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#NoSeOlvida Tlatelolco Massacre

Okay so sorry for upcoming really long post but today is a really tragic day in my country’s history and I need to talk about it.

On October 2nd, 1968, just before the summer olympics were held in Mexico, there was a huge, peaceful manifestation of university students in Mexico City. Two rivaling universities, UNAM and IPN, came together to protest police brutality against IPN and then the Olympics and the awful state of the country and government.

The students gathered in Tlatelolco, in a square called Las 3 Culturas.

Thousands of students came together in protest. They were joined by workers and teachers and people from all walks of life. But the protest remained peaceful.

The world had its eye on Mexico, and the president at the time, Diaz Ordaz, couldn’t have them see this unhappiness.

So he closed off the main exits of the square, brought in tanks and machine guns, and started shooting. Everyone in sight was taken down. Students, protesters, people who were just passing through.

The only way to save yourself was find a way out through the buildings, or hide under the dead, but even this wasn’t very effective because once it was all over, they went through and shot them again to make sure they weren’t pretending. Then they gathered all the bodies into trucks and took them away.

To this day it’s still unknown how many people died. The estimate is thousands. 46 years later, people outside Mexico who know about it say 200.

The Mexican government said 4. The next day the biggest thing on the news was the weather. They pretended it never happened.

To this day, we remember it. We can’t let ourselves forget because it’s still happening, almost half a decade later.

Yesterday, teenage boys were driving from Guerrero to a football game. They were stopped by police, who assumed they were protesters and killed them all, along with their bus driver.

People from Iguala were reported to have been stopped by police and then disappeared. One of them was found in a river yesterday, with his face cut off and his eyes gouged out. The rest most like won’t be found.

I know tumblr is really big on social justice, so I’m begging you to please talk about it. Half a decade is way too long for us to be shot where we stand for speaking up. People need to know what’s happening.

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#AskMeses Que es esa cosa negra que estuvo revolviendo todo él rato Octubre?! :v digo, de que estaba echa esa cosa?, yo quiero!!! Sirvanme dos de esos!!

Octubre: *le sirve* Es mezcla misteriosa.

Diciembre: el misterio es que jamas sabras de que esta hecha.

Enero: Y aun que se vea fea y bubujeante, sabe bien~

Septiembre: La concecuencia es que mañana ni sabras como te llamas! Ajajajaj~

Ellos aquí trajeron los fusiles repletos de pólvora.
Ellos mandaron el acerbo exterminio.
Ellos encontraron aquí un pueblo que cantaba.
Un pueblo por deber y amor reunido…
…Y el estupor del pueblo vio caer a los muertos
…Los normalistas asesinados,

los jóvenes politécnicos,
los valerosos de la Plaza,
los jóvenes universitarios,
los de la Manifestación del Silencio,
…En medio de la Plaza de las Tres Culturas,
Un dos de octubre, en Tlatelolco…

Manuel Marcué Pardiñas

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