Garden of Heroes and Villains - Dorsington, United Kingdom

Iconoclastic multi-millionaire Felix Dennis has amassed one of the largest and most personal collections of figurative sculpture in the world in his Garden of Heroes & Villains. 

Dennis began his career creating and fighting for the radical counter-culture magazine Oz and became one of the preeminent periodical publishers in the world, rabble-rousing all the way. Famously uttering “cunt” on live television in 1970, and drunkenly claiming to have killed a man during a 2008 interview, Dennis’ more outrageous outbursts belie his work as a passionate artist and environmentalist. Dennis has planted over a million trees in his private Heart of England Forest, which he hopes to establish as a permanent wooded area that will one day be opened to the public when it is strong enough to survive their incursion. At the age of 52 Dennis began writing poetry which has received critical acclaim and garnered him the appellation, the “millionaire poet.” With such a rich life devoted to art and statement, it is no wonder that Dennis’ personal art garden is a wide-ranging collection of odes to his shaggy dog inspirations.

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Be cautious what you pray for

I have met truth in the mouth of liars,

And joy in a season of fear;

Be certain of your hearts desires,

And cautious what you pray for, dear.

I have seen love in the eyes of whores,

And truth in a bully’s sneer.

The hopes of men have hidden claws;

Be cautious what you hope for, dear.


Highfield Estate Property located in  in Dorsington, Warwickshire, England, consists of a host of quintessentially English country homes which can be bought all together or in a series of 11 separate lots. Mr. Davis wishes to keep them in tact. The original owner inspired by his love for Treasure Island, the farmyard-style barn building disguises a pirate-themed playland within with a swimming pool based on a ship’s hull.Stunning pictures of the barn show how it also comes complete with palm trees, a crow’s nest, a fish tank, a shipwrecked boat and rigging.As well as the playground-style barn, the north wing has a similar nautically themed bedroom as well as a solarium, sauna and steam room.

 The south wing includes the kitchen and banqueting hall and below ground there is an authentic Art Deco inspired cinema with a bar and entertainment area.The 12,000 sq ft complex also has an Apline-style balcony overlooking a giant cheesboard and comes with planning permission for residential use. The late owners home, The Old Manor, which is an Elizabethan country house sitting in nine acres of grounds.The Grade-II listed property has a thatched roof and dates back to the early 16th century when it was originally five cottages but was turned into a residence befitting ‘someone of consequence in the parish’.Thick beams run across the ceilings of its two great reception rooms and its custom made kitchen/family room. It also has four bedrooms, three of them suites, while the basement contains the wine store that Mr Dennis  the former owner used to house his impressive collection.There is even a thatched roof summer house which looks like a miniature version of the Old Manor and a staff flat with a matching thatched roof.The portfolio of propertieswas divided into 11 lots but Stan Davis would like to preserve the estate and bought in its entirety for £9,470,000.

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