dos set

another update on that todoiideku piece that im going to turn into a standee!! 

hopefully this, along with 2 other merch ideas im planning to do, will be finished in time for comic fiesta in malaysia!!! thats right!!!!! i’ll be boothing at a con for the first time ever!!!! aAAAAAA!!!

let me know if any of you are going!! IM SO EXCITED


全职高手-君莫笑 2.5inch @ 4USD (roughly 5.50 SGD)

Ahhh my charms are finally here!

So if you’re interested in one please let me know !(I only have 10 atm)
AND AND! If you’re attending AFASG(on sat) and would like to have one, please let me know so that I can meet up and pass it to you!

1000yrds, 30min

Yup, I said yards, not words.

I’m not an athletic person, can’t run, or bike, I HATE group classes… But, I can swim. So I got in the pool a few months ago, decided I would go once a week. I set a goal that by the end of the year I wanted to do 1000 yards (10 football fields, eek!) in one workout.

Guess what! It’s still November and I DID IT!!! And I came in right at half-an-hour!

The other people in the pool might have looked at me oddly when I clapped for myself…

goooood mornin folks my fuckin appendix is straight up gone now

hi my name is gabby and piggyback perms are the devil.


will byers is gay coded → canon evidence

i think we always knew gabe was extra...

… but this deleted footage just really cements it.


Your dashboard has been signed by the Pines Family! ✦

Here, have a thing