Haunted Places: The Clara Barkley Dorr House

If one is looking for a prime example of Greek Revival architecture they do not have to look much further than the Clara Barkley Dorr House, located in Pensacola Florida. However, other than being known for its distinguished architectural style and history, this lovely home is also famous for its resident ghost.  

The home was built in 1871 by Clara Barkley Dorr. Mrs. Dorr was the daughter of a wealthy shipping merchant, and was married to one of the area’s leading timber barons. Clara must have been attached to her home, because she is believed to still haunt it long after her death.

Visitors who have come to view the home as part of a walking tour have reported several bizarre happenings. Female visitors who were wearing short skirts have reported feeling an invisible presence tug on their garments, as if in a vain effort to make the skirt longer.  Others have smelled the scent of fresh cut roses, despite no roses being anywhere near the vicinity. Roses were Mrs. Dorrs’ favorite flower. Cold spots are also a common phenomenon in the home, often following the scent of roses.  In the sewing room, the sounds of soft female crying can sometimes be heard. It is also important to note that when visiting the home it is important that you “mind your manners.” Mrs. Dorr has made it well known that bad manners will not be tolerated, and will purportedly make sure that any perpetrators do not stay long in the home.

It’s been a great two weeks with this spirit-child. You will be missed @lauren_dorr ~

Thanks for the copious laughter and good vibes. You are a rare gem.

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anonymous asked:

Sera, do you have any wares for sale? I am looking to buy some potions and perhaps jewelry for my daughters.

Ah, radoziit. This one is not caravan khajiit, but let us trade, perhaps? This one only has few potions and will not be parted of them, but this one is also jelwiit and has many beautiful rings for ears, neck, hands, feet. Come, see what this one has.

Mind not her, she is tal of this one. She is still young, you unders-

Ma’Riahni dov! Jaja vara jelwi, ketra satila’oh. Dok katataj jelwi, dat vaba may’a dorr jer kuza!

Radoziit, this one says sorry. Is hard growing up tal, yes? Radoziit knows this, surely with own ones.

Qau-dar thanks radoziit for looking. Please put back the ring for ears from pocket yes, or pay coin now. And other ones, also. And ones from sleeve yes?

Thank you. Khajiit hopes to see radoziit a-gain.


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