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uh huh. what about giving us a bottom isak headcanon then?

:) :) :) anon, are you challanging me?? :D :D :D

  • It’s so weird because it’s not like Isak is a short guy. He’s tall and- skinny yeah, but he hits the gym you know? There’s few people who can boast being bigger than him. 
  • But then there is Even and who would have thought Isak’d fucking love Even being bigger than him, taller than him, that he’d have to tilt his chin up just so to request kisses and being small enough that Even can easily tower over him while he’s being held against the wall and-
  • As it turns out, Isak is a fan of being dominated a little bit. 
  • Not to the crazy extremes- just… he likes Even to get a little rough with him sometimes. He likes Even to hold him down too. 
  • He really loves the feeling of being under Even, of straining upwards to lick at Even’s neck while Even makes the decisions of how to turn Isak’s body, how to hold him, how much he can move.
  • Isak has spent his life making decisions. Of having to weigh how much information to share to Jonas, to Eva, to his parents- how much could he tell them about his life that wouldn’t lead them to the truth about him? 
  • Then there is school and having to make decent grades and having to maintain a happy face while he felt like he was dorwining in self-loathing, making the decision to brick himself layer by layer into the closet.
  • But with Even, when they’re together in bed- Even is taking control and Isak doesn’t have to think about all of that. He’s 
  • He’s just gasping and moaning and the extent of control he has to have over the situation is ‘harder harder more’
  • That’s pretty fucking freeing.
  • And then Even has never had much control over his life, you know? 
  • He’s been told how to act normally, how much medicine to take, hope that the whispers of Bakka don’t follow him to his new school and his new friends.
  • He doesn’t have much control at all.
  • So he takes it in the bedroom. 
  • He maneuvers Isak how he wants, where he wants, and the best part is that Isak loves it and craves it and wow, they were really fucking meant for each other.