Garden of Heroes and Villains - Dorsington, United Kingdom

Iconoclastic multi-millionaire Felix Dennis has amassed one of the largest and most personal collections of figurative sculpture in the world in his Garden of Heroes & Villains. 

Dennis began his career creating and fighting for the radical counter-culture magazine Oz and became one of the preeminent periodical publishers in the world, rabble-rousing all the way. Famously uttering “cunt” on live television in 1970, and drunkenly claiming to have killed a man during a 2008 interview, Dennis’ more outrageous outbursts belie his work as a passionate artist and environmentalist. Dennis has planted over a million trees in his private Heart of England Forest, which he hopes to establish as a permanent wooded area that will one day be opened to the public when it is strong enough to survive their incursion. At the age of 52 Dennis began writing poetry which has received critical acclaim and garnered him the appellation, the “millionaire poet.” With such a rich life devoted to art and statement, it is no wonder that Dennis’ personal art garden is a wide-ranging collection of odes to his shaggy dog inspirations.

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