Finding Dory Rings are here!  I used a new site to design many of these rings (all but Dory and Hank)  http://www.jewelsforme.com/ has Alexandrite and Opal options that Gemvara and Diamondere don’t offer. They also have some other setting designs


I’m too tired to do her vessel binding yet but here’s her info.  Her vessel will be a bracelet.

Nickname: Dory (true name to be sent with her vessel)

Age: 20-40, she won’t be specific but she’s young

Species: Dragon

Alignment: Water

Appearance:  Dory’s size changes with her mood.  When she’s feeling cuddly (she almost always is), she’s about two feet at the shoulder.  When she likes to be tall, she grows to four feet.  Her scales are a sleek blue with an iridescent quality to them, flashing from dark blue to pale blue with hints of green.  Her paws are webbed with longer toes more like duck feet but with claws.  Instead of horns, she has fin frills on her head.  They flop and move with her mood, it’s very amusing to watch.  She has small wings meant for gliding and more to push her through water.  Her tail is very strong and it resembles an alligator’s there is no fin.  Her eyes are bright green.

Personality: This young dragon was very shy when she came to me.  She’s quiet at first and takes some time to warm up to.  Dory is very curious, preferring to observe things from afar.  She peers around corners at you.  Once she’s gotten used to you, she’s a warm ball of energy who loves to snuggle.  You won’t find a dragon who has more love to give than her.

Likes; she loves jewelry making (leather, seaglass, pearls.)
she loves taking showers & baths with people
salt water pools are her fave ‘
bottles filled with salt water amuse her to watch
saltwater taffy would be a perfect offering. 
she has an interest in cloud watching divination as well as scrying

Companion:  I would not necessarily recommend her for a beginner as her energy is very low until you get to know her which can be hard when new to companionship.  She really just wants a friend, someone to craft with.  Dory would love if you lived near some form of water (pool, lake, river.) She’s fine sharing with other spirits so long as none of them are particularly intimidating.  With me, she’s had four surrogate moms.

Finding Dory

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“Finding Dory is a supremely delightful sequel. Although never challenging the original’s high standing within the Pixar pantheon, this follow-up showcases everything the venerated animation company does so well, providing plentiful laughs, ace action sequences and a deep emotional wellspring.“ (Screen International - Tim Grierson)


This is so cute😊😊😊😊