I think GRRM’s most painful works are his most sublime tho. I never talked about “The Lonely Songs of Laren Dorr” after I read it, because it #rekt me. It was beautiful, and beautifully sad, and I was devastated afterwards. I felt similar feelings after Fevre Dream, and after the select few other stories that GRRM praises as his best writing. 

You don’t own me part 5

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Excerpt: “Before we go in there you should know that you only speak when you are asked. Else I don’t want to hear any noise from you”, his tone was firm which should indicate you that there should be no backtalk. 

“What?! Am I a dog?”, you yelled.

“Act like one and maybe you’ll get a reward”, an evil grin spread over his face as he exited the car.

Word count: 2549 // Yaas my friends!

Warnings: Angst -  It’s slowly increasing!

Author’s note: I know that mostly after the third part or so the people loose interest in my stories but still there are a some of you who stayed with me!  @httpwyf​ , @dont-hyuck@vicassa@imbaekhyunstrash
@byunbunniess@literaltae@jookyunhoe@crovalkyrie​ I hope I’m not bothering you by tagging you. If so please tell me and I’ll stop ;)  
I’m very thankful to everyone else too! ♥

Even if this part wouldn’t be read at all I still feel like writing it because I do actually enjoy it! I see a lot of people struggling on here by the lack of response they get for they stories while they totally forget the ones who did read and liked it! I must admit that in the beginning I felt the same because it is hard. There are so many awesome writers out there so you always compare yourself. But actually there is no need because writing is  something just for me. It calms me down and I allows me to shut the world out for a little while. And that is what counts I guess. So yeah after telling you my little realization I hope you can enjoy this part :) ♥

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’(으)려던 참이다'는 동작동사에 붙어 말하는 사람이 어떤 일을 하려고 생각하고 있었음 나타낼 때 사용한다.

‘다가 보니까’ is used to express the fact that, not only had the speaker been intending to do what the speaker suggesting/referring to, but was about to/intending to do the action very soon.

Can not be used with future tense, propositive, or imperative sentences.

참이다 is used when the action was going to at that (almost) very moment.
참이었다 is used when there had been the intention to do the action for a time, or if the planned action was completed by another, and as a result does not need to be done again by the speaker.

너무 더워서 문을 좀 열었어.
나 고마워. 안 그래도 문을 열려던 참이었어.
It’s too hot, so I opened the dorr a bit.
Ah thanks. If you hadn’t I was going to open the door.

Is often used with 지금/막/마침/지금 막/안 그래도/그렇지 않아도 to emphasize that it was something the speaker was intending to do.

참에 is the form used as a clause connector. Action/subject can be different

가족들이 모여 저녁을 먹으려던 참에 큰 아버지께 전화가 왔다.
As my family gathered and was about to have dinner, my uncle called.

5) You tell him you’re pregnant - REQUESTED - This is it, its happening. You stand outside the bedroom door debating on how to tell Justin the news……..the news that he’s going to be a dad after so long of trying, just as your about to open the bedroom door an amazing idea pops into your head. You walk into the bedroom “Justin I’m just going to the mall, I wont be long” you smile and quickly get changed “okay babe, what you going for?” He asks walking out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around his waist, “Lucy wants to meet up for a coffee” you say kissing his cheek, “I wont be long, I’ll pick up food on the way home” you say walking out the bedroom without letting him reply, you get in your car texting your best friend Lucy to meet you at the mall in 15 minuets. And obviously you wont be drinking coffee, caffeine isn’t good for the baby 😉 You arrive at the mall and meet Lucy were you told her you would be “what do I owe this pleasure of my presence” she smiles hugging me “I need your help” I smile “with what?” She asks “well I’m pregnant” I whisper so the few fans that have forced me don’t hear what I just said I quickly cover Lucy’s hand when I notice she’s going to scream in excitement “ssshhh, now you going to help me?” I say and she nods licking my hand “ewww” I mumble wiping it on her “I’m so happy it’s about time, what do you need?” She asks smiling wide “lets walk and talk” I say and we start walking around the mall. “I need you to go into Mother Care and get me a white fluffy blanket, baby bottles, dummy’s, some baby socks and shoes but only cream or white colours along with a new born baby grow and a baby bib” I say handing her my credit card, “I’m going to go into the card shop and get a gift bag and card so I don’t make it to obvious” I smile and she nods. We both head our own ways, I walk into the card shop and start looking. I bump into a few fans while I was looking at the baby cards I had to make up that I was getting a present for my friend who just found out she was pregnant but I didn’t know what to get, so they offered to help in which I agreed. Once I found the perfect gift bad and card I thanked them and told them I’d get Justin to follow them on twitter and insta, I paid for my things and left. 15 minuets later I met up with Lucy and she showed me what she brought along with a few little extras, I was so excited! We went for a coffee but I had a hot chocolate of course. When we finished we headed to my car, we sat there and wrapped the baby things in white tissue paper and place them in the bag, I put the blanket at the bottom along with the sonogram on top wrapped up in tissue paper. I wrote in the card I got it said “Everything happens for a PURPOSE, I cant wait to meet you one day and that day will be the best day of my life as well as the beginning……I hope you will teach me how to play Ice hockey like you, I hope you will teach me how to play Basketball like you, I hope you love me with every thing you have, I hope you sing me to sleep when I wake you up early hours and I hope you love me and my mummy as much as we love you, I can’t wait to meet you in 8 months and 5 days because that day will be the making of me. You’re going to be the best daddy ever! I love you, Baby Bieber x” You re-read the card before putting it in the envelope “its a good thing its his birthday tomorrow, but nothing wrong with a early birthday present” you smile at Lucy “I wish I could see this but I’ve got work” she pouts. We chuck all the rubbish away and I drop Lucy at home so she can get ready for work then I head home, I pull into the drive way and see more cars there, his friends and family must be here but then I remembered we invited them around. I took a deep breath and grabbed the gift bag and headed inside, I shut the dorr behind me and took off my heals, I walked into the kitchen to see everyone stood around drinking “hey y/n want a drink?” Pattie asked me holding up a bottle of wine, “I’m okay thankyou” you smile putting the bag on the side “what’s that babe?” Justin asked coming over and kissing my cheek “oh I bumped into a fan and she gave me this to give to you as an early birthday present” you smiled and he looked in the bag, you said hello to everyone else “why don’t you open it now babe” you say getting some water and Justin nods settling the bag on the counter, he takes out the card first which was good. While he was reading the card he went silent “what does it say?” Scooter asks Justin sniffles and wipes away a tear, no one knew he was even crying “Justin what’s wrong?” His dad asks at this point everyone’s watching him, he looks up at you with tears in his eyes, you just smile an nod “what did you get?” You smile tearing up your self, he places the card down and reaches into the bag pulling out some tissue paper which had the dummies inside, he unwrapped them and as soon as he saw them he sobbed a little. He placed them on the side for everyone to see and almost immediately everyone looked at me but I kept my eyes on him “ I think there’s more” I smile and he unwraps the baby grow, the bottles, the shoes, the baby PJ’s and bibs as well as a rabbit teddy, he pulled out the last bit of tissue paper which had the sonogram and blanket inside, he just stood there looking at the picture for a moment before he walked around and pulled me into a hug. Everyone was just quiet before they all started cheering which made me jump, I laughed kissing Justin knowing he would love me and our baby as much as he could.

Dear people who insist on helping me,


I understand that you are just trying to help but let my dog do his job. Let me open dorrs for myself, let me “struggle” to do things. 

If when you were learning to walk as a child, and everytime your parents saw you struggling they just carried you instead, would you have learned how to do it efficietnly? 


If you ask me if I need help, and I tell you “ no thanks, I can do it” 


the other day, and I was lifting my wheelchair into my car, and a lady walked by and asked,” do you need help?” I politely said “ no thanks” 

But yet she insisted and came over and tried to help me, and it was really akward for me, because I  can lift my own chair thx very much. 

 When you hold doors open for me right as my Service dog goes to press the open button, you are taking my dogs job away from him, discouraging him, and dissapointing him. 

You are not “ ahaha, I guess he feels lucky he didnt have to do it” 



He ENJOYS it even. 

And you just took it away from him. You have discouraged him because he thought he was going to press the button, he was going to show his handler what a good boy he was, and get praised for it, and now you have taken that away from him, so next time we come to a door, and there ISNT ANYONE AROUND, he’ll hesitate, maybe take a little longer to press the button. 

Same thing with when I drop things. My dog LOVES picking up things for me. \


Long story short, if I say no thanks when you offer help, dont force yourself on me. 


repeat with me. 


*Mic drop*

You Go, I Go (Steve Rogers x Reader x Bucky Barnes)

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Word Count (2,857)

AN: can i just say that i think this is sups fun and I really had no idea how to end it?? also sorry for a late upload my tumblr is bugging out

Alexander Pierce let his hands fall from his waist as he exited your HUB floor (not yours anymore it seemed) and you were left to sink back into your chair and stare at your screen. You couldn’t even begin to process what had just occurred, and not even twenty minutes later, a hand was placed on your shoulder. You jumped slightly, which made none other than Brock Rumlow grip onto your shoulders, almost like in a massage kind of way.

“Woah there, take it easy,” he mumbled down by your ear. You couldn’t help but tense up even more, and glanced back at him.

“Do you need something, Rumlow?”

A grin formed over his lips, his white teeth looked menacing as he patted your back.

“The Director wants to see you, I need you to come with me.”

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Prompt 99 Seth Rollins

Also Anon asked - Anything with Seth freaking Rollins in it

Anon: 99 - Seth Rollins pleaseeeeeeee

Prompt: “How could you forget your son’s birthday?

A/N: For the perposes of this I’m gonna call their son Ben otherwise its gets annoying to keep writing (Y/S/N)…so…sorry :)

(Y/N) = Your Name

Your son was so excited that his friends were going to finally meet his dad. He’d told them that Seth was his dad but they didnt believe him, they claimed he was lying to sound cool but when he found out Seth would have a couple of days off to fly out, he invited everyone over. You were inflating the last of the balloons when your phone rang, answering your phone you balance it between your ear and shoulder.

“Hey babe” Seth’s cheery voice came through the speaker.

“Hey honey. What time are you getting here?”

“Ummm actually thats why I’m calling. I have to cancel.” Your face fell and stopped filling up the balloons.

“What do you mean you have to cancel?”

“We have a little more to do here so I won’t be able to take the trip out.” You could hear he sounded upset but had he really just cancelled on your son’s birthday?

“You do know what today is?” There was a pause at the other end of the line and you couldn’t help but feel your blood boil. “It’s Ben’s birthday.”

“It is? I thought that wasnt for a while?!”

“No it’s today. How could you forget your son’s birthday?

“I’m so sorry. Its been super hectic lately and it just slipped my mind.”

“You know how excited he’s been to show you off to his friends.”

“I know I’m sorry. Even if I manage to catch a flight I wont be there till late…..maybe you could facetime me? Then they’d get to see……”

“Save it.” You cut him off, picturing your son’s reaction. “But I’m not telling him you won’t be here.”

Seth sighed on the other end. You knew he felt bad, but how could he forget his own sons’ birthday. Calling your son in from outside you handed him the phone.

“Daddy!” Ben shouted down the phone.

“Hey baba. Happy Birthday!”

“When are you getting here?”

“Umm actually… I can’t make it. I’m so sorry Ben.” His face fell and your heart broke. Tears started well up in his eyes.

“But you promised you’d be here.”

“I know I did buddy but things just got in the way..”

“You promised. You told me to never break a promise.” The tears were now streaming down his face, reaching for the phone you take it off him, leaving your son to run up to his room and slam the door.

“(Y/N) I…”

“It’s fine. I’ll handle it. I guess we will call you tomorrow.” Hanging up you take a deep breath, and start heading towards your sons room. Getting to his door you hear his soft sobs through the woodwork.

“Baby can I come in?” You didn’t get a response so you gently pushed open the door to see your son lay face down on the bed, head burried in his pillow. Making your way to his bed you sit on the end and gently rub soothing circles on his back. Ben sniffles before sitting up and cuddling into your side.

“Daddy said he was going to be here, so I told all my friends so they’d finally stop teasing me…and…and now he’s not coming so they’re going to tease me more.”

“Baby they’re teasing you?”

“Yeah I told them who my daddy was and they didn’t believe me.” His pouting face looked up at you his eyes still filling with tears.

“That’s why you were even more excited about seeing your dad huh?” He nodded his head before pressing it back into you. “Well….. how but I ring everyone up and say you’re sick and we can stay up eating all the party food watching movies?” You smilled down at him noticing his little eyes light up, they looked just like Seth’s, he eagerly nodded and grabbed his comforter off the bed wrapping round him. Picking him up you carried him to the couch before placing him daown and putting on the Lego Batman Movie.

“I’ll be back in a second buba okay?” You smiled at him, placing a kiss to the top of his head as you left to go call everyone.

You peeled your eyes open looking at the clock on your phone noticing it was around 4am. Ben was wrapped up in his blanket at one end of the couch while you were at the other. Rubbing the sleep out of your eyes you pick him up, being careful not to wake him. Placing him in his bed you tuck him in and kiss him goodnight, closing the dorr softly behind you, you go to clean up your mess downstairs. Reaching the last step you hear a noise at the door, panicing you grab the nearest item to you to defend yourself, slowly you make your way over, quickly unlocking the door and swinging it open nearly hitting Seth over the head with the vase.

“Woah easy there babe.” Seth took a step back, holding one arm up to defend himself.

“Jesus Seth you scared the crap out of me.” Walking back into the house you put the vase down as Seth follows dumping his bags by the door.

“How’d the party go?” Seth gave you a sheepish look as you busied yourself with cleaning the front room.

“It didn’t.” You replied flatly.

“What do you mean it didn’t?”

“It means I had to cancel it. His friends have been teasing him because he told them that Seth Rollins is his dad. Of course they don’t believe him because they haven’t met you. So when he found out you were coming he invited all his friends.” Seth’s face fell as he realised where this was going. “He was crying his eyes out.”

“Babe I know. I feel so fucking aweful…” he stepped towards you to grab a hold of your waist but you pushed him back.

“No. I’m still furioius with you. So tonight you take the couch.“

Prompt from this list.


Look at the cute cover of this book :> yes I bought it just for the cover but also because it has some illustrations by Frederic Dorr Steele and hear this out, in the inside is a description of why the cover is like that:

On the covers of this volume, therefore, you will find a section reproduced of the wall over the mantel in Mrs. Hudson’s chamber at 221B Baker Street: that section which shows two examples of Sherlock Holmes’ prowess in emblazoning the initials of Victoria Regina “in bullet-pocks” and also the cameo-portrait of his fellow-lodger which Dr. Watson must have commissioned the Wedgwood people to make.

love it.