A Real Hero and A Real Human Being

I’m Lorenzo De Boni and I am running for Director of Student Development and Activities at YOUR union.

Now, you’re more than likely wondering what that means. The Director of Student Development and Activities (DoSDA) deals directly with something that I consider vital to life in this town: the student experience. Chief among the tasks that the DoSDA faces is to ensure that all the societies and subcommittees of the Union are in a strong position to function, and hence the DoSDA has the ability to ensure that every student who has a passion to get involved has that opportunity in as many ways as possible. This wonderful town we live in is thriving with that opportunity to get involved, and one of my chief goals, should I be elected, is to make that possible for every student.

Bringing people together. That’s what it’s all about. Bringing them together and making them happy, it’s a simple idea but it’s one that I have a deep desire to see happen, and it’s the thing I wish to do most.

I am someone who is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, and I will spend every second making sure that the student experience in this historic university of ours is of the greatest quality. It’s what I have done for the past year as Productions Coordinator on the Mermaids Committee. A large part of this year was spent organizing the Freshers’ Plays (plays run entirely by first years) and that is a nice microcosm of what my campaign is about and what I am about as a person.

By ensuring the longevity and success of each and every society and through creating a greater sense of ‘community’ via the societies portal and events calendar, I wish to create as much opportunity for everyone to get involved as possible. The slogan ‘A real hero and a real human being’ comes from a film about a character who will do whatever it takes to ensure the happiness of those closest to him, and it is a good metaphor for my campaign, because at the end of any day, we are all here to grow as people and to have our dreams and desires fulfilled, and those are the things I wish to bring about most. To get people involved, to bring people together, because in this case, the people closest to me are all the students at this wonderful university.

What makes me an excellent candidate for DoSDA is not only my experience, but my passion. I am an extremely approachable, personable person. I believe that an open door policy is the best policy to have, and I am someone who will always have my door open to everyone. I have spent four great years in this town and at this university, and it is a place where I have been allowed to grow and have been encouraged to pursue my dreams and now I feel it is time for me to give back. This is my chance to ensure that everyone who has a desire to do something can see that dream fulfilled. I am capable, committed and consistent. I am not someone who sits at a desk for eight hours a day and delegates tasks. I am proactive in my approach. I go out and talk to people. When you ask me to get something done, I will bend over backwards to ensure that it gets done.

I have a passion to get people involved, to bring a greater sense of happiness to the student experience and to bring people together.