

She reached again, grabby handed. This time bouncing on her feet a she simpered. Lincoln reached out uncertainly, hooking his hands under her arms and pulling her up on the couch. As soon as she was in his lap, she put her arms around him.

“Oh. You just want a hug?” Lincoln asked as the girl snuggled into him. “Ugh… ok.” 

Holding his sister for a moment Lincoln lay back down, patting her back as the baby started to drift off. Lincoln looked to his game with heavy eyes. It was now back to the loading screen…

It be the same when he woke up.

Shutting his eyes Lincoln sighed, patting Lucy one last time before drifting off himself.

Blueberry chocolate smoothie bowl

The first recipe of 30 Days of Veganism is, of course, a breakfast smoothie! Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day and you can prepare any delicious smoothie bowl in such a short period of time. This morning I added some cocoa powder to my usual fruit smoothie; it definitely satisfied my chocolate cravings!

Just a side note: I usually eat my smoothie bowls either with added oatmeal or homemade granola. Feel free to take out the rolled oats and substitute them with granola of your choice.


  • 40-50g of rolled oats
  • 100-125ml of plant milk (depending on the desired consistency; I used soy milk - it has extra protein)
  • 1 tbsp of vegan protein powder (optional; I used hemp protein)
  • 1 tbsp of cocoa powder
  • 1 tbsp of nut butter (I used almond butter)
  • 80-100g of frozen blueberries
  • 2 ripe bananas
  • 1 tsp of chia seeds
  • fruit toppings: banana chunks, kiwi (or any other fruit you have)
  • other toppings: 1 tbsp of nut butter, 2 brazil nuts (for your daily dose of selenium), a handful of cashew or other nuts


  1. Boil the oats with about 200ml of water.
  2. In the meantime, pour the plant milk into a blender, add the protein powder (if you’re using it), cocoa powder, nut butter, frozen blueberries and 1  1/2 banana, and blend it all until smooth. If the consistency is still a bit too runny, add 1 tsp of chia seeds to make it a bit thicker.
  3. Make sure to stir the cooking oats.
  4. Prepare and cut the fruit for toppings.
  5. Once the oatmeal reaches the desired consistency, pour it into a large bowl. Then pour the smoothie over the oatmeal. Add the fruit (including the remaining ½ a banana) and other toppings, and enjoy!
The Chair

Originally posted by lawlliets

Kyungsoo had been mad at you. Again.

But to be fair, this time you had done it on purpose, waiting until the plot climax of the movie to turn your head into his shoulder. You heard him sigh as your lips made contact with his neck, just under his jawline.

The muscles there tensed as you began to work at the surface, administering your most distracting dose of affection. Your hand cupped the opposite side of his face to hold him still. His hips shifted against the outside of your thigh.

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Laughter & Experimentation with LSD

My boyfriend and I took acid sometime early this year and it was a pretty scary experience for the both of us. Regardless, it was one of the most important events of our lives. As oppose to my boyfriend and I, our friends thoroughly enjoyed it and tried it again several times after that but we tended to steer clear ever since. We would probably both try it again in the future but I want to reach a stable pinnacle of peace in my life first and foremost. Still, the profound experience leaves me dumfounded and observing my friends take acid again made me wonder if I could experiment with a series of questions:

  • “Does LSD enhance plasticity of consciousness?”
  • “Does LSD warp your perception of time?”
  • “Does LSD enhance emotional response/change perception to classical or drum and bass music?”
  • "What does LSD do to vision?”
  • “What does LSD do to our 3D Perception?”
  • “How does LSD affect our creativity?”
  • “What kind of CEVs does LSD produce?”
  • “Does LSD change how we perceive the concept of the universe?”
  • “Does LSD affect memory?”
  • "Does LSD affect hand-eye coordination?”

Upon being given an empty house for the night, my boyfriend and I trip-sat our four friends and they agreed to take part in some of the experiments I had set up around these questions. Below I have given my observations of their behaviours and recorded their speech to some of the tasks I had set out for them and I give my conclusions:

Aim: “To study the effects of LSD (in regards to questions listed above)”- Overt Observational Study

Participants: “Z”, “J", “C", “G" (Note: Participant Z is taking acid for the first time)

Tab Ingestion Time: 22:21


22:49: none of the participants experience any effects yet.

22:53: J: “It feels like I am going up on a rollercoaster"

22:56: Z and G say they begin to feel very stimulated, Z says “It feels like caffeine right now

22:58: G: “feels like I’m coming up on ecstasy” Z: says he feels ”emotional euphoria”

23:01: J: “it’s getting a lot brighter”, “my mouth feels funny”, “you’re more aware of the smoke in your throat”

G: noticing the “static” in vision,”my fingers feel funny", “smoking feels weird”, “this is so weird fuck”, "what the fuck are we watching”

Z: noticing “twinkles” in vision

I asked "Do you feel anything? Describe your experience right now?”:

Z: 23:12: “the text is wonky in my peripheral vision”, feels a “little more aware”, “I feel really aware in my fingertips”

23:33: no visuals yet, it feels like a ”MDMA come up”, he cannot talk well, laughing at visual illusions on youtube, but not as much as others

J: 23:13: he feels the “super vibes”, “drinking water doesn’t feel right”, “I really wanna move around”

23:28: he says he is getting ”genuine hallucinations“, really excessive laughing at optical illusions on youtube

C: 23:19: is able to balance

23:36: no visuals, says that he wants me to note down that he needs lip balm

23:54: visual effects begin, he is clearly happy, sees purple and green dots.

G: 23:11: Claims that text is “warping”, “I wanna climb out of my skin & stretch”, “amazing vibes”, makes jokes about the word ‘Bonjour’, “my body wants to jump up”

23:28: green and purple dots (this hallucination is commonly and frequently shared with C during the stimulation of many other drugs as well as LSD), patterns on the couch are moving (Z sees this too), laughing hysterically at illusions on TV

23:26: All participants reacted positively to a video of a colourful, trippy statue

I told them to “Look inside this book called the ‘Cabinet of Natural Curiosities’ and this art book, describe what you see”:

Z: 23:51: States he has no interest in the art book but seems interested in “Natural Curiosities” book more-so.

C: 00:42: Sees faces in art book, a shared hallucination with G

J: 23:51 laugh hysterically at fish in the ‘Cabinet of Natural Curiosities’.

G: 23:43: Describes the picture book to be moving a lot. Laughed at squid and many other fish. Laugh at pufferfish with J.

23:54: all intrigued by natural curiosities. All eating a bag of monster munch. All laughing & intruiged by maps by 00:00. Z claims he has no interest in the maps.

0:26: blue planet 2, uncontrollably laughing at fish, they all enjoy eating grapes, J and G able to catch a ball (indicating that hand-eye coordination is not effected), all hallucinate on flowery-patterned board that C brings out to show everyone, J says “he’s putting on an art show!”, everyone claims to notice everything is “dirty

00:09: J: ”everything’s funny”, notices “holes in his skin”, “I am laughing so hard it hurts"

G: States “Ew, this tea tastes like tea", C got a call from our friend (A), he hung up phone and said “bye A!” and G unusually says “yeah bye A!!” across the room (which gives us insights on how speech is altered by LSD), he says “its interesting how colours the play with each, they grow and retract”

C: “patterns and shapes are moving together”, “I am noticing all the rainbow things in the room”,

00:41: Z: Describes the LSD to be affecting him “emotionally and visually” and seems to be very tense about the whole trip.

All participants were surprised it has been 3 hours, G had guessed 2 hours when I asked how long they think they have been tripping for suggesting an altered perception of time.

I gave them drawing materials:

00:28: G: attempts to produce art from imagination which J reports to be “actual shit” and draws a portrait of J

C: Tries to draw the body of an object representing a bee and draws it unusually big. Describes everything to look like “brush strokes”, “everything feels repetitive", he describes there to be “a lot of things going on at the same time”

J: “So much more Colour than 30 mins ago”, “ the room is moving around", “it’s rainbow everywhere”, “everything in the room looks funny”,

01:29:“I feel like a baby”

Z: isn’t fascinated by maps by like everyone else (They have been looking at maps for an hour and a half at this point), he still cannot talk normally.

G: “everything comes to life”, everything is “breathing”, J & G both enjoy scribbling for over 5 minutes, G says he is "not bothered to making anything coherent or of any artistic value.” and both say they do it to “let it all out.”

All: everyone says they experience euphoria

C: 01:37: reports to have a “fat deja vu” & managed to catch lighter perfectly

02:12: says mushrooms would be more spiritual and G said LSD is “goofy”

I put on classical music:

G: describes that the ”colours keep changing“ in the painting that he was observing ”in time to the music“ (Waltz of Flowers), resorts to the books I gave them previously, “The snakes are shifting colour and vibrancy”, a trippy youtube vid says it “makes his skin crawl”, laughs hysterically at own drawing

J: Describes book as “vibrant", “every single colour in each scale (of the snake he was looking at in the book) despite being clearly yellow”, “squids have personality”

2:00: J says “time is so slow but so fast”, J says G’s drawing is an “actual shit” & G impulsively throws pen at him

Z: Reports to have had anxiety but says the classical music calmed him down

All: 01:54: outside

2:13: watching bob Ross

J: says that “ the laughing has come to an end”

C & J are both great at catch showing that eye hand coordination is still intact.

I asked about their closed eye visuals:

J: says “I’m sorry, there’s a lot going on but I can’t describe”, “I can see distant happy faces”, he says "they’re probably from Wisconsin”

G: Says there is “100 electric lines zinging” and reports to feel connected to everything

C: Describes to me what I look like to him: “your hair is reflected & your eyes are… ok”

Z: experiences the room to be downhill showing an altered sense of 3D perception, a shared hallucination with J. G reports that is not downhill, but uphill. Z loves the mac demarco music

All: getting a lot more introspective (2:45am)

At this point, my boyfriend was getting tired, all the participants had been looking at maps for an excruciatingly boring amount of time, they were not cooperative as they resorted to hysterical laughter most of the time apart from Z, and C hardly wanted to engage in participating, so we both decided to go to bed before we could pose any more experiments. I wanted to test what it would be like to meditate on LSD, I also wanted them to draw portraits of each other throughout the night, ask philosophical questions and try a memory test, however I concluded that I might have to leave it up to my own LSD trips in the future and experiment with myself instead of relying on those who have the dying urge just to have a good ol’ laugh during their trip.

Realistically they should have began tripping a lot earlier so I could have recorded all the events for longer as I feel the results would have been a little more interesting if I stayed awake long enough to record their behaviour as they became more introspective, but I don’t think they had enough LSD for any majorly interesting effects. Despite the somewhat uninteresting study, I came to a few intriguing conclusions that I would not have known otherwise from websites I have explored concerning reports about their LSD trips.

When participants began throwing a ball at each other I observed that their hand-eye coordination was completely fine. G said that is may be better at catching on LSD, he said it appeared to be more “instinctive” as he usually is bad at catching. However it would require more experimentation to know. I concluded they did not have a strong enough dose to effect hand-eye coordination. I also tested it with drawing but participants found being creative uninteresting, they preferred expressive drawing rather than putting in any meaningful effort, though they tried, they claimed it was not stimulating enough. Additionally, all participants experienced a mild change in 3D perception, unusual speech and a strong positive reaction to classical music.

I also noticed that G, C and J engaged in mundane activities despite knowing they were mundane, perhaps to pass time. However, they did this for nearly 2 hours, I suspect this is because they all reported time to be perceived as faster than usual. Z has an opposite effect and said he was not interested in any of the activities and did not pursue in hysterical laughter as much as J or G. He also reported to feel very tense and uneasy the entire time. This was Z’s first time doing LSD, he reported to have felt physical anxiety he has “never felt before” in his chest the morning after, it was with people he didn’t know too well and he said he would have preferred LSD in the day, so I suspect this is why he had an adverse reaction. I concluded that this is a perfect example that on LSD we must always pay attention to (mind)set and setting. On the other hand, G and J seemed to have the positive experience, whilst C was more quiet and little less excited.

I concluded that there are two major stages to an average LSD trip when you have a good set and setting. The first stage of the trip is experienced resorting to laughter due to the strange effects of LSD. The laughter will be more frequent the more comfortable you feel during the trip. This is strongly evident through the fact G and J reported having the best time, they seemed most comfortable with the set & setting and appeared the most happy to be in each other’s companies. As the visual effects increased for the partcipants, the more introspective they became as the ego loosened. Sadly, I wasn’t around to study this part further, but I’m sure I will get the opportunity again in the future.

anonymous asked:

Karasuno boys reaction to accidentally hurting their s/o?? Like maybe they were play fighting and accidentally pushed em too hard or something ??

DAICHI | “(Y/n)! Are you okay!?” 

  • Daichi would be so scared that he actually hurt you. He takes pride in being a comforting and protective force in your life, and the fact that he hurt you, even if it was just a silly little accident, would devastate him. Afterwards, he would be extra careful around you, treating you like a princess to make sure it doesn’t happen ever again.

SUGA | “(Y-y/n)! Did that hurt!? I’m so sorry!”

  • Suga mama would immediately fish out every piece of first aid he could get his hands on in the shortest amount of time. Even if wasn’t a big injury, he’d do everything in his power to take care of you. Even when your bruise/scratch/injury has completely healed, he’d still give it a kiss every day “to make it better.”

ASAHI | “Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god!”

  • Asahi would be a complete mess, apologizing profusely even if you weren’t hurt that badly.  He’d be so nervous around you for the next couple weeks. You were so precious to him, and he thought of him hurting you was devastating. And now he’d probably never give you another piggyback ride ever again.

NISHINOYA | “I’m sorry! I’m so sorry!”

  • Yuu always has your back, and he took pride in that. Knowing that you trusted him to catch you when you fell gave him a responsibility that filled him with so much pride. But now, he feels like that trust is broken. Even if you tell him that your okay and that everything was fine, he’d still go above and beyond to get that trust back. 

TANAKA | “Shit shit shit!! (Y/n)!?”

  • Ryu would never forgive himself if he accidentally hurt you. He’d try to hide it, but he’d constant beat himself up for being so careless. Weeks after you get hurt, you’d be able to tell that he’s still feels guilty about the incident. Proper treatment for a sad/guilty Tanaka is plenty of kisses, words of encouragement, and a daily dose of hand holding. 

HINATA | “Uuuwooaahhh!!!!!! (Y/n)!!!!”  

  • This poor little sunshine would be a complete mess, holding you tight in his arms as if his hug would magically heal you. He had messed up before and accidentally hit Kageyama with a fair number of volleyballs, but it was different when he accidentally hit you. He’d find a new flame of determination, forcing himself to be more careful with his serves from now on.

KAGEYAMA | “!!!”  

  • Tobio would become a statue. He couldn’t believe that he’d let something like this happen. He’d want to hold you and tell you how sorry he was, but it was as if he couldn’t control his body anymore as he was frozen in place. You’d smile and tell him that it didn’t hurt that bad, but he still felt terrible.

TSUKISHIMA | “Oh my god…”

  • Kei would go into super panic mode. His mind would come up with a million different ways he could have prevented this, but none of that mattered now. You got hurt, and it was his fault. What he should be thinking about is what comes next; how to make you better. He’d do everything in his power to make you heal as quickly as possible, even if it was just a simple bump on the head or a scraped knee.

YAMAGUCHI | “Are you okay!?  W-where does it hurt?” 

  • Tadashi would be flustered, but immediately rush to your side. He doesn’t handle stressful situations very well, and might accidentally touch your bruise a little too roughly, but you’d still feel a bit better because of how frantic he was being.  You meant the world to him, and he’d make sure to be extra careful not to hurt you next time.