Thank you @spinosaurus-the-fisher for introducing this to me. (Sorry, too lazy to make the actual background)
Species pictured:
- Caudipteryx d.
- Dorygnathus
- Random Small Pterosaur
- Baby Estemmenosuchus (Therapsids need love too)
- Sinornithoides
- A fucking annoying Maine Coon  Sinovenator named Rex that always SCRATCHES UP THE WALLS, HOW DO THEY SCRATCH UP THE WALLS?!


Images from Johan Egerkrans’ follow up to his book “Alla Tiders Dinosaurier” (All Time Dinosaurs): “Flygödlor och havsmonster” (Pterosaurs and Sea Monsters).

1) Mosasaurus hunting the ancient sea bird Hesperornis
2) Platypterigius
3) Dsungaripterus
4) Tylosaurus trying to get at an unlucky pteranodon
5) Dorygnathus
6) Anurognathus

Johan Egerkran’s Official Facebook Page

pterosaur ptuesday Campylognathoides liasicus

Campylognathoides is a genus of basal Novialoidian pterosaus from early Jurassic Europe (and possibly India) consisting of four species (although one, C.Indicus may not be a real species). It was originally assigned to Rhamphorhynchoidea, however modern cladistic analysis places it within its own group, Campylognathoididae. 

C.Liasicus shared its habitat with the much more common piscavorous Dorygnathus. Its difference in dentition and skull shape may indicate it had a different feeding strategy than Dorygnathus in order to avoid competition with it. It also had over-sized eyes that may indicate it was nocturnal.

Most of you guys have already seen all of these pieces separately, but here they are as a postcard/business card combo! Thank you everyone for making suggestions, I’m glad some people said to go lighter because I definitely think this looks WAY better. Just note that these aren’t to scale, and feedback is always appreciated. :)

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Be expecting a Tylosaurus/Dolichorhynchops illustration soon… :D