Who am I looking at?

This is one of the breaks whilst filming the scenes on the Pelorus River: Dwarves in the barrel, lots of water running, soaked clothes and wigs, an outrageous amount of jokes and laughter.

And this is Dean of course, all dressed up in Fili’s costume. The actors become unrecognizable when they are in full Dwarf gear, don’t they?

But if we take a closer look, we can notice a blond wig which matches exactly the actor’s original shade (and curiously his hairstyle of 15 years before); a fake hand exactly modelled on the actor’s real hand; a nose which is bigger than the original,but not exceedingly, and made even more real by the presence of a cut; moustache and beard which mingle seamlessly (and a non-fan would never distinguish the real from the fake); a familiar pair of twinkling blue eyes in a face which looks like an older version of the real one…

Fili, an iconic character, because Dean gave him presence and essence.

Original image by April-n.