Natural Home Remedies: Immune Boosting Teas and Proper Dosage

An adult dose of medicinal herbal tea (of leaves or flowers) is 1 tsp of the herb placed in 8oz of boiled water. Cover and allow to steep for 15-30 minutes. Drink this tea 3-4 times a day. 

An adult dose is based on a 150 lb adult. To determine your child’s proper dose, divide his/her weight by 150. For instance, for a 50lb child: 50/150 = 1/3. Thus a 50 lb. child would receive 1/3 of an adult dose of tea. 

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my regular doctor writes my prescriptions now instead of my psychiatrist, and whenever i go to get a prescription from her she asks me if i "think i need that much" etc and basically makes me feel guilty about taking my adhd meds. because of this i barely take my meds and make my prescriptions last as long as possible to avoid having to ask her to write me another. without my meds, i feel awful. any advice?

Take your meds as you need them, and tell your doctor that you are taking the dose that works best for you and you feel it is disrespectful of her to question the dose like that. It might also be helpful to look up your medication on this chart and see what the usual range is for doses so you can tell her straight up if your prescription is low or mid-range.

I honestly think this behaviour is worth (a) a complaint to a supervisory body of whatever kind and (b) considering changing your doctor or getting a second one. There’s a reason I have a separate doctor I see for my ADHD; my GP is a great GP, but she only prescribes Strattera and that was a really really bad med for me. My ADHD doctor is a GP with a family practice who specializes in treating ADHD, so that’s all I see him for most of the time.


EDIT: Forgot to link the chart initially; it’s been added!


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