Do cheaper morning-after pills work as well as brand name pills?

Someone asked us:

I was at the drugstore and I saw that they had a few different brands of plan b. Some of them were cheaper than others so like, do they all work the same or are more expensive ones stronger?

Short answer: all morning-after pill brands that you can buy without a prescription work the same, regardless of price. It doesn’t matter if you get it at a pharmacy, convenience store, health center, or a reliable online drugstore. Get yo bargain on!

Like most medicines, there are different brands of morning-after pills. They may be different prices, but they all have the same active ingredients and have the same effectiveness.

In the U.S., all over-the-counter morning-after pills use 1.5mg of levonorgestrel to prevent pregnancy. Levonorgestrel is a type of progestin, the same kind of hormone that’s in all hormonal birth control, like the IUD, pill, and shot.  

Some brands of levonorgestrel morning-after pills that are sold in the U.S. include:

  • Plan B One-Step
  • Next Choice One Dose
  • My Way
  • Aftera
  • Take Action
  • EContra EZ
  • Option 2
  • Athentia Next
  • Fallback Solo
  • Opcicon One-Step
  • Morning After
  • AfterPill (only available online)

Less expensive brands are often called “generics.” The FDA requires generic medications to have the same active ingredient, strength, dosage, quality, and effectiveness as name brands. So why can they cost less if they work the same? Because the companies making generics don’t usually pay for advertising, and they don’t have to run the expensive clinical trials that the original brand needed to do to get FDA approval for that kind of drug.

You can always double-check with the pharmacist if you’re concerned about buying the right pill. But as long as it says “levonorgestrel 1.5mg” somewhere on the package, feel free to buy the cheapest morning-after pill on the shelf —  it will work exactly the same as more expensive brands.

-Kendall at Planned Parenthood

Crystals: Color and Use

The best way to work with crystals magickally, is to simply carry them in your pocket or touch them. You can also wear them as jewelry as a single crystal or combined with other complimentary crystals on places such as: over your heart or at your wrists, etc, to disburse the energies throughout the body. 

Cleansing Crystals

Many people often handle the crystals before they are bought by you, so aligning and cleansing them is recommended for purest energy. 

Crystal Alignment Meditation

  1. Stand before your crystals and close your eyes and focus on the moment
  2. Take three slow breaths: inhale to the count of four, hold for count of four, and exhale for count of four, and then hold for another four counts
  3. State firmly in your mind “My spirit vibrates in harmony with (insert crystal type here)” (Robbins & Bedell, 2017). 
  4. Continue to mentally recite the chant until you feel an energetic shift in yourself 
  5. Open your eyes and start to feel the crystals before you
  6. Hold them, touch them
  7. The crystal that is right for you will feel like its humming in your hand–the sensation of your energy and the crystal energy aligning 

Boosting Crystal Power with a Simple Cleansing Ritual

  • Materials:
    • Your crystals
    • Bowl of soapy water
    • Sea salt (in small bowl)
    • Bowl of cold water
  • Ritual:
    • Take all the crystals and put them in the bowl of soapy water. Use your hands to rub them clean
    • Chant as you wash clean: “Water, cleanse and clean. Remove the negative unseen” (Robbins & Bedell, 2017).
    • When the crystals feel lighter, individually place them in the bowl of salt. The salt will ground them in your energy and their energy, and remove any remaining energy
    • Next, dip them in the bowl of cold water to rinse off the salt, but keep the energetic process. As you remove them from the cold water, say “By the water, no more negativity. By the water, blessed be” (Robbins & Bedell, 2017)
    • Your crystals are now blessed and cleansed and ready for use

Color Associations

  • White: Pure spirit, innocence, blank slate (any purpose)
  • Red: Love, life, sex, romance, power, element of fire
  • Orange: Success, memory, gaining energy 
  • Green: Money, fertility, success, growth, life-earth element
  • Blue: Healing, peace, dream work 
  • Gold: Money, success, Sun God
  • Yellow: Success, luck, element of air
  • Silver: Intuition, money, psychic ability, Moon Goddess
  • Purple: Intuition, psychic energy, mental focus, spirituality 
  • Black: Protection, grounding, strength 

Magickal Associations

  • Amethyst: Dreams, healing, psychic ability, peace, love, protection against thieves, courage, happiness
  • Aventurine: Mental focus and psychic ability, eyesight, gambling and general luck, money, peace, healing
  • Bloodstone: Healing, victory, courage, success in legal matters and business, wealth
  • Carnelian: Peace, relief from depression
  • Citrine: Success, protection, anti-nightmare, psychic ability
  • Clear Quartz: Boosts any other crystals or herbs, spirituality, protection, healing, psychic ability, power
  • Diamond: Spirituality, reconciliation, help with sexual dysfunction, protection, courage, peace, love, healing, strength 
  • Emerald: Love, money, mental focus and psychic ability, protection, exorcism, eyesight
  • Fluorite: Mental focus and psychic ability
  • Garnet: Healing, protection, strength 
  • Hematite: Grounding, healing, divination
  • Iron Pyrite (Fool’s Gold): Money, divination, luck
  • Jadeite: Love, healing, longevity, wisdom, protection, prosperity, money
  • Jet: Protection, anti-nightmare, luck, divination, health
  • Labradorite: Peace of mind, peace, happiness, tranquility, relaxation
  • Lapis Lazuli: Healing, joy, love, fidelity, psychic ability, protection, courage
  • Malachite: Power, protection, love, peace, business success
  • Moonstone: Love, divination, psychic ability, gardening, youth, protection, dieting, Moon Goddess
  • Moss Agate: Gardening, riches, happiness, long life, fertility
  • Red Jasper: Protection against poison and negativity, curing fevers, healing, beauty, grace
  • Rose Quartz: Love, open-heart chakra, peace, happiness
  • Ruby: Wealth, protection, power, joy, anti-nightmare
  • Smoky Quartz: Grounding, relief from depression
  • Sunstone: Protection, energy, health, sexual energy, Sun God
  • Tigereye: Money, prosperity, courage, energy, luck, divination 

Medical Associations

  • Amethyst: Relieves arthritis, asthma, anxiety, fatigue, insomnia, and stress; improves circulation 
  • Amber: Relieves asthma, constipation, and headaches; boosts energy
  • Aventurine: Relieves anxiety and fatigue, boosts immunity
  • Bloodstone: Improves circulation, relieves fatigue, boosts immunity
  • Carnelian: Relives arthritis and fatigue, improves circulation, aids concentration, aids fertility, boosts energy 
  • Citrine: Relieves constipation, improves digestion 
  • Clear Quartz: Aids concentration, boosts energy, immunity, and the properties and strength of all other crystals
  • Diamond: Relieves anxiety and depression, purifies, cleanses, regulates hormones
  • Emerald: Relieves asthma, detoxifies, cleanses, boosts immunity, relieves headaches
  • Fluorite: Relieves arthritis, aids concentration (note: do not use in an elixir or crystal water) 
  • Garnet: Relieves arthritis and depression, improves circulation, aids fertility 
  • Hematite: Relieves anxiety, arthritis, headaches, and insomnia; improves circulation; aids sleep
  • Iron Pyrite (Fool’s Gold): Relieves asthma, improves digestion
  • Jadeite: Relieves depression, balances the nervous system
  • Jet: Relieves headaches and depression
  • Labradorite: Improves digestion, relieves stress
  • Lapis Lazuli: Relieves depression, headaches, insomnia, and stress; boosts immunity
  • Malachite: Relieves asthma, boosts immunity (note: do not use in an elixir or crystal water)
  • Moonstone: Relieves anxiety, aids fertility
  • Moss Agate: Relieves depression, boosts immunity
  • Red Jasper: Improves circulation, aids concentration, relieves constipation
  • Rose Quartz: Relieves anxiety, headaches, and stress: aids fertility 
  • Ruby: Improves circulation, relieves constipation 
  • Smoky Quartz: Relieves anxiety, stress, and headaches
  • Sunstone: Relieves depression and fatigue 
  • Tigereye: Relieves anxiety, asthma, and depression

Crystal Water

This is an energetic healing-water prepared in a glass or jar, with the correct combination of crystals. To make your water:

  • Place the crystals in the bottom of the glass or jar
  • Set outside in the sun, or by a sunny window
  • Let sit for 2-8 hours
  • Once done, strain the water into a clean glass and store
  • Dosage is 2-3 drops in a glass of water or juice 3-4 times daily 

Note: Some crystals have metallic components and may contain iron or other substances that you should not drink or touch. These minerals include malachite, azurite, fluorite, jet, sulfur, serpentine, tigereye, tiger iron, and turquoise. To still obtain the crystal water energies from these crystals, you should use the No-Touch Method.

No-Touch Method

What you will need

  • Small bowl 
  • Large bowl
  • Crystals
  • Water
  • Bottle or jar
  1. Place the crystals in the small bowl
  2. Place the smaller bowl within the larger bowl
  3. Fill the larger bowl with enough water that the water level is above the height of the crystal(s) in the smaller bowl (BUT DOES NOT OVERFLOW INTO THE SMALL BOWL) 
  4. Place the bowls outside in the sun or on a sunny window for 2-8 hours
  5. Bottle the water from the larger bowl and store
  6. Usage and dosage is the same as above


  • Anxiety Relief: Amethyst, rose quartz, moonstone
  • Arthritis Relief: Carnelian, garnet, hematite
  • Asthma Relief: Amethyst, iron pyrite, tigereye
  • Constipation Relief: Citrine, red jasper
  • Depression Relief: Garnet, jadeite, lapis lazuli, sunstone, moss agate
  • Digestive Relief: Citrine, iron pyrite, labradorite, energy boost, carnelian, clear quartz
  • Fatigue Relief: Aventurine, carnelian, sunstone
  • Fertility: Carnelian, garnet, moonstone, rose quartz
  • Headache Relief: Clear quartz, hematite, lapis lazuli, rose quartz
  • Immunity Boost: Aventurine, bloodstone, clear quartz, lapis lazuli
  • Improve Circulation: Bloodstone, hematite
  • Improve Concentration: Carnelian, clear quartz, red jasper
  • Insomnia Relief: Amethyst, hematite, lapis lazuli
  • Stress Relief: Lapis lazuli, smoky quartz, rose quartz 


Robbins, Shawn, and Bedell, Charity. The Good Witch’s Guide. New York: Sterling Ethos, 2017. Print.

It is never too late to be evaluated for ADHD.

If you look at lists of symptoms/checklists intended for adults and have that moment of “oh shit, that’s me,” get evaluated. 

Just because one doctor/psychologist/therapist/school counselor told you once that you don’t have ADHD because ______ doesn’t mean they were right. (Especially if you’re smart, good at school, or do well when tested–people who don’t know ADHD very well might try to tell you that you don’t have it. They could be wrong.)

Trying medication is worth it. And it’s never too late to try!

The right medication is like having glasses, but for your brain. It doesn’t cure anything, but makes it so you can function more like someone who doesn’t have ADHD/bad vision. 

Stimulant medications in particular have been in use for nearly a hundred years now. Taken as prescribed they have an excellent safety record. If they caused problems long-term we would know by now. 

Finding the right medication/dosage is not always easy. Don’t give up because you try one medication and don’t like it. Tell your provider what you did and didn’t like about it and ask to try something else. 

(That said, many side effects are temporary. Again, talk to your provider.)

If you have ADHD, the right medication can significantly ease your depression and/or anxiety. It will also make all of your current coping methods for your ADHD much, much easier. 


rosemary more like rosemarries am i right??? am i ri

(also i take commissions jsyk)

Lost in Frozen Tides | M

↳ Précis | A beach house laying still before cerulean waters, an ocean where destinies intertwine, and serendipities drown in the arms of fate.

Originally posted by parkjiminer

Note — Your Name!au, aka body swap!au. Totally different from said movie, nonetheless, highly recommend you watch it. Also, ft. a high dosage of Kim Taehyung | Words ➳ 21.6k

Genre & Warnings — A glass of angst with a dash of fluff, and a sprinkle of humor. Warnings? uh..implied smut and mentions of death.

The window stood opened, sheer curtains occasionally being swayed by the frivolous breath of air from the outside — breeze kissing your skin delicately while you smiled in your sleep, hugging the body pillow even closer to your chest as you hummed, sinking your head into the plushness of the cushion. It was way past midnight, the owl’s faint hoos were welcoming throughout the atmosphere as they bounced around the area and the indistinct salty scent of the ocean’s crystal waters wafted insignificantly; melding within the zephyr to drown others in utter reminisce and nostalgia.

Your mouth hung open by how amazingly comfortable you were, having the best night’s sleep of your life inside the beach house your friend’s had rented to have the time of your lives. It was the first day of arriving late in the night, and the first thing you did was melt into the fine lusciousness your bed had to offer, immediately knocking out and having your soul diminish beneath the small parts of your brain. It was a long and annoying drive, being in the Range Rover with more humans than you can handle despite them being your friends — and now, you had the time to relax..or so you thought.

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ADHD questions/thoughts

I happened to stumble upon your page, and it’s been really helpful, thank you.

I was recently diagnosed with ADHD, the inattentive type with a few hyperactive symptoms, and i have a lot of thoughts/questions for you. it’s okay if you can’t answer all of them but here we go.

  1. I’ve taken Ritalin and am currently on Concerta, and i’ve noticed that once the medication wears off, i crash really hard. I get exhausted, irritable, and my adhd symptoms get worse, and i start noticing the hyperactive part becomes worse. Is that normal?
  2. I am pretty smart, i guess that’s why it’s been undiagnosed until high school, but because of this, some of my friends, family, and teachers don’t believe i have it and it’s really frustrating because then it makes me doubt that i actually do have ADHD and maybe i’m just noticing the symptoms more since i’ve been diagnosed. But if that were true, the medication would be like speed, but in reality it just gives me clarity. 
  3. HOW DO YOU EAT ON MEDICATION. When i’m on Concerta, i can’t eat at all, even if i am hungry. it’s supposed to last 8-10 hours so i don’t know how i’ll eat. Towards the end of the day, i get starving since i haven’t eaten all day, but whenever i eat something i feel like i’m going to throw it up. The only thing i can eat is salad, not even fruit. How do i get my calories in?
  4. How do you know when the dose is right? Like when i was on Ritalin, i would take 3.5 of the 5mg tablets, and i could actually think, but the same thing happened when i tried out the 4. So how will i know which one works better? I was only allowed to have a max of 4, so i didn’t try anything more than that, but when did you know it was the perfect dose for you?
  5. Is biting your nails a sign of ADHD? 
  6. I sometimes have these bursts of energy, where i want to clean and organize my room as best as i can, and i spend 4+ hours just cleaning and rearranging my whole room. Is this something people with adhd do lol. I’m always really messy, but when i have these urges i can’t ignore them. They’re usually around 8pm, or 3 am.
  7. Can concussions make ADHD worse? Because i’ve had 2, and ever since the first one, i’ve noticed more of the symptoms, especially after the 2nd one. I’ve always had these symptoms, obviously, but because i was smart i didn’t think anything of it since it didn’t really impact my grades until now.

Sorry for all these comments/questions. I had way more, but when i started writing i couldn’t remember what i was going to type lol. Thank you so much for making this blog, it’s really helped me understand more about my ADHD, i hope you can answer a few of my questions haha.

1. This is called rebound and it’s a known thing. Sometimes a small dose of a short-acting medication as the long-acting med is wearing off can help you through the period.

2. You’ve been diagnosed. You have difficulties that match up with ADHD. If you struggle, you struggle. Other people’s opinions are just that: opinions.

3. Make sure you eat before you take your meds, try drinking meal replacement shakes during the day, and then do your best to eat healthy foods in the evenings.

4. I usually go with whatever the lowest dose is that helps. I don’t up anything unless the lower dose stops working.

5. Biting your nails is pretty common. It can be a way to stim; it can also be a sign of anxiety or boredom. I bit my nails until I graduated from high school, when my parents paid for me to have fake nails for grad. Nothing else helped (and we tried everything).

6. Yeah, these bursts of productivity are pretty common. It can be really annoying.

7. Yes, concussions can make symptoms worse. It’s known that traumatic brain injuries can cause ADHD symptoms.

I hope this helps you out!


anonymous asked:

I just started vyvanse after the highest dose of concerta wasn't working anymore and my doctor put me on the highest dose of vyvanse since I was highest on concerta and it kinda feels like it's too high but at the same time it's been so long since my ADHD meds have worked that maybe it's normal? I'm super incredibly focused and I'm never hungry on it and my heart seems to beat really fast... is that normal or do I need a lower dose?

…Please talk to your doctor and ask for a lower dose. This is not the way a medication change should be done, at all. You should always be started at a lower dose and then gradually increased to a dose that helps. Especially since Vyvanse is amphetamine and not methylphenidate, like Concerta is.

In particular, the heart thing is concerning, as is the lack of hunger and the overfocusing.

Please be safe.


“Nothing I do is ever good enough.” part.2

Pairing: Kim Seokjin x Reader

Genre: Angst 

Words: 1,629

*WARNING* - The following content can be triggering. With mentions of depression etc. Read at your own risk as this chapter is quite ‘dark’, and I don’t want to upset anyone.

[part.1] [part.2] [part.3 ending]

Originally posted by bwiseoks

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snowbazzled  asked:

Hello! I was just diagnosed officially in June and I am still trying out different meds to find one that's right for me. I was prescribed Teva-Methylphenidate at a dose of 18mg but it was wearing off after about 3-4 hours. We were then told to up the dose to 27mg but it is becoming increasingly clear to both my mum and I how difficult it is to get this particular medication. So, I was wondering if it would be safe to take a second pill of my original dose once it starts to wear off? Much love!<3

I’m gonna go with NO on this one since 27mg is NOT double 18mg. Sometimes larger doses last longer, which is why they want to do that first. If it’s really hard to get, talk to the doctor about trying something different. There are other types of methylphenidate that are easier to procure.


Emotional Cheating | 2

1 -


“God forbid I get tired, Harry.”

The words Harry once neglected before were now imprinted in his mind, not leaving once you did. It was those simple words he knew not to fuck up ever again.

He knows how you are. He knows what you meant by those words. He knows that by what you said, it didn’t mean that you want God to forbid you from being tired physically. He already knew you are every day.

You meant that you didn’t want to get tired in the aspect that you were more than ready to give up. Harry knew how well you could keep up because he’s seen it before.

And God forbid you get tired of him.

There was a thought that appeared from his sub-conscious, making him almost jump in his seat in response of how much he hated it, his large hands gripping his hair.

Alcohol isn’t advisable nor recommended at the moment. It wouldn’t help his case and he knew that exactly.

You though of it too. But minutes later, you found yourself sitting next to the mini refigerator your room has with a beer in hand, putting a bill on the counter with a note because you didn’t want to be like one of those obnoxious guests.

The floor and the beer’s cold, and so is Harry’s flat. He didn’t want to call it home because you weren’t there with him and so was he mentally to be even considered as one.

“Can I call now?”

Harry’s hands were shaking, his thumb reaching out to press ‘send’ along with his hand that reached for your blanket you used to wrap yourself in whenever you were waiting for him, squeezing it.

It took every bit of Harry to stop himself from hurling objects across the room. He’d close his eyes and breathe deeply, until your words of “Self-control, love.” came into effect. He admits that he doesn’t have the longest of tempers and the highest dosage of control.


His attention is fully fixed on his phone now, another pang on his chest when he saw your reply.

He specifically told you not to put periods at the end of your messages because it scared him. Maybe it’s the changed meaning every time there’s a punctuation, maybe it’d the formality.

And right now, he has every reason to be.

“Don’t get tired on me yet. You’re not going to get tired, you’re not. You’re not tired.”

Harry muttered the words once you accepted the call, not letting a single second going to waste since he precisely has 300 of it.

He’s slowly losing his right state of mind without you by his side. He was so used to being tolerated for the way he is that he forgot how to not feel when it was the other way around.

“It’s not for me to decide but I’m trying to influence you to it. The only time you’re going to be tired is when we’re gonna take care of our future kids. You’re only going to be tired when you’re out of breath not because of a fight, but from something we both like.”

Harry’s tears were pouring involuntarily with him not having any control over it, the hoarseness of his voice slightly hurting his throat from speaking faster normally than how he did.

“You’re only going to be tired when we’re packing bags to go on vacation and on tour. You’re only going to be tired from jet lag and lack of sleep and not from us. The only time you’re going to be tired is when we fight with our kids and that’s it.”

The hurt in his chest was starting to get unbearable now, the grip on the blanket to the point where his hand was going numb and his knuckles going white were getting the best of him.

His voice cracked, completely letting go of his ego and his pride, a desperate plea coming from his lips he’s willing to repeat if that’s what’s going to make you agree.

“You’re not going to get tired on me, Y/N. And that’s final.”

He used up a minute, being scared of the remaining ones because those are the last moments he’s going to hear your voice for that day.

“I know I haven’t gave you the best of reasons to not be, and I know that. I do. But love, please listen to me.”

“I know what you’re doing.”

His heart skipped a beat when he heard your voice since he didn’t expect for you to talk, he knew silence was the only thing you could muster in times like these.

“I’m trying to make you come home.”

“Is there home?” you asked in a whisper and ended with a harsh tone in your voice.

“There is.”

His grip loosened, opening and closing his hand repeatedly until he could feel the warmth go back to his veins again.

“Do you love me?”

Harry felt rigid, a cold shiver down his spine from what you asked because he never thought it would come to this. He never thought that you would ask him for confirmation if he still loves you because at moments like this, there was no other choice.

“I do.”

You leaned your head against a cabinet which made you let out a cry, not because of the pain but because of what he answered, an angry cry coming out of your lips that alerted Harry, sitting up straighter.

“Then why the hell did you do it?”

He felt his breathing come shallow, his gaze going elsewhere that didn’t make any sense.

“Because I only thought of myself.”

He’s right.

Maybe you were too selfless that you put Harry on top of your priorities that you weren’t on his.

Too selfless.

“Because I wasn’t thinking.”

You remembered all the nights you would greet him by the door with a hug he’d reciprocate half to, ignoring the pain it caused because you love him too much that it hurt you.

Too much.

“Because I wasn’t thinking of you and I deeply regret that.”

You spilled too much over the tipping point of your rock-bottom, the pain being overwhelming that you were momentarily numb from it until he spoke again.

“There isn’t anyone like you. And I’d rather not have the chance to find that out because I’m not going to take any.”

His voice was stern yet still gentle, a tone on his voice that you barely heard these past few months.

“I’m selfish; I know. I do know that. I’m selfish when it comes to having you because I just am.”

Harry breathed in deeply, his tears decreasing and so is his voice.

“I may not be the best at all things. But I know I’m selfish when it comes to having you because you make me feel like I am. And Y/N, I love that.”

He was starting to get calm now but not too much that he was confident of having you again since he didn’t want to jinx it, a tentative look on the door.

“Please come back here. I know — I know that I don’t hold the many promises that I make but I swear to God that this is real.”

He closed his eyes, wanting to desperately feel you by his side.

“You are my home.”

The phone dropped, making Harry almost break down right then and there and doubt himself that he didn’t try hard enough. That maybe he was too stupid to take you for granted and have this result.

He was so close to hurling his phone against the wall but no, he decided against that because he’s going to call you tomorrow. Maybe he’s going to call you so he put it down again, an uneasy look on his face.

Minutes or hours passed since he wasn’t sure of it passed and he spent the majority of it crying. He didn’t know why but he chose to relive by the words you told him and how broken you looked. He didn’t know why but it pained him to realize that he’s going to be the only one to do that to you.

He doesn’t know whether it’s a privilege or not.

And so, just as he felt to break the rules and let a friend track your call, the door opened.

You were there standing, a moment of realization hitting you from the moment that you ended the call is that you wouldn’t have it either way.

You’d rather be hurt because of Harry than to not at all.

He stood up instantly, taking careful steps towards you before it sank in him, hugging you so tightly and closely that you could feel his tears streaming down on your neck.

He cried onto you, heavy breathing filling the aie as you let him do it, your arms wrapping around him which made him more than grateful.

He whispered the words, but still loud and powerful enough for you to hear and to be inked forever into you.

You knew it later on by his song, yet it was the most precious to him since it held the most meaning to him, and so did it on to you, letting him convice you to get the title inked onto you, still in the meaning where only he gets to know.

“You bring me home.”

anonymous asked:

Hi Ive been on concerta for 4 years and I think my dose needs to be upped. I started with 36mg for 6 months and was prescribed 54mg until 1.5 years ago when my dose was raised to 72mg. I know 72mg is a large dose, but it's not really working as well as it was. I experimented a little over the weekend, and I took 108mg and that seemed to work really well, but I'm afraid to tell my doctor because she might think I'm abusing it. How likely is it that my doctor (US) would prescribe a higher dose?

According to, 72mg is the highest dose for adults. Now, I did read something by an ADHD specialist (many years ago so I have no source) where he said he thinks the highest dose stuff is bs and he routinely prescribes higher. He thinks other ADHD doctors are too cautious. But most doctors won’t go over that dose.

Talk to your doctor about what’s happening now with your current dose and ask what your options are. She might agree to increase your dose, but she may prefer to try a different medication. Different formulations of methylphenidate (the active ingredient in Concerta) have different effects, so you may be able to continue taking it and still have benefits.


I had a nightmare last night and to make myself feel better I inserted Tony and a/b/o. Because I’m an asshole.

Obadiah has Howard and Maria killed, takes over their kingdom, goes to war. Tony’s still a child though, so he’s no threat, and an omega to boot, so it’s not hard to isolate him, to manipulate him, tell him horror stories to make him compliant. So Tony, young and terrified after Obadiah is killed and what was left of his kingdom conquered, has to stand before Queen Sarah and accept whatever punishment she deems proper. And Queen Sarah sees this young omega, just come of age, shoulders straight and chin up but visibly trembling in fear, she realizes he would not survive banishment, and she remembers Maria, remembers Maria sending some of her kingdom’s best medicine, a skilled physician named Erskine, to keep her own son from perishing of illness before the age of ten, and she decides she can repay a debt to this dead queen by taking care of her son. Steve has already chosen Bucky for his mate, but they’re both alphas, so they would have had to take on an omega at some point for an heir, so she chooses Tony for them.

(”Mother, we were discussing omegas ourselves,” Steve hisses at dinner, before Tony arrives. “We were coming to a decision. You didn’t have to choose this–traitor for the mother of our child.”

“Maria Stark is the reason you are alive today,” Sarah hisses back at him. “A queen murdered in cold blood by her husband’s adviser. We will repay her in this.”

And Steve wants to argue, because he didn’t ask to be healed, didn’t ask to be put in some dead queen’s debt before he could walk. Instead he turns a glare on his husband, who raises his hands and says, “I’ve learned not to argue with your mother. We need an omega and Anthony is just as good as any. You’re just mad because you didn’t get to choose. You were lucky enough to be able to choose me. Sometimes royalty must make concessions. This is one of them.” Steve’s still pissed off but he is lucky he was allowed to choose Bucky for his husband, so he quiets.)

Tony is given ladies-in-waiting. Those ladies-in-waiting choose to leave rather than serve him, and one even spits in his face as she leaves because her brother died in the war, and Tony thinks he deserves it, so he says nothing, lets them leave, and then begs off meals saying he’s ill. One of the guards checks on him one day, annoyed, because she has to take care of this spoiled brat instead of doing actual work, and she’s horrified when she finds Tony sitting in his dressing room, wearing the traditional silk breeches omegas wear in his country but the traditional jacket lying out in front of him, staring at it forlornly. Even with Obadiah in charge he had people to dress him, he’s never had to learn how to tie things behind his back sightlessly, and trying to do it in the mirror is difficult because everything’s backward. The guard takes in Tony’s exhausted, frightened expression and instead helps him put on the jacket, tie the silk cords properly behind him, asks where his ladies-in-waiting are and then falls silent when he admits that they left. She’d say something but she’s pretty sure any new ladies-in-waiting assigned to him would be worse, so she simply takes on the job of helping him dress in the morning, teach him how to tie the easier cords himself.

(”Anthony,” Sarah says, just a touch reproachfully. “I’ve heard news that one of our alpha guards is visiting you every morning.”

Tony nearly panics, because he doesn’t want Natasha to be punished but he also doesn’t want to explain that his ladies-in-waiting were so repulsed that they left him and he doesn’t know how to dress himself, so he comes up with a lie, because no one’s there to refute it anyway. “Where I come from, i-it’s tradition, that a female alpha come in to make sure I’m dressed appropriately. I’m sorry, I–I didn’t think–I’m so embarrassed, I’ve offended you, I’m sor–”

Sarah’s face softens, and so do Bucky’s and Steve’s. “Oh, sweetheart, you should have said. No wonder you couldn’t come meet us for meals, not having an unrelated alpha there to approve of your clothing. I apologize.”

And Tony feels horrible for making her feel sorry when it’s his fault for not knowing how to dress himself.)

Queen Sarah falls ill and it’s the worst because Tony has realized his medicine is running low. He goes to the royal physician, a doctor Helen Cho, and he stutters out a request–he understands that Queen Sarah is her first priority, absolutely, but if she finds the time–he’s running out of motherwort leaf, and he understands that it can be hard to get, and he has enough for some time but he will need some more soon. And Dr. Cho looks at him for a long moment before saying, “Her Majesty has the flu. I’m certain she would not mind me taking time from my incredibly busy schedule of treating her to get you medicine for your heart.” And she’s concerned, because motherwort–even if they didn’t grow it in the medicinal herb garden, it grows everywhere. She has no idea why Tony is under the impression that it’s hard to get. In any case, she insists to Queen Sarah that she put out a call for Tony’s former physician. For Tony to know he needs it, know the dosage, he must have a serious problem, and she would rather hear from the source of the diagnosis than Tony, who was apparently not aware of the finer details of his illness except for “They said I must take motherwort or I will die.”

(Bruce Banner arrives three days after Sarah has put out the public statement calling for him. Sarah opens her mouth to ask Tony if this was truly his physician but Tony’s eyes are full of tears and he’s covered his mouth and instead she asks, “Sweetheart, are you okay?”

“Obadiah said everyone in the castle would be slaughtered if our forces were overrun,” Tony whispers, a tear rolling down his cheek, and Steve and Bucky realize with a lurch of their hearts why everyone in the castle screamed and ran when they stormed it instead of trying to stay and defend their prince, and why Tony had stood and looked so resigned as they burst into the throne room, because he’d apparently thought everyone he’d cared for was already dead.

Bruce sees Tony and approaches swiftly, snarling so viciously when a guard reaches out to stop him that they scramble backward, and gathers Tony up in a hug, patting him down, feeling for injuries, and then he leans back and the smile they share is so intimate that Bucky and Steve feel a little out of sorts over it.)

I’mma leave this here and come back to it later.

anonymous asked:

i thought dan's week in march might be about mental health issues but i was surprised by his level of detail when talking about it. any thoughts?

That week in March.. I’m really impressed with Dan for talking about something so personal to him!

i was surprised too. i didn’t even think about the week in march issue as potentially being tied to his mental health (at least not exclusively that) until last week’s live show when he said he would be able to discuss it after ‘tomorrow’ which seemed to indicate after his depression video came out. much like the video itself i think that his candor about the negative side-effects of antidepressants and the type of impacts that can arise if you suddenly stop taking them is incredibly helpful and informative. as someone who has personally experienced those sort of withdrawal symptoms, i thought that his willingness and ability to talk about it so openly was quite a brave thing, and something that i hope will remind people that staying consistent with medication usage is super important and that changing your dosage should only happen gradually and under strict supervision from a doctor. his anecdotal description of what he went through also generally serves to help dilute and break down stigma around discussing psychopharmaceuticals and i’m really grateful to dan for continuing to be brave with those discussions. 

additionally, from the vantage point of someone who has obviously been following him quite closely, his explanation helped to shed light on some of his behavior in march. since the live show ended i’ve spent some time reading back a lot of my posts on his live shows from that month and so much of it just makes a lot of sense when viewed through the lens of someone going through severe withdrawal from his medication and a resultant delirious or dark headspace. he was starkly negative about his audience, and about himself, his work, and his career. he was also more ramble-y and more candid than usual about topics he wouldn’t normally broach including his definition of ‘love,’ the lack of importance in labeling one’s sexuality, his self-identification as a ‘formless blob,’ etc. he went silent for nearly a week on twitter from march 6ish to march 12, and at the same time phil delayed posting a video that he’d promised would be up on march 12 with no explanation. dan also teased a ‘big deal’ video that ended up being about his decision to drop the dinof user name but then decided not to follow through with making it and made isg instead, then responded in an unprecedentedly negative and open manner to people who were disappointed in the vid. 

i’m not saying all of this was related to dan’s mental health at that time, and dan himself said both back then and in today’s live show that he was dealing with these mental health issues on top of an already really stressful and busy schedule. but given that these few weeks he went without meds took enough of a toll that he reiterated that he wanted to talk about the experience on three separate occasions, and he finally did today, it’s safe to assume it really did have a huge impact on the rest of both his and phil’s lives that month. in light of that, i think it’s all the more significant he followed through with discussing it. it was clearly an incredibly difficult and vulnerable time for him, and i’m honestly in awe of his ability to look back on it and laugh at himself a little (honestly how???) as well as decide that it’s something he’s okay talking about publicly. he’s a good dude and he continues to help so, so many people by displaying his vulnerability in these ways.