dorsal horns

Spinal Cord

Tissue: Spinal Cord Nervous Tissue
Space (White tiny hole in the center): Central Canal
Structure (Above Canal): Grey Commissure
Structure (Below Canal): White Commissure
Region (Dark butterfly-like stain): Grey Matter
Region (Surrounding Grey Matter): White matter
Structure/Area (Top of Grey Matter “Wings”): Dorsal/Posterior Horns 
Structure/Area )Bottom of Grey Matter “Wings”): Ventral/Anterior Horns
Structure (Dark tiny cell bodies in Grey Matter): Nissl Bodies
Cell (Faded purple globular bodies larger than Nissl Bodies In Grey Matter): Motor Neurons 
Structure (Dark dots in Motor Neurons): Nucleus with Nucleolus 
Characteristic: White matter contains myelinated axons while grey matter contains neural cell bodies and axons/dendrites