Dear Cartoon Network,

You mean to tell us that you can make and brag about a low-quality- horribly written reboot of The Power Puff Girls, when a year ago you refused to allow this spin-off pitched by the creator, saying “All good thing must come to an end”?

You mean to tell us this glorious concept couldn’t be greenlit, when the low-quality attempt to recreate PPG was allowed and bragged about?

You mean to tell us that this great idea for a show isn’t allowed, but the PPG reboot -which fans DESPISE- was somehow a better idea?

Cartoon Network, quit with the bullcrap.

“Forward, sons of the Greeks, liberate the fatherland, liberate your children, your women, the temples of your ancestral gods, the graves of your forebears: This is the battle for everything.”

— Aeschylus

i love how in-depth the harry potter wiki can be

also, why did they cut peeves from the movie? just look at his nicknames for dumbledore. look at them.

[Image: text from the Harry Pottter wiki on a blue background. The text reads ‘Also known as: Dumbly-dorr (by Olympe Maxime), Your Headship (by Peeves), Professorhead (by Peeves)’]