The best thing about Finding Dory was that almost every character, outside of Dory’s parents, has a disability. Dory has short-term memory loss. Nemo has his famous small fin. Destiny is extremely near sighted, nearly blind,. Bailey’s sonar doesn’t work all of the time. Hank lost an arm. You could even say that Marlin suffers from PTSD and anxiety. And none of these things stops or halts the character at all. And I think that is fucking fantastic.



GUISE here’s the MASTERPOST to ALL the photo sets that i posted for deez vday cards  

Not to be dramatic but the relationship between Marlin and Dory in both Finding Nemo and Finding Dory is so pure why can’t we have more bonds between two adults of different genders in popular movies why can’t adults enjoy friendships this innocent and supportive why can’t we portray the development of platonic affection between adults instead of making them ‘childhood friends so we assume they have a bond even if you won’t see it lol" why can’t we have nice things