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Eren has been through so much????? First his mom gets killed in front of him, then he gets injected with a serum, then gets eaten by a titan only to turn into one, has lost so many people he cared about, has the worst father in the world, and ultimately has a shortened lifespan so he can’t even live a long life. 

He doesn’t deserve this shit jfc

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Now the question is, would you rather give Erwin 13 more years to live as a shifter WITH the knowledge that he will die, or free him from hell on the rooftop as they did?

Would I still have given the serum to Erwin?

Even if I knew it would eventually kill him?

Even if I was damning him to hell?


This is the first half season of Fitzsimmons being a canon couple and not only have they had the least amount of screen time together than any other half season but we didn’t get a single kiss????


I’ve been patient, hoping that we’d get that payoff that we promised but I can see that’s not coming anytime soon. They’ve simply fallen into the cursed canon-couple-who-are-stable-and-therefore-boring-to-write category which is both baffling and incredibly frustrating. With everything that happened this half season, there has been a million and one chances for them to have conflict and for them to deal with it as a COUPLE. And yet, every damn time, they just don’t go down that road. 

I’m sorry but I’m so done with the writers bullshit. Why even bother making them a couple if you aren’t going to do anything with that fact? Like, I get it. It’s an action drama show but come oN. I read so many reviews from the 4X07 hug and all of them were like “there’s the fitzsimmons we’ve been missing” because everyone has been missing them! They are referred to time after time as the heart of the show, everyone praises Iain and Liz’s acting skills, but yet the writers seem content to shove them off to the side and pretend that we are content with never seeing anything from them.

It’s a waste of time, talent, and storylines. 

Reading Noragami Chapter 71 had me like

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*SPOILERS for The Flash 3x09*

Seriously, if you haven’t watched the episode all the way through, don’t read.

Got it? Good. Okay.

Wow. I mean, wow.

I’ll be completely honest: I didn’t actually expect them to go there. I didn’t think they’d really show Iris being killed off, even in just a possible future five months from now. I thought those BTS pics were misleading.

But they did exactly that. I was wrong to not dare to hope.

For those who haven’t paid attention, I am fervently against the WA ship in The Flash TV show, and I have run out of patience for Iris as a character. She’s so useless (too little too late trying to have her help Barry with investigating, guys), self-righteous (Her mistreatment of Wally last week, anyone?), and downright bitchy more often than not that I could never want her with Barry even if she wasn’t his adoptive sister, even if the same man hadn’t raised them both for over fifteen years, even if she wasn’t a Flash fangirl who never took any notice of Barry until after she learned his secret by utter contrivance. They have zero romantic chemistry, terrible writing, incestuous tones out the wazoo, and just no reason to prefer them over the organic story of Snowbarry, aka Flashfrost.

So to see them not only undo the dreaded future newspaper that claimed WA was inevitable, but compound it by showing us a possible future where she’s killed stone-cold by the Big Bad Savitar? It’s nothing short of a relief. Don’t get me wrong, I’m trying not to bank all my hopes in this, given how they love to throw twists out there (and seriously, they could stand to slow down on some story beats). But it does leave the WA ship on very shaky ground.

So, to those who correctly predicted they would show Iris dying at Savitar’s metallic hands, you may use this clip to express your triumph:

Here’s to seeing if they really go through with it, and set us all free.


I was curious whether you could knock her out in a fight and I did my best but jfc, im officially naming Hypatia the toughest doctor in the empire