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■ with human Dory!

■ -  Bedroom/house/living quarters headcanon:

  • Her room is a mess. Marlin tried to teach her how to keep everything in its place so that she wouldn’t lose things as much but she just, forgot, so there is stuff everywhere. (Occasionally Marlin sneaks in there and cleans everything. She doesn’t mind.)
  • She has odd decorating habits. She like stickers and posters and stuffed animals, and she puts them just wherever. Most of them are cute, but some are just odd. Like weird frog statues she found at goodwill, or awkward stickers that look like they came out of microsoft office’s clipart folder. Marlin learns to just not comment on it. 
  • Since Marlin couldn’t cook to save his life Dory does most of the cooking, but as a result he can’t find anything in the kitchen. Luckily Nemo often cooks with her so he knows where everything is. In fact its Nemo that figures out that while Dory isn’t aware of it her brain does have a system, its just a weird one that takes some getting used to. Like how the cups are under the sink and the silverware are above the spice rack. 

This is so cute😊😊😊😊



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