dory no stop

lord i ask that you grant my new coworkers and supervisors the patience to work with a toddler-brained moron like myself

Dory is the most accepting Disney character ever.

No matter who she meets she is kind and friendly.
If someone does something that they get embarrassed about she comforts them and says it’s okay and that everyone does it.

She is still one of the nicest and kindest disney characters there is and doesn’t expect anything in return.

Finding Dory teaches that even if you have what the world sees as a disability you can still do whatever you want to do and that you shouldn’t let what others say about you or to you stop you from following your dreams, or living your life.

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The clear blue sky and the warm air practically invited Doris to go on a stroll through the park. Why waste a beautiful day such as this? On her third lap, she notices a lovely young woman playing basketball. She’d seen her on posters and in advertisements, but she didn’t believe she’d see her in person! The bunny was stunning in every sense of the word. Doris never had an affinity for ladies, but she felt almost jealous of how amazingly attractive Lola was. Could she have looked like that if she’d stayed in the spotlight?

Doris couldn’t take her eyes off of the poor young lady, not even attempting to hide what she was doing. She was so out of focus that she’d probably be easily caught in the act!