I believe most of you will agree with me when I say Cilan/Dent has the greatest reaction to his Pokémon evolving and learning a new move. Everybody else is just like “oooh” or “wow” or “yay” or simply stand in surprise whenever it’s their Pokémon, but Cilan reacts to it like it’s one of the best fucking days of his life;- his eyes even sparkle in amazement and bliss. This was a great moment, imo.


It’s WishfulShipping Day /o/
Aka, the day we celebrate DenAi, AiDen, デンアイ, アイデン, Iris/Dent, Iris/Cilan, aka Captain Fabulous and Not-That-Again Wildgirl /o/

So, picspamming time with notes and observations /o/ (image (really) heavy)

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