dorsal root ganglion

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Silly question-- As a doctor, what medical term makes you feel the most smart saying to patients/ other medical staff/ etc? I'm 2 years into pre-medicine and mine is dorsal root ganglion. Lol

No, it’s a great question! I personally love long, complicated words (like, say, pseudohypoparathyrodism or dysdiadokokinesia or phaeochromocytoma) because there’s a real sense of satisfaction when you manage to say it! I usually like to simplify things where possible for patients, or write terms down on a sheet of paper; just because medicine is full of tongue twisters doesn’t mean it has to be mystifying.

Also, I love antiquated medical terms. Words like chilblains or apoplexy conjure up vivid images of people 100 or 200 years ago, when medicine was a very different field. And I’ll throw in the word ‘conniptions’; I recently heard it on an American podcast, and I don’t recall ever hearing it in the UK.

I’d love for everyone to share theirs :)